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Advanced Choice of Employment Scheme 2014/2015 Training Year.

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1 Advanced Choice of Employment Scheme 2014/2015 Training Year

2 ACE Overview Complete ACE application to apply for a first year House Officer position in NZ DHBs rank all applicants who ranked them in order of preference Applicants rank DHBs in order of preference ACE match using algorithm DHBs receive list of applicants who have been successfully matched to their DHB DHBs send an offer of employment to successful applicants

3 Eligibility Who is eligible to participate in the ACE programme? 1.) Graduates from New Zealand medical schools and are citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand/Australia. 2.) Graduates from Australian medical schools and are citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand/Australia. 3.) Graduates from New Zealand medical schools and are not permanent residents of New Zealand/Australia. This year Category 4 applicants have been excluded from the Eligibility Criteria


5 ACE Online Application Form ACE application form Certified copy of residency document Academic transcript Three ACE referee report forms completed Curriculum vitae Cover letter(s) (Optional)

6 ACE application form Complete all sections! Please complete you online ACE application profile by the 23 rd of May, any changes to contact details and you will need to email me!

7 Residency/Education page You don’t have to fill this out

8 Documents Upload or post certified copies of: o Photo page of NZ passport or o Photo page of an overseas passport accompanied by the relevant visa page or o New Zealand driver licence accompanied by birth certificate or citizenship certificate Must be certified by: o Justice of the Peace o Court Registrar o Lawyer Please do not send original documents

9 Academic transcript Auckland & Otago Medical Schools – You will not need to upload your transcript, the ACE Consultant will do this Other Medical Schools – Upload into Documents page

10 References Must be a Consultant GP/Consultant Specialist who has observed the applicant’s clinical work in a NZ health setting or in a comparable health setting (as defined by the Medical Council of New Zealand). Countries included can be found at the MCNZ website. There are 22 countries and include Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA. This means you are able to use a referee from your elective depending on where you go

11 The ACE Consultant does not send your referee the reference request via email. It is done automatically by the ACE system. Once you enter the referee details into your application and save you will not be able to delete it. If you wish to change you will need to contact the ACE Consultant.

12 Once the referee has submitted their online reference, a tick will appear in your checklist against their name. If the reference has not been received by the referee; –Please check that the email address is correct –Get the referee to check their junk/spam box –Lastly, contact ACE Referee can complete a hardcopy reference form and scan, email or post to the ACE Centre

13 Curriculum vitae ACE CV template can be found on the ACE Kiwi Health Jobs website. Your chance to ‘sell’ yourself Professional, positive and genuine Try to keep to 1~2 pages (excluding research & publications) Include employment history if relevant but make sure you explain any large gaps Avoid listing key skills/attributes No grammatical and spelling errors!

14 Cover Letters One page per DHB Professional and enthusiastic but not desperate Be yourself and avoid regular use of clichés Explain what skills you can bring to the job and the organisation – Do the research Show genuine interest by giving specific reasons to why you want to work for that DHB – Simply stating “I have ranked you as my first choice” is meaningless No grammatical and spelling errors!

15 ACE Selection Criteria Academic Transcript Pre-Clinical Clinical Prizes and Scholarships during MBChB CV Additional Qualifications Publications/Presentations – other than course requirements References Clinical skills Professional skills Extra comments Other information provided on CV

16 ACE on Kiwi Health Jobs

17 Like us on facebook!

18 0800 ACE CENTRE (0800 223 236)

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