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1 Achondroplasia

2 Karyotypes and Nondisjunction

3 Karyotype Picture of a persons’ chromosomes
Reveals extra or missing chromosomes Allows doctors to detect some genetic disorders

4 Karyotypes Picture taken during metaphase of mitosis
Chromosomes are condensed and consist of 2 sister chromatids DNA is stained prior to taking the picture. Similar DNA sequences glow similarly Arranged by decreasing size

5 Telomeres They serve a protective function The ends of a chromosome
Their degradation leads to aging and cancer

6 Nondisjunction

7 Nondisjunction Occurs when Sister Chromatids fail to separate
Can happen in Meiosis I or Meiosis II Wrong number of chromosomes in a gamete

8 Nondisjunction Down syndrome occurs because of an extra chromosome 21

9 Down syndrome Occurs because of nondisjunction Also called trisomy 21

10 Nondisjunction

11 Monosomy Only 1 of a particular chromosome

12 Nondisjunciton and Sex Chromosomes

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