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Software and Multimedia

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1 Software and Multimedia
Chapter 6 Software and Multimedia

2 Programs Used in Multimedia
Developing a multimedia production requires an array of software to create, edit, and combine text, sounds, and images.

3 Elements of Multimedia
Different software is used to create the various elements of multimedia. These elements are: Text Graphics and animation Sound or audio Video

4 Programs for Managing Text
Text can be created with many programs. Multimedia developers use word processing software to include text in their projects and to create documents about their projects. Full-featured word processors have text formatting capabilities which set the appearance of the text.

5 Desktop Publishing Programs
Desktop publishing programs are sometimes called page layout programs. They are better at handling the placement of graphics and processing very large documents.

6 Programs for Graphics Graphics software is used for creating, editing, manipulating, and storing graphics. Graphics software is also known as image management software. It works with still and animated drawings, as well as photographs.

7 Programs for Sound or Video
Most operating systems have the capability of playing sound or video files. Audio or sound software is used to create or edit music or sound files. Video software is used to edit video files.

8 Creating a Multimedia Production
Different kinds of software are used to combine the elements to create a multimedia production. ***NEED NEW IMAGE FILE*** DP Embedded sound file Imported graphic file

9 Web Design Software Web pages are written in a markup language such as HTML or XML. Web design programs allow you to create Web pages without learning markup languages. Many current word processing and desktop publishing programs let you convert their files to HTML for use in Web pages. Web browsers are needed to view and use the Web pages on the Internet.

10 Multimedia Presentations
Presentations are sequences of slides that usually incorporate text, sound, graphics, and animation.

11 Multimedia Authoring Software
Authoring programs link graphics, text, and other objects. They are used to create: Interactive tutorials Simulations Games

12 Planning and Managing Projects
There is also software for planning and managing multimedia projects. Spreadsheet software is used to develop cost estimates, budgets, and reports. Database software is used to control and retrieve information used in projects. Project management software is used to coordinate the work of people and tasks to ensure that projects are completed on time.

13 Multimedia Software Suites
A software suite is a group of programs from the same company sold in a single package.

14 Utility Software for Multimedia
Multimedia developers often need software for specific tasks. These tasks might include: Screen captures File compression File conversion Virus protection Optical character recognition (OCR)

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