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1.01A – What typefaces should be used for various displays?????

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1 1.01A – What typefaces should be used for various displays?????

2 For this section, choose among the following typefaces  Serif  Sans serif  Decorative/Ornamental  Script 2

3 Use this typeface for announcements (graduation & other formal announcements). Script (Example of Brush Script)

4 Use this typeface for headlines on flyers or advertisements. Decorative/Ornamental (Example of Chiller)

5 Use this typeface for webpages and on-screen/digital displays. Sans Serif (Example of Arial)

6 Use this typeface for body text in business publications and correspondence. Serif (Example of Times New Roman)

7 Use this typeface for text in a magazine article. Serif (Example of Bodoni )

8 Symbols and logos are found in this typeface. Decorative/Ornamental  (Example of Webding )

9 Use this typeface for formal invitations and place cards. Script (Example of Lucinda Handwriting)

10 Use this typeface for captions on pictures. Sans Serif (Example of Verdana)

11 Use this typeface for poetry. Script (Example of French Script)

12 This typeface can be hard to read. Decorative/ Ornamental (Example of Engravers MT)

13 Use this typeface for text in newspapers. Serif (Example of Courier)

14 Use this typeface for on-line headings and headlines Sans Serif ( Berlin Sans Gill Sans )

15 Use this typeface sparingly. Decorative/ Ornamental ( Example of Broadway )

16 Use this typeface for text in books and newsletters. Serif (Example of Goudy)

17 1.01A – Basic Typography – Font Face Information

18 This term describes the basic design of a character. typeface

19 The specific size (points), weight (blackness or whiteness) and style applied to a typeface together define a: font

20 When referring to the slant, weight and special effects applied to the text, such as bold or italics, you mean: Font Style

21 What is a group of similarly formatted characters? (different sizes, weights and variations of a typeface) Font Family

22 22 Examples of a font family: Arial Arial Black Arial Narrow Arial Rounded MT Bold

23 What are the four typeface categories? Serif, sans serif, script/cursive, decorative/ornamental

24 Which typeface category includes attributes/strokes at the tips of the letter? Serif

25 What are examples of serif font styles, and which is one is most popular?  Bodoni  Century Schoolbook  Courier New  Goudy  Times New Roman **#1

26 What font style is used for business correspondence as well as text for magazine articles, books, newspapers and newsletters? Serif, of course!!

27 What is are the recommended point sizes for body text? 10-12 points

28 What typeface has no attributes (strokes, serifs) at the tips of a letter? Sans Serif

29 Used for web pages, digital display, headings and captions, give examples of popular sans serif fonts: Arial, Veranda Tahoma

30 What typeface appears to have been written by hand or with a calligraphy pen? Script or Cursive

31 On what documents should script font be used? Invitations, calling cards, poetry, announcements


33 What typeface should be used to sparingly to “catch the eye” on flyer headlines and for logo symbols? Ornamental or Decorative

34 Give examples of ornamental or decorative fonts….. Chiller, Broadway &  (Webdings)

35 1.01B – Type Effects

36 When each character takes up the same amount of space, the font is said to be: Monospaced

37 A popular type of monospaced font is __________, and it is often used in biology and computer programming publications. Courier

38 When the space each character takes up is adjusted to the width of that character, the spacing is: proportional

39 Are Times New Roman and Arial considered proportional? Yes, indeed.

40 Which font is easier to read in publications and takes up less space? (monospaced or proportional) proportional

41 Which font makes similar characters look more different and makes it easier to see thin punctuation marks? (monospaced or proportional) monospaced

42 Also referred to expanded or condensed, the vertical spacing between lines of text is called this. leading

43 43 A possible use for leading Make a block of text fit in a space that is larger or smaller than a text block.

44 What feature would you use to add or subtract space between pairs of letters (horizontal space)? kerning

45 This is used to adjust space for groups of letters AND entire blocks of text to make the text more open and airy. Tracking

46 What features would you use to slightly increase or decrease the length of a column of text so it is even with an adjacent column? Leading and/or tracking

47 1.02A – Principles of Design Away We Go!!!

48 Negative or blank space of any color to give a design room to breathe; draws attention to publication. White space

49 Use of big & small elements, black & white text, squares and circles to emphasize important information. Contrast

50 Elements of a design are centered or evenly divided both vertically and horizontally. Symmetrical balance

51 Elements radiate from or swirl around in a circular or spiral path. Radial balance

52 Off-center alignment created with an odd or mismatched number of elements Asymmetrical

53 Repeat some aspect of the design throughout the entire layout to aid navigation and improve readability. Repetition/ Consistency

54 Visually dividing the page into thirds vertically and/or horizontally; place the most important elements within those thirds. Rule of thirds

55 Grouping of elements to demonstrate their relationship to each other. Proximity/ Unity

56 This is the spot the eye sees when it first encounters a page. Optical Center

57 Where is the optical/vertical center located? Slightly above & to right of mathematical center of page

58 What is the visual path the eye follows when looking at a printed page? Z-pattern

59 What design principle gives a design breathing room & smoothes transition between elements? White Space

60 Can “White Space” include space between characters, lines, paragraphs, margins, etc.? Absolutely!

61 What design principle aids navigation and improves readability? Repetition/ Consistency

62 What color is “white space”? ANY color

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