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Material Safety Data Sheets Why do you as a Manager, cook or CN Helper need to know about Material Safety Data Sheets.

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1 Material Safety Data Sheets Why do you as a Manager, cook or CN Helper need to know about Material Safety Data Sheets

2 What is a MSDS form and why is there a Hazard Communication Program? The MSDS is a form to identify the chemicals found in your workplace. OSHA has a standard of laws and guidelines to ensure employees are working in a safe environment. Your responsible for knowing where and how to get the information for immediate response.

3 The Hazardous Chemical File This file is maintained and updated as new chemicals enter in your workplace. A master copy is kept in the Central office. Each chemical used has an MSDS. You can use the MSDS to find: The name of the product Fire and explosion information about the product. Potential health and physical hazards Precautions if any while handling the product. How to store, clean up or dispose of the product. First aid and emergency action to take if an accident occurs.

4 The Hazard Communication Program The labeling system is very important, and when mixing the chemical to use in another vessel, proper labeling must occur. The original label will have the hazard warnings. You can help to work in a safe environment by identifying any unlabelled vessels to your manager. Check the vessel before you use it to be sure that it is working correctly and will not cause you to be exposed to the chemical. The MSDS uses a standard format: The heading, includes name of chemical and uses. Lists the hazardous components and how much you can be safely exposed to. Fire and explosion info. Reactivity info, describes conditions that could cause a dangerous reaction. Spill or leak directions & procedures. Health hazard info- First aid instructions until medical attention can be found.

5 Basic chemical concepts Chemical can be identified as either an acid or base (caustic or alkali). PH level. A strong acid would have a ph level of 0 to 7. Alkali or caustic has a ph level of 8 to 14. Heavy duty degreasers, drain cleaners usually are very caustic, ph of 14. Toilet bowl cleaners, lime remover are strong acids, ph near 1. The stronger ph levels of 1-2-3 and 12-13-14 can irritate or severely burn skin, eyes, lungs, airways and internal organs. Never mix acid and alkaline products together due to violent and dangerous chemical reactions.

6 Primary First Aid If an accident occurs, the affected employee will need your help, if severe or life-threatening injury occurs call 911 and seek the MSDS to see what can first aid procedures can be helpful until medical staff is on scene. Once there is a eligible First Responder on scene then let them assess and do their work. The eligible First Responder will know if further medical care is needed and will take the necessary steps. With a slip or fall or other accident in the cafeteria, report it to the manager and assess if further medical attention is needed. If not a not life threatening or loss of limb or sight medical concern, then the Medac at 3710 Shipyard Blvd. behind Rite Aide. With any accident in the workplace, the Manager or person in charge at the time is contacted, THIS IS A MANDATORY STEP, they will get the proper paperwork started so as to document what happened, this is a procedure to protect you the employee.

7 What to do Now? Upon completion of this slide show, you will go to and review the MSDS book. At that time if you have any questions of what you are looking at or what to look for, ASK! Sign the MSDS Training Log Sheet for the HACCP book. Once more to review Know your chemical hazards. Use the necessary protective equipment. Never mix products! Always label vessels that you add chemical to. Know the proper handling and clean up procedures. Properly Dispose of chemicals when directed. Properly store chemicals according to the MSDS. Use the product as intended. Know your first aid procedures!

8 Thank you

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