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Everyday Math Helping Your Child with Math Homework.

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1 Everyday Math Helping Your Child with Math Homework

2 Homework  When each unit of Everyday Math begins, a parent information letter is sent home. It is either a Study Link or a Home Link. This family letter explains math ideas for the unit.  Shhh! (It has homework answers for the Home/Study Links in the unit.)  KEEP THIS LETTER IN A SAFE PLACE!





7  Your child may receive a homework assignment for each lesson in every unit of Everyday Math.  Grades K-3 are called “Home Links”  Grades 4-5 are called “Study Links”

8 Family Notes provide information about the lesson of the day. House - Home work Student Reference Book Page Unit 5 Lesson 5 No Calculator Practice with date and time Computation practice

9 More Homework Info  Everyday Math work may seem very different than math we did when we were in school.  If you and/or your child do not understand the homework, send a note or an email to your child’s teacher. He/she can call you or meet with you to discuss ideas and strategies.  We expect and respect parent questions and concerns. Open communication is key to your child’s success!

10 Consistency is a KEY!  Just as your child is comfortable and knows where/when work will be completed at school, you need to create the same environment at home.  Establish a place where your child will always complete homework.  All homework materials should be kept at this location.  Establish a time when your child will always complete their homework.

11 Allow your child choices!  Give your child choices to allow the child to take ownership of the homework.  Let the child choose the place and time homework will be completed each day.  Review all your child’s assignments with them and let them make their own schedule as to the order the assignments will be completed.  Allow your child to take one five minute break at their own discretion during homework sessions.

12 How to Help your Child with Math  Create a homework routine.  Read Family Letters and Study Links.  Communicate with the teacher.  Ask your child to explain.  Use questions to help.  Be accepting of mistakes.  Play math games.

13 How to Help your Child with Math  Observe a mathematics lesson in your child’s classroom, or volunteer to help.  Read the Student Reference Book with your child.  Share real-life math situations  Give gifts that encourage mathematical exploration

14 Motivation/Incentives  Developing Incentive Systems  Decide the problem behaviors  Forgetting materials for homework?  Not writing down assignments?  Rushing while completing work?  Complaining during the homework routine?  Set goals  Create a homework contract with your child  The contract should include the rewards/penalties for homework procedures.  Monitor Progress and Follow Through with rewards/penalties  Stay consistent and keep track of the behaviors using a device such as a sticker chart.

15 Everyday Math On-Line

16 Everyday Math Resource and Information Center

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