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1 Advantage/Disadvantage
Meda Types

2 Advertising Mediums Television Advantages Large Coverage Area
Can target specific audience Audio and Visual Large repeat exposure Rapid reach potential Possible High entertainment value of ad

3 Advertising Mediums Every medium has advantages and disadvantages
Job of media planner to determine what medium makes most sense for products Advantages and disadvantages can be used to sell clients on why or why not a specific media plan should be selected

4 Advertising Mediums Television Disadvantages
Can be costly to produce and air Time limitations limit message Need for repetition(short ad recall) Clutter Inverse relationship between hours watched and audience income Pre-emptability

5 Advertising Mediums Radio Advantages Can target a specific audience
Immediate/timely/multiple exposures Possible high entertainment value of ad DJ endorsements Time and content flexible Sound reinforcement HD Radio/new technology

6 Advertising Mediums Radio Disadvantages
Time limitations restrict message Need for repetition Clutter Button pushers between breaks IPODS/new technology Short ad exposure Need to advertise on multiple stations Background medium-ear wax

7 Advertising Mediums Magazines Advantages
Potentially large coverage area Can target specific audience Can use color Flexibility in size and cost Visibility of product Couponning opportunity Large repeat and pass along readership

8 Advertising Mediums Magazines Disadvantages Clutter
Cost associated with repeat exposure Lack of movement and sound Not immediate-may be weekly/monthly Long lead time required for purchase Can be expensive

9 Advertising Mediums Newspapers Advantages
Potentially large coverage area Low cost relative to other media Immediacy Access to large socio groups Targetability via specialty sections Can use color Flexibility in size and cost Visibility of product Couponning Short Lead time

10 Advertising Mediums Newspaper Disadvantages Inconsistent reproduction
Typically 1 day exposure Clutter Lack of movement and sound May be limited to Black and White Readership declining and production costs increasing

11 Advertising Mediums Outdoor Advantages Large audience exposure
Use of color Continuous exposure 24/7 Good directional Many new opportunities due to technology May get additional exposure at no extra cost if other advertisers don’t buy up inventory

12 Advertising Mediums Outdoor Disadvantages
Limited message length-9-11 words recommended Initial production and preparation costs can be high Ideal sites difficult to access

13 Advertising Mediums Internet Advantages Information available 24/7
Customers access at their convenience Relatively cost effective Targetability Message can be timely Ads can be interactive Ability to coupon Color

14 Advertising Mediums Internet Disadvantages High maintenance necessary
Not effective as stand alone strategy Difficult to gauge impact (getting better) Cost of development and maintenance can vary Not everyone has access to internet

15 Advertising Mediums Direct Mail Advantages Can be personalized
Can target specific audiences Opportunity to educate customer on product/service benefits Couponning

16 Advertising Mediums Direct Mail Disadvantages
Expensive-$1.00-$2.00 per piece Difficult to obtain “clean” mailing list Perceived as “junkmail”/often discarded Long lead time needed for printing and mailing

17 Advertising Mediums Point of Sale Advantages
Can influence impulse purchases Helps product stand out among competitors Customer has opportunity for direct response at time of ad presentation (Purchase)

18 Advertising Mediums Point of Sale Disadvantages Can be expensive
Clutter (product can be lost among other point of sale items)

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