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Pop Art Mid 1950’s By: Savannah Ott & Destini Spencer.

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1 Pop Art Mid 1950’s By: Savannah Ott & Destini Spencer

2 Reflection of Culture Depression is ending. Recovering from World War II Communism and Capitalism dominate Vietnam War began

3 Physical Characteristic Bright quirky colors, Neon, high intensity Flat Color, little or no shading Subject Matter: Objects of Mass Production, and Celebrities Named because of items of popular culture Repetition Contour shapes and simple forms Cartoons

4 Pop Artists. Andy Warhol United States. Used Mono-prints, Blotted line technique and silk screening. Jasper Johns United States. Sculptures and Reliefs Roy Lichtenstein United States Brush strokes not seen Known for cartoons

5 Andy Warhol, 1964

6 Roy Lichtenstein, 1963

7 Balantine Ale, by Jasper Johns

8 FUN FACTS: Pop art was founded in Germany. Andy Warhol wore a wig at all times, even while on his death bed. Only nine people went to the premier of Warhol’s movie “Sleep” which was a recording that was six hours of his friend sleeping.

9 Summarization Pop art was one of the biggest art movements in the 1900’s. It is characterized by themes and techniques drawn from popular mass culture; such as television, movies, advertising, and comic books. Pop art is widely interpreted as either a reversal or reaction to abstract expressionism.

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