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Radiology Packet 17 Spine.

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1 Radiology Packet 17 Spine

2 Elderly Doberman “Jessie”
Hx: Presented with hind limb lameness.


4 Elderly Doberman “Jessie”
RF Severe flowing bony exostoses are present spanning the ventral surfaces of the lumbar and lumbosacral IV disc space. The hips are mildly arthritic, with very minor femoral neck remodeling on the left. RD Bridging lumbar spondylosis Normal hips for geriatric patient R/O Chronic IV disc disease of the lumbar spine Next Myelogram

5 3-month old F Golden Retriever
Hx: Hind end pain and weakness, urine dribbling.


7 3-month old F Golden Retriever
RF Elongated fifth lumbar vertebra. Shortened sixth and seventh lumbar vertebrae. Collapsed or incomplete vertebral disc, L5-6, with partial fusion between L5 and L6 on the right side. Two transverse processes, L6, right side. Missing dorsal spinous processes, L6, L7 and sacrum. RD Spina Bifida

8 7-year old German Shepherd “Sam”
Hx: Presented because of fever and weakness. Elevated serum protein is noted on blood work.


10 7-year old German Shepherd “Sam”
RF There are punctate areas of bone lysis noted in virtually every bone radiographed. RD Multiple myeloma (plasmacytoma)

11 10-year old dog “Kinda” Hx: Progressive bilateral hind limb paresis and upper motor neuron signs.

12 10-year old dog “Kinda” RF RD Lysis of body and neural arch of L3.
Lysis of body and neural arch of L3 most probable diagnosis being bony neoplasm

13 1-year old Doberman Pinscher
Hx: The owners report that he is painful and reluctant to walk. On PE you determine that he is painful on palpation of the thoracolumbar region. Mild proprioceptive deficits are present in the right hindlimb. He also has elevated body temperature.


15 1-year old Doberman Pinscher
RF There is a large area of bony proliferation surrounding the 2nd lumbar vertebra. The proliferative bone is irregular in appearance and surrounds the vertebral body as well as the vertebral arches. In the VD view the lesion is most extensive on the right side. The distinct mineral opacity line that is seen at the dorsal margin of each lumbar vertebrae is not visible at the area of the lesion which is evidence of bony destruction. RD Mixed proliferative and lytic lesion of the 2nd lumbar vertebra. R/O Bacteria osteomyelitits Fungal osteomyelitits Neoplasia

16 3-year old Beagle “Ranger”
Hx: Fever of unknown origin, lethargy and severe lumbar pain.


18 3-year old Beagle “Ranger”
RF Bony production is present on the ventral vertebral bodies of L2-4. RD Spondylitis (vertebral osteomyelitis) of L2-L4

19 3- year old Doberman Pinscher “Darian”
Hx: Was out running and then went missing for 2 days. Presented today with quadriparesis.


21 3- year old Doberman Pinscher “Darian”
RF Malalignment of the C3-4 cervical vertebrae. Lateral view shows bone fragments ventral to the C3-4 intervertebral disc space and larger pieces dorsal to the articular facets. Fractures of the right side of C4 are present, there is uneven widening of the C2-3 space and the articular facets of C3-4 are abnormal, indicating fractures noted on the lateral view. RD C3-4 spinal fractures and malalignment Next Stabilization.

22 6-year old M Labrador Retriever
Hx: He is lethargic and febrile. Pain is elicited on palpation of the thoracolumbar junction and lumbar spine. No neurologic deficits are noted. Film 1

23 Film 2

24 6-year old M Labrador Retriever
RF In film 1 subtle areas of lucency are visible at the caudal end-plate of L4, the cranial end-plate of L5, the caudal end-plate of L5 and the cranial end-plate of L6. In film 1 there is narrowing of the L 4-5 and L5-6 intervertebral disc space. In film 2 the areas of lucency within the end-plates of L4, L5, and L6 have increased in size and are much more irregular in appearance. In film 2 the areas of lucency are surrounded by a zone of bone sclerosis. In film 2 similar changes are now present at L3-4. Ventral bridging spondylosis is present at L3-4 , L4-5 and L5-6. RD Discospondylitis affecting L3-4, L4-5 and L5-6 R/O Brucella canis Extension of bladder or anal sac infection Next Test for Brucella Place on long-term broad-spectrum antibiotics.

25 2-year old F Cairn Terrier “Twiggy”
Hx: Hit by car yesterday evening. She is painful in the rear and is reluctant to walk.


27 2-year old F Cairn Terrier “Twiggy”
RF There is an oblique fracture of the caudal aspect of the 6th lumbar vertebra. There is cranioventral displacement of the vertebral column caudal to the fracture that has resulted in marked mal-alignment of the spinal canal. In the VD view the 6th lumbar vertebra is slightly shorter than normal and there is a subtle leftward deviation of L7 with respect to L6. RD Fracture of the 6th lumbar vertebra with cranioventral displacement of the caudal spine and mal-alignment of the spinal canal Next Internal fixation to stabilize the fracture.

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