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Chris Zitelli BOD 2009-2013 Residential Green Building Advocate.

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1 Chris Zitelli BOD 2009-2013 Residential Green Building Advocate

2 3rd Annual Covenant Partner Conference Green Building for New Affordable Homes and Rehabs

3 30 Minutes For All That is Green Why Green? Save the Planet Save the People 10 Million Approaches Few Good Ones Economic Feasibility




7 My Motivation

8 New vs. Existing Energy Star (V3) NAHB Green Build Standard LEED-H NAHB for rehab ReGreen

9 Energy Star V3

10 Expanded Checklists First there was nothing (pre-2006) Then there was Thermal Bypass Soon there will be Thermal Enclosure Moisture Management HVAC (contractor and rater) Blower Door and Duct Blast still there

11 Expected to Exceed Code Currently 15% over 2004 IECC V3 based upon 2009 IECC V4 (?) Near Zero Moving beyond just energy

12 Very Difficult for Renovation Thermal Bypass requirements Air Barrier Full Gut Spray Foam Many consider HERS score for renovations NSP and Energy Star requirements

13 Over 1 Million Homes Verified Energy Star (23%)

14 NAHB Green Build Standard Released 2008 2000 homes recently reached Lower cost Less rigorous Stepping stone? Intended to be code ICC 700- 2008

15 Categories of Credits Lot & Site Development Resource Efficiency Energy Efficiency Water Efficiency Indoor Environmental Quality Homeowner Education

16 What’s Included Additions to single-family homes that equal less than 75% of existing square footage Renovations of single-family or multifamily buildings Renovations plus additions to single-family homes Renovations of pre-1980 residential buildings Renovations that change the use of non-residential buildings into residential uses. Building conversions can be certified using the Green Building Path but not the Green Remodel Path Individual sections or phases of residential or mixed-use developments Entire residential or mixed-use land developments and subdivisions











27 LEED Homes 2011 Updated 03/16/2011 Certified Projects: 4780 Certified Units 10166 Certified: 670 projects / 786 homes Silver: 2296 projects / 4200 homes Gold: 1049 projects / 2818 homes Platinum: 765 projects / 2362 homes Over 40% “affordable”




31 Funding ?!?!? Home Depot Foundation NSP Weatherization Home Performance with Energy Star Tax Credit Sponsors Utilities

32 Resources

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