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MATH HELP 24/7 Website Innovations Conference Open Educational Resources March 4, 2014 8:00-9:00.

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1 MATH HELP 24/7 Website Innovations Conference Open Educational Resources March 4, 2014 8:00-9:00

2 Valencia College Founded 1967 Serving students in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties 5 campuses 71,000 students 22% of all UCF grads started at Valencia Inaugural winner of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence

3 East Campus Math Department – the numbers 35 Full-time faculty 59 Adjunct faculty 4 Full-time staff 87 Lab instructors and tutors Over 22,000 enrollments/yr 911 sections taught 25 LinC classes (9 online) 67 SL sections

4 Math Help 24/7 the beginning Pencast presentation at department meeting (fall 2010) College and Campus presidents in attendance Faculty excitement over the presentation Campus president enthusiasm over the possibilities I suggested it would be very easy to create a site with solutions to textbook problems Willingness to fund a project to provide student support

5 Livescribe pen

6 Many Decisions Tutorial Topics or Homework Solutions? Faculty thought Homework Solutions would be too limiting Which Topics? Polled the Department Participating Faculty Sign Up for Topics Your choice of technology Files or Links?

7 How to organize the site? Courses, then topics Review or Not Review Videos? Led to Multiple Links per Topic Use links multiple times across courses Personalize it Instructor Pics Hobbies

8 Proposal Developed, Funding Received 25 Livescribe pens and flip cameras purchased Equipment arrived Spring term 2011 Faculty led training sessions 25 faculty participated Each faculty member was to develop and submit 12 videos in order to keep the equipment Some faculty returned the equipment One lead faculty member and one web designer

9 Equipment list 25 Livescribe pens (4 gig)$150.00 ea.$3,750 25 cases$ 25.00 ea.$ 625 50 dot tablets$ 15.00 ea.$ 750 25 Flip video cameras$150.00 ea.$3,750 25 tripods$ 15.00 ea.$ 375 Total$9,250

10 Creating the website 577 videos on the MATH HELP 24/7 website Faculty training and collaboration Variety of technologies used Pencasts – Jody De Voe Flip Cameras – Cathy Ferrer Jing – Joel Berman

11 Launched August 2011 Tracking Results

12 How do students get there? Faculty Syllabus Links on Faculty Websites Valencia College Website Student Support All campuses have links from their Department page Posters in Math classrooms

13 /math/ ­ Web Stats Monthly Report Unique Visitors and Pageviews by Page Document Downloads Visits and pages by Source – google Visits by browser - Firefox Total Unique Events Unique Visitors and Pageviews by Date Keyword Visits and Pageviews by Social Network Visits and pages by city

14 Student Reactions – summer 2012 “It was helpful and informative” “Very helpful” “Amazing. I like the person who is doing the teaching.” “I didn’t like how it worked and I was uncomfortable with it.” “It’s great; we need more topics.” “It’s helpful, but its more beneficial in the actual math tutoring center.” “Awesome”

15 Additional Benefits Lecture Notes Capture the semester’s lectures on video Build an online course Use to demonstrate good note–taking skills Selected Homework Solutions Test Solutions Answer Student Email Questions Tutoring Staff

16 Maintenance Senior Instructional Assistant – Yasir Khan Errors Additions Faculty suggestions Student suggestions Feedback

17 Open Resource Google Mathhelp 24/7 Spread the word Questions? Maryke Lee

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