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1 | Social Media at Public Service of Colorado Ponnequin Wind Farm Social Media at EERE Allison Casey National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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1 1 | Social Media at Public Service of Colorado Ponnequin Wind Farm Social Media at EERE Allison Casey National Renewable Energy Laboratory

2 2 | Social Media at EERE’s approach to social media Implementation roadmap Energy Savers Blog Other social media efforts Talking to management Topics

3 3 | Social Media at EERE Web Enterprise 10 Programs 6 Offices 125 Sites and Subsites 45,000+ pages and files

4 4 | Social Media at What is Social Media? CONTENT The tools that allow individuals, groups, and organizations to… Create Combine Share Discuss Edit Organize Collaborate on

5 5 | Social Media at EERE’s Approach to Social Media

6 6 | Social Media at POST Approach Adapted from Forrester Research

7 7 | Social Media at Consumers Stakeholders Decision-makers –Government –Industry –Business Media People

8 8 | Social Media at Increase and sustain interest in and enthusiasm for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, with the ultimate goal of technology adoption and energy efficient behaviors. Objectives

9 9 | Social Media at When A need has been identified Resources are available The effort complements other communication, including "Web 1.0" and print The effort can be coordinated with other social media efforts How Share content Bring forward voices and faces Reinforce EERE as federal govt. authority on ee/re technologies Listen to, start, and join conversations Strategy

10 10 | Social Media at Blogs Twitter Widgets Social Networking (Facebook) Social Bookmarking RSS Feeds Videos Sharing (YouTube, Vimeo) Photo Sharing (Flickr) Technologies EERE Corporate/ProgramsEnergySavers.govSpecial Programs & Activities BlogsAs appropriateYes TwitterYes - Single EERE accountYes FacebookYes - Single EERE accountYes YouTubeNo – Single DOE accountNoYes FlickrNo – Single DOE accountNoYes To start: No content will be placed in external social media channels unless it already exists on the EERE Web site.

11 11 | Social Media at Implementing Social Media

12 12 | Social Media at Roadmap for Implementation Phase 1 Listen and Measure Phase 2 Create Strategy, Branding, Accounts Phase 3 Create Content Phase 4 Distribute and Promote Content Phase 5: Build Community Phase 6: Measure, Analyze, Adapt Adapted from Jacob Morgan.

13 13 | Social Media at Set up systems to listen and measure Monitor public user conversations and build understanding of user needs Define measures of success Listen and Measure

14 14 | Social Media at Define strategy using POST method. Determine branding requirements and relationship with DOE, EERE, and EERE programs. Create accounts and build profiles or systems Create Strategy, Branding, & Accounts

15 15 | Social Media at Identify existing content to share in social media Identify unique content that is needed Implement processes to ensure: –Content is up-to-date –Conversations are monitored –The overall effort is sustained. Create Content

16 16 | Social Media at Implement methods for users to receive and share content Develop methods for linking and promotion on existing communications Establish relationships with related organizations: –Federal agencies –State and local governments –Related EE/RE organizations Distribute and Promote Content

17 17 | Social Media at Encourage user contributions: –Commenting –Sharing –Tagging –Photos Develop processes for responding to and engaging with users Moderate and interact in a way that way that builds trust –Respond to questions –Approve critical comments Build Community

18 18 | Social Media at Use measuring systems (e.g., stats) to evaluate progress toward goals and success measures. Determine whether new success measures need to be added. Identify areas for improvement or change. Measure, Analyze, Adapt

19 19 | Social Media at Listen and Measure Create Strategy, Branding, Accounts Create Content Distribute and Promote Content Build Community Measure, Analyze, Adapt Social Media

20 20 | Social Media at Energy Savers Blog

21 21 | Social Media at Energy Savers Blog: POST People Consumers Homeowners or renters Non-technical Objective Energy-saving actions using EERE resources to inform decisions Strategy Provide regular, fresh content Informal, personal, non-intimidating Allow for comments, sharing Technology Energy Savers Blog Commercial service to start (Typepad) Now in hosted solution

22 22 | Social Media at Blog: Implementation Implementation Roadmap Complete or In ProgressFuture Plans Phase 1: Listen and Measure - Benchmarked other EE/RE consumer blogs - Set up stats - Set up tracking of RSS subscribers (Feedburner) - Solicit comments from users on regular posts - Continue exploring ways to engage users and encourage participation Phase 2: Create Strategy, Branding, and Accounts - Identified elements of POST strategy - Energy Savers branding (CFL imagery) - Started on Typepad - Moved to hosted solution - Enhancements as necessary - Review and revise strategy as needed Phase 3: Create Content - Started posting 2x/week. 6 authors - Increased to 3x/week; 7 authors, - One entry is a "Question of the Week” - Engage programs and guest authors - Identify scientists, program staff, others to interview - Identify opportunities to add video and multimedia Phase 4: Distribute and Promote Content - RSS feed - Widget - Linked from home page - Automatically fed to Facebook page - Social bookmarking - Implement email list - Implement Twitter account Phase 5: Build Community - Encouraging comments in entries and weekly questions - Responding to comments as needed - Asking readers to submit questions - Continue brainstorming compelling entries and ways to engage readers Phase 6: Measure, Analyze, Adapt - Report on number of posts, visits, comments, RSS subscribers - Identify new ways to measure engagement

23 23 | Social Media at Energy Savers Blog: Results Entries 143 RSS Subscribers 501 Comments 762 Page Views 102,320

24 24 | Social Media at Distribution RSS

25 25 | Social Media at Widget 6,798,065 Views Facebook 452 Fans Energy Savers Blog Distribution

26 26 | Social Media at Other Social Media at EERE

27 27 | Social Media at Blogs

28 28 | Social Media at Widgets

29 29 | Social Media at Social Bookmarking

30 30 | Social Media at RSS Feeds

31 31 | Social Media at YouTube and Flickr at DOE

32 32 | Social Media at In Progress

33 33 | Social Media at Talking to Management

34 34 | Social Media at Presenting to Management

35 35 | Social Media at Questions?

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