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Bell Ringer  Do you think that war is necessary? Explain your answer.

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1 Bell Ringer  Do you think that war is necessary? Explain your answer.




5 The Causes of WWI MilitarismAlliancesImperialismNationalism

6 Militarism The growth of massive armies of the European nations heightened tension Conscription (military draft) had been established by most western nations before 1914 The U.S and Britain were exceptions European armies doubled in size


8 European Nations Prepare for War  Militarism:  Militarism: aggressive preparation for war  Russia had the largest army with 1.3 million men  France and Germany each had around 900,000  Great Britain and Austria-Hungary’s army numbered between 250,000 – 500,000  Military leaders begin to draw up vast military plans for quick mobilization of their armies


10 Alliances  By 1914 all the major powers were linked by a system of alliances  The Triple Alliance:  The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy  Triple Entente:  Triple Entente: France, Great Britain, and Russia

11 Alliances  Serbia and Austria-Hungary continued to have a hostile relationship over A-H’s annexation of Bosnia.  Russia backed Serbia

12 Imperialism Examples: Russia and Austria-Hungary both had aspirations of gaining territory in the Balkan territories Germany also looked to expand its borders in Africa, upsetting the British Many nations of Europe desired to expand their territory This led to mistrust between the nations


14 Nationalism Europe enjoys peace in late 1800s but problems lie below surface Growing nationalism leads to competition among nations Nationalism in the Balkans leads many groups to demand independence

15 Crisis in the Balkans Many groups in Balkans win independence during early 1900s New nation of Serbia made up largely of Slavs Austria-Hungary annexes Slavic region— Bosnia and Herzegovina (1908) Serbia outraged, sees itself as rightful ruler of these Slavic lands A Restless Region


17 Assassination in Sarajevo  June 28, 1914: Heir to Austrian throne Franz Ferdinand visits Sarajevo

18 Assassination in Sarajevo Franz Ferdinand and Sophie shot by Gavrilo Principof the Black Hand Gavrilo Principof after shooting Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

19 Austria-Hungary Responds Austria issues ultimatum to Serbia Serbia agreed to most of demands but wanted to discuss others at international peace conference A-H refused and declared war on Serbia

20 Austria-Hungary looks for Help  A-H, fearful of a Russian intervention, look to the Germans for support  Germans promised full support  Austria-Hungary officially declared war on Serbia July 28, 1914

21 The Alliance System Goes into Action

22 Russia Mobilizes  Russia declares war on A-H on same day  July 28, 1914  Czar Nicholas II’s response was to mobilize the Russian army against A-H  However, Russian military leaders convinced him to mobilize against Germany as well  Germany then declared war on Russia Aug. 1, 1914

23 The Schlieffen Plan  Germany’s Plan for war  This called for Germany to fight a two front war against France and Russia  Germany was to use enough troops to hold Russia in the East, while the majority of troops invaded France  Once France was conquered the Germans could turn their full attention to Russia  Based on this plan Germany declared war on France on Aug. 3, 1914


25 The Conflict Broadens  Germany passed through Belgium, a neutral nation to get to France  Germany violated Belgium’s neutrality, Great Britain declared war on Germany Aug. 4, 1914  By Aug. 4, 1914 all the great powers of Europe were at war



28 Assignment  Standard:  Complete Alliance Map Activity  Complete Vocabulary Due & Quiz on April 2 nd  Honors:  Complete Alliance Map Activity ( You will have a quiz on this)  Complete Vocabulary, Due & Quiz on April 2 nd

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