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Riesco it’s a social cooperative company that realizes social and work integration through catering services, aiming to create job, economical and.

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1 Riesco it’s a social cooperative company that realizes social and work integration through catering services, aiming to create job, economical and welfare opportunities in favor of its own associates and of the local community, paying close attention to disabled people

2 Born in 2005, Riesco rises from the gathering of two long traditions:
From social cooperation, that generated in Selvazzano one of its first Italian experiences, since the end of the Seventies From the ancient tradition of Italian chefs, that devoted their experience to the success of this social enterprise

3 Riesco is a catering enterprise organized as a social cooperative company, that seeks local community welfare by appraising: Cooking quality improving catering quality in canteens, transforming them in meeting points though the use of agricultural products responding to the parameters of good (periodicity), clean (biological products, short supply chain) and right (appraising local productions) Taste, Tradition and Territory rediscovering and appraising local tastes and traditions aims to approach young and adult people - in a pleasant and serene way – to the basics of a healty and tasty diet

4 Traineeship and job integration
Riesco collaborates with S.I.Ls (job integration service) of local social services. With them, Riesco starts ad develops traineeship aimed to socialization and job integration, and sustains people even after internship conclusion Starts job orientation traineeship, in cooperation with local professional institutes

5 Traineeship and job integration
WORK INTEGRATION At least 30% of a “B Type” cooperative workers must belong to disadvantaged categories, such as physical, psychiatric and sensorial disabled people “B Type” cooperatives companies, according to the law, can employ disabled people in collaboration with for- profit companies, helping them to accomplish the job integration process requested by the Italian law.

6 Traineeship and job integration
From different cooperatives to different degrees of work’ integration L’iride (disability) Dina Muraro Riesco (mental health) Laboratori protetti Tirocini socializzanti Borse lavoro inserimenti lavorativi

7 History 2005 Riesco gets born as a CCS start-up and as an evolution of catering projects of L’iride scs, Mea scs and Dina Muraro scs, according to a rich tradition of social cooperation 2006 In partnershi with CCS, Riesco absorbs the cooking center of the Venetian Province of the Order of Friars Monnks in Saccolongo (Padua) 2007 Riesco obtains UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2000 certification for job integration. Meals productions increases 2008 Implementation of booking and production schedule systems by the activation of a data elaboration center

8 History 2009 Launch of a new cooking center in Saccolongo (PD) and start of Carel’s cooking center, end of friars cooking center. In august we substained “Il Germoglio” in starting up a new cooking center and, in a cooperative action, we ceded some clients for free. 2010 Riesco is fully operative. In July we obtained UNI ISO certification of our HACCP system. In tehe same year we start “FIP cooking center”. 2011 Riesco focuses on workplace canteens. 70% of its sales volume cames from this branch. Supply sistem is improved and we activate a purchase department. Saccolongo cooking center obtains UNIENSO9001:2008 certification for meals production and carriage

9 Riesco’ services CATERING
Riesco devoted at first to “SOCIAL CANTEENS” (communities and day-care centers for disabled people and childhood services) with the aim to increase food quality in this kind of structures. Recently Riesco gets involved in WORKPLACE CANTEENS, believing in increasing the “taste” of work through a tasty lunch, that could reach the canteen already cooked or be prepared in your micro-kitchen

10 Riesco’ services BANQUETING
Riesco offers banqueting services and helps its client to find the best places for locations for their events Riesco offers, moreover, pratical solutions for small events in private houses and gastronomy services

11 Clients 95% of Riesco’s sales volume today comes from catering:
55% fromlocal profit companies il 44% from sanitary realities Il 3% from primary schools and private kindergartens

12 Canteens A.s.d. Shera – centri estivi 35010 Cadoneghe PD
Asilo Nido Bim Bum Bam Noventa Padovana PD Ass. Micronido Gia. D’inf. Bambi Teolo PD A.P.S.M. S.R.L Noventa Padovana PD Belmonte – Camicerie Montegrappa SRL Cervarese S.Croce PD Bottonificio Padano SPA Saccolongo PD Calcio Padova Spa (convitto) Padova Carel Applico SRL Brugine PD CAREL INDUSTRIES SRL Brugine PD CCS Consorzio Cooperative Sociali Selvazzano Dentro PD Clear Channel Jolly Pubblicità Spa Noventa Padovana PD Club House Petrarca Rugby Padova Cold Line SRL Cervarese S.Croce PD Criocabin SPA Teolo PD Dina Muraro società cooperativa sociale Selvazzano Dentro PD Emmanuel SCS Cavarzere VE Emmekappa SCS Noventa Padovana PD Fip Industriale SPA Selvazzano Dentro PD Il Girasole società cooperativa sociale Selvazzano Dentro L’Iride Società cooperativa sociale Selvazzano Dentro PD La Brenta SRL Saccolongo PD Lamapla SRL Saccolongo PD La.met SPA Selvazzano Dentro PD Mollificio F.lli Pagnin SRL Selvazzano Dentro PD MEA Mosaicoeaias Società cooperativa sociale Vicenza Nuova Idea Soc. Coop. Sociale Abano Terme PD Gibus SPA Saccolongo PD Remote Value srl Brugine PD Sami Instruments SRL Campodarsego PD TFM SPA Mestrino PD Villaggio S.Antonio (Frati minori conventuali) Noventa Padovana PD

13 where our disabled collegues work
Fresh fruit and vegetables cleaning, that comes mostly from local companies (to have more work for disabled people) Bread and kitchenware packaging Dish washing service for our cooking centers Set up and cleaning of Riesco company canteen, where CCS and Riesco staff including our disabled collegues, meet people coming for lunch from nearby private companies Meals booking arranged by a specific software that allows our clients to book on line Single meals labelling This presentation ,) and the other graphical communication Grill cooking Bar tending Banqueting service

14 Riesco data… 31/12/ Riesco is composed by 56 Associates : 35 ordinary, 13 volunteers and 8 subsidizers. All workers are associates 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 bozza12 Prev13 Sales Volume Total associates 18 21 27 31 42 47 56 Volunteers 7 8 9 1 10 13 Subsidizers 3 4 Associated workers 11 15 16 28 30 35 Disabled workers b 5 6 Loan from associated 25.000 37.208 94.234 99.889 Assets 26.500 49.086 59.476 49.444 67.918 8. 019 70.567 Investments 15.000 35.500 77.676

15 Business targets Developping of supply chain projects, linking agricultural production and high-quality semi finished products for internal use and re-selling Developping “Petrarca Rugby Club House” where we work for restaurant and pub internal of Petrarca Rugby playground, that hosts the Padua FC. Junior Team (boarding school). Club house project is developping by event organization and by location restyling in collaboration wirh one of our partner Carlsberg beer

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