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Soldering & The Tinning Process

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1 Soldering & The Tinning Process
Electronics 1 CVHS

2 What is Soldering? Solid electrical connection
Mechanically connects metal to metal Electronic soldering soft soldering 350° F

3 Wave Soldering Machine

4 Wave- Intake

5 Successful Soldering 1. Correct solder and flux 2. Required equipment
3. Clean soldering pencil tip 4. Safety

6 Solder Metal alloy of tin and lead Symbol for tin - Sn
Symbol for lead - Pb 63% tin and 37% lead

7 Solder – 63Sn/37Pb No mushy range Eutectic alloy
Lowest melting solder alloy 350°F - 600°F

8 Solder - 60/40 Use 60/40 in electronics because less expensive
Standard Wire Gauge - SWG SWG .031

9 Flux Helps solder flow Removes oxidation
Protects copper while solder melts

10 Flux Rosin-based is used for electronics Acid-based is corrosive
DO NOT USE IN ELECTRONICS Used in stain glass lampshades

11 Flux Available as a paste Available as a liquid
Solder has a rosin flux core

12 Equipment Soldering gun Instant heat - high watts Too hot
Copper tracks and pads come off board Damage components

13 Equipment Soldering iron (pencil) Slower warm-up
Lower wattage - 25 watts Tight spots Various tips - conical best

14 Clean Tip Tip becomes oxidized with heat
Wipe off oxidation with damp sponge

15 Clean Tip File away heavy oxidation

16 Clean Tip Tin pencil tip Prevents oxidation

17 What is tinning? “Tinning” means covering the tracks & pads on your PCB with solder PCB tracks & pads are made of copper When exposed to air & oils on your skin, copper oxidizes PCB must be tinned in order to prevent corrosion & ensure a good electrical connection

18 Steps for tinning your PCB
1.Clean all tracks 2.Apply flux to all tracks 3.Heat tracks & add solder 4.Spread & add solder over all tracks

19 Safety Solder over workbench Treat pencil as always hot
Safety glasses must be worn Solder Contains Lead – Washing hands is recommended

20 Safety Put pencil in stand

21 Review 1. The best ratio of solder to use in electronics is:
2. This is because: 3. We use _______-based flux 4. What is the difference between a soldering gun & pencil? 5. Why do we tin our PCB’s 6. What safety considerations are important to remember when soldering?

22 Demonstration

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