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2 Wal-Mart in Illinois Supercenters57 Discount Stores78 Sam’s Clubs28 Distribution Centers4

3 Wal-Mart We operate more than 6,500 stores in 14 countries and serve more than 176 million customers around the globe each week. 1,200 Wal-Mart Discount Stores 1,980 Supercenters 100 Neighborhood Markets 2,680 Wal-Mart International Facilities

4 Annual Energy Expense for 2007 in the U.S. alone: $2.0 Billion

5 Wal-Mart Environmental Commitments Aggressively investing approximately $500 million annually in sustainable technologies and innovations. Reducing greenhouse gases at our existing stores, Sam’s Clubs, and Distribution Centers around the world by 20% over the next seven years. Designing and opening a viable prototype store that is 25-30 percent more efficient and will produce up to 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions within the next 4 years.

6 Wal-Mart Environmental Commitments Sharing our learning with the world, including our competitors. Pursue regulatory and policy changes that will create incentives for utilities to invest in energy efficiency, to use low or no greenhouse gas sources of electricity, and to reduce barriers to integrating these sources into the power grid.

7 Wal-Mart Environmental Commitments Initiate a program in the U.S. over the next 18 months that will show preference to suppliers who set their own goals and aggressively reduce their own emissions. Assisting in the design and support of a green company program in China, where we will show preference to those suppliers and their factories involved in such a program.

8 Wal-Mart’s Profile Most new facilities are.75 MW to 1.3 MW Wal-Mart typically builds 330 – 350 new stores yearly (roughly 400 MW) Most have high load factors – 70% plus

9 Energy Efficiency Programs Implemented in Stores Daylighting Electronic Dimming Balasts Computer Controlled Daylight Sensors Energy Management System

10 Energy Efficiency Programs Implemented in Stores All new facilities utilize T-8 fluorescent lamps New construction uses LED lighting in all internally-illuminated exterior signage Occupancy sensors in non-sales areas of new stores

11 Energy Efficiency Programs Implemented in Stores High efficiency HVAC systems White membrane roofs are used in most areas of the country 70% of hot water needs for Supercenters, Sam’s Clubs, and Neighborhood Markets are met through a heat reclaim system

12 Energy Efficiency Programs Implemented in Stores We actively dehumidify our buildings allowing them to operate at higher temperatures

13 Where We Are Going Sustainable Products Sustainable Goals a)Aspire to be supplied by 100% renewable energy b)To create zero waste c)To sell products that sustain our resources and our environment.

14 Where We Are Going Energy Efficiency a)Good for the environment b)Good for business

15 Demand Response Project Types Formal demand response programs at the state, utility, and ISO level Voluntary demand response to support states, regions, and utilities Experimentation with back-up generators

16 Demand Response programs are being set up all across the U.S. To date we have assisted with the stability of the grid through curtailment in the following states: Arkansas California Connecticut Illinois Kansas Missouri Texas

17 2006 Voluntary Load Curtailment Illinois NW Arkansas California

18 2006 Voluntary Load Curtailment Illinois – Reduced load on one day for one hour. There were 36 stores involved. NW Arkansas – Reduced load for 3 days at all NW Arkansas stores and Home Office Campus California – Reduced load for three days at 50 locations Missouri & Kansas – Reduced load on one day for one hour. There were 5 stores involved

19 2006 Wal-Mart Demand Response California PGE – 13 locations, 7 events SDG&E – 20 locations, 4 events.

20 2006 Wal-Mart Demand Response Connecticut Committed to approximately 3,000 kw 35 store locations 30 minute notice provision Actually curtailed over 5,000 kw

21 2006 Wal-Mart Demand Response We also participate in pilot programs in Missouri, and Texas.

22 2006 Wal-Mart Demand Response Back-up Generators (System Peak Shaving) Georgia Municipal Systems in NC and SC

23 Demand Response Help reduce overall peak and demand loads Increase available energy supply Help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Help reduce the need for fossil burning generation plants. Help create a more reliable power grid

24 What’s Driving Demand Response Movement Need for new generation Transmission constraints Sustainability/Conservation Customer involvement Improved technology

25 Demand Response Customers should be rewarded for implementation of demand response Energy payments/Capacity payments Renewable Energy Credits White Tags

26 Demand Response Allow for aggregation No minimum participation limits

27 Demand Response There are two utilities that we are aware of that claim all environmental attributes. Measurement and Verification should be standardized and affordable. Discourage Direct Load Control

28 Demand Response Consistent methods of customer notification of an event can help facilitate a timely response Allow for Self-Directed programs

29 Demand Response Promote customer choice with metering. The cost of advanced metering should be lowered by removing unreasonable regulation and promoting competition and innovation. Customers should be allowed to install their own advanced meters provided they are in compliance with standards set by the regulatory authority. Customers should receive full credit for meter ownership. Customers or their authorized representative should have full, frequent and easy access to their own meter data.

30 Demand Response Real Time Pricing Gives customers the most accurate, up to date information so they can manage their load accordingly Gives large consumers the ability to have the most impact on load reduction at the most critical peak times

31 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Thank you


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