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WDNS Week of February 23rd

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1 WDNS Week of February 23rd
What did you do first in the game to solve the problem? How did this help solve the problem? What steps did you do later in the game to solve the problem? What are the advantages of doing the personal tasks before you got volunteers to help you? How can kids, who aren’t old enough to vote, solve problems in their communities?

2 CH 5 Review Questions Answer on a Ch 6 Answer Sheet
What are the three levels of the federal court system? Which type of court hears witnesses and often has a jury decide the outcome? Does the U.S. use an inquisitional or an adversarial system? What is one criticism of the adversarial system? About what percentage of cases it is asked to review does the U.S. Supreme Court actually hear? What is the key reason why supreme court justices are given lifetime appointments?

3 Lawyers Chapter 6

4 Learning Objectives Learn key vocabulary pertaining to lawyers and legal services Classify situations and problems that can be handled independently and those that may require legal help Examine pros and cons of lawyer advertising

5 Vocabulary Litigator—a trial attorney
Bar Association—a group that licenses lawyers and helps promote professionalism and ethical behavior Retainer—a down payment on legal services Contingency fee—a fee arrangement in which the attorney is not paid hourly, but accepts a percentage of the recovery in the case (if any) Attorney-client privilege—a rule that prohibits attorneys from disclosing confidential information provided by the client Malpractice—a suit against an attorney for losses due to the attorney’s serious errors in handling a legal matter

6 Becoming a Lawyer Requirements to enter law school:
Bachelor’s degree (any subject)—generally need 3.0+ to stand a good chance of admission LSAT—Law School Admissions Test Graduate from law school (Doctor of Jurisprudence—JD) Pass bar exam Pass ethics exam Character and fitness exam

7 There are more than 1,000,000 lawyers [attorneys] in the United States.
70% are in private practice, 10% work for the government, 10% for business and unions, less than 6% for public interest, and the smallest percentage are professors, judges, and elected officials. Most lawyers rarely if ever go to court. They give advice, draft legal opinions, negotiate settlements, and provide out of court assistance. Litigators-are lawyers that go to court- or are trial attorneys.

8 When Do You Need a Lawyer?
Public defender’s office provides free legal services to indigent defendants in criminal cases Legal aid associations provide limited help with civil law issues, depending on need (pro bono services) Problem 6.1 page 61 A-d as class; complete e-j on your ch 6 answer sheet

9 The best way to find a lawyer to represent you is usually through “word of mouth”, a recommendation by a friend or colleague. You can look up lawyers in the phone book, on the internet, or hire one through their tv or other media advertising. But always do some background checking on who you hire to see if they have a positive track record. Many Bar Associations maintain lists of lawyers who specialize in certain kind of cases. For many years lawyers and law firms were not allowed to advertise but today we know commercials on tv and the internet are common place.

10 Lawyer Advertising Chapter 6 Answer sheet Problem 6
Lawyer Advertising Chapter 6 Answer sheet Problem 6.2 page 63 + questions below What right allows lawyers to advertise? Advantages of lawyer advertising? Disadvantages? Examples—video clips AVVO Call Saul

11 DO NOW: Problem 6.4 The following situations present ethical dilemmas faced by attorneys. Read the Code of Professional Responsibility, examine each case, and decide whether the attorney acted ethically or unethically. Explain your answers.

12 DISCUSS FROM YESTERDAY Lawyer Advertising Chapter 6 Answer sheet Problem 6.2 page 63 + questions below What right allows lawyers to advertise? Advantages of lawyer advertising? Disadvantages?

13 Hiring attorneys is expensive, make sure before securing the services of an attorney you have an understanding of their fees. You will probably also be charged for even inquiring about your case with an attorney, but it is usually a set reduced fee from what the attorney normally charges. Some types of fees Flat rate- usually used for a simple will or other legal filling that is very quick to finish Hourly rate- Many lawyers charge well over $100 an hour and only bill by the hour [so a 2 minute phone call would cost $100] Contingency Fee- only get paid if they win. But they will usually take from 30% to 60% of the settlement. Retainer- a down payment to retain their services. Also some companies and individuals pay a monthly retainer to an attorney to hold their services [or to make sure they will be available to work on their case] Fees are negotiable and subject to the approval of both the attorney and client…. If you don’t like an attorney’s fees… shop around! Try to get your agreement for fees in writing, with an estimate of total expenses.

14 Working with Your Lawyer
Trust is the foundation of the attorney-client relationship. You must be totally honest with your lawyer so they can best help you. [attorney-client] Privilege- means whatever you tell your attorney they must not disclose it to anyone without your permission The attorney will advise you on your best options but in the end it is, and by law is, your decision. Lawyers must follow a Code of Professional Responsibility enforced by the State Bar Associations and State Supreme Courts. A lawyer must pass a test to become a member of the state bar. If a lawyer violates the standards of conduct they may be reprimanded, suspended, or Disbarred- removed from the bar… no longer able to practice law. Legal Malpractice- is when an attorney makes a serious error in representing their client.

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