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Types of lights Jack Urban.

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1 Types of lights Jack Urban

2 Fluorescent lights Glass tube filled with Mercury Low Pressure
Phosphorus substance inside tube Electric current runs through: Gets Hot Glows Electrons hit Mercury atoms which produce UV light Saves Energy

3 LED Lights Produce light by having an electronic current pass through the material with illuminates the light Has different colors Popular because its very efficient

4 Incandescent lights Most common lights used in homes
AKA “screw-in A type light bulb” Most inefficient light bulb Light bulbs with thicker filaments: Last longer Not energy efficient

5 Halogen lights They are the energy-saving incandescent lights
More expensive to buy than incandescent lights Less expensive to run than incandescent lights (Due to its efficacy) Has color renditions Often used in lamps

6 The Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Most efficient light The Compact Fluorescent Bulb

7 Environmental Concerns
Incandescent lights: Use too much heat LED lights: Contain too much Mercury CFL: Most efficient Don’t use too much heat No mercury

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