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Rail Safety Committee Mid Year Meeting December 2011

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1 Rail Safety Committee Mid Year Meeting December 2011
APTA Manual for the Development of Urban Rail System Safety Program Plans Rail Safety Committee Mid Year Meeting December 2011 Linda Meadow Davis

2 Urban Rail Definition Light Rail Commuter Rail Subway Trolley
High Speed Rail Maglev Funicular

3 Existing SSPP Manual Published in June, 2001
23 Elements, including Security

4 Summary of New Urban Rail Manual
Removed all References to Security Format based on APTA Manual for Commuter Rail SSPP(May ) Based on Continuous Improvement Concepts Quantifiable Objectives Accountability 22 Elements grouped into 4 categories More detailed than existing SSPP Manual Includes Interface with Risk Management and Quality Control

5 Summary of New Urban Rail Manual
4 Safety Categories Safety Management and Administrative Requirements Safety Program Implementation Safety Engineering Techniques and Analysis Safety Assurance

6 Safety Management and Administration
Planning Phase of System Safety Program Plan: Elements 1-7 Policy Statement Purpose and Scope Goals Identifiable and Attainable Objectives System Description/Organizational Structure Plan Control and Update Safety Contract Requirements

7 Safety Contract Requirements Element 7
Services Facilities, Equipment and Materials Construction Management

8 Safety Program Implementation
Goals and Objectives are implemented through Policies and Procedures: Elements 8-16 Facilities Maintenance and Inspection Vehicle Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Rules and Procedures Review Training and Certification Emergency Planning and Response Workplace Safety Program Passenger and Public Safety Rail Corridor Operational Study Environmental Management Programs

9 Workplace Safety Programs Element 13
Safety Culture Employee Safety Programs Contractor Safety Coordination Fitness for Duty Drug and Alcohol Fatigue Medical Monitoring

10 Passenger and Public Safety Programs Element 14
Passenger Operational Environment Safe Walking Paths through Parking Lots Slip and Fall Potential Platform Crowding Platform Gap Train Door Control Procedures Proper Escalator Use Public Safety Programs Public Outreach

11 Rail Corridor Operational Study Element 15
Highway-Rail Grade Crossings Trespassing and Intrusion Joint Freight Operations Guideway Evacuation

12 Environmental Management Programs Element 16
Hazardous Materials Management Hazardous Waste Management Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention Environmental Outreach

13 Safety Engineering Techniques and Analysis
Identification, Measurement and Control of System Risk: Elements 17-20 Hazard Management Process Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation Safety Data Acquisition and Analysis Loss Prevention and Control Fire Safety Analysis Casualty Management Review

14 Safety Assurance Margin of Safety is Maintained over System Life: Elements 21-22 System Change Management Internal Safety Management

15 System Change Management Element 21
Configuration Management Standards/Design Control System Modification-New Processes/Equipment Quality Assurance/Quality Control Interface Safety Certification Document Control

16 Internal Safety Management Element 22
Internal Audit Process

17 Advantages of Urban Rail SSPP Manual
Grouping of elements into safety categories makes SSPP easier to implement and fosters accountability New format facilitates internal and external safety audits Interfaces with risk management and quality control are discussed Safety tasks are more defined – i.e. rail corridor operational studies, public outreach programs

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