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WRITING FOR PR. POP QUIZ Tell me what you know about what a brand is…

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2 POP QUIZ Tell me what you know about what a brand is…

3 POP QUIZ A company’s reputation in the marketplace is also known as their __________.

4 POP QUIZ “Public relations is a ______________ communication process that builds ______________ between organizations and their publics.”

5 POP QUIZ What are the two roles of public relations managers within an organization?


7 OLD RULES OF PR The Old PR Rules: Press releases go straight to the media to try to gain media coverage. Media is the audience. News had to be significant to get coverage. Only way consumers heard about the story was if media covered it. PR and Marketing were completely separate, with different goals and strategies.

8 NEW RULES OF PR The New PR Rules: Press releases and PR communication goes to the consumer. Consumers are the audience members. People want authenticity and participation. Content is delivered right when the audience needs it. The internet has made PR public again, instead of one way through media. Direct communication through blogs, online video, e- books and news releases. Social networks = shareability.

9 CONTENT MARKETING & ONLINE RELEASES “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action” (Content Marketing Institute, n.d.).

10 REASONS TO WRITE A RELEASE Impact- something that has a large impact on an organization, community or society Oddity- an unusual occurrence or milestone Conflict- dispute or controversy Known principal- the person announcing is notable Proximity- localized to the area New Rule- write about anything and everything



13 IN SENDING A RELEASE Send to only one reporter at a time Limit subject lines and make them enticing Boldface “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” Limit length- PR Newswire says average is 500 words Get to the point immediately- use the 5 Ws No attachments Link to supporting information, if any Link to supporting information Remember readability

14 MEDIA ADVISORY Sent to media outlets to invite them to an event or press conference

15 OTHER WRITING Letter to the Editor Speeches For executives, government leaders, etc Op Ed Opinion article with a call to action Prints opposite the editorial page

16 OP ED BEST PRACTICES Timeliness Pointed View Accuracy Length Exclusivity

17 OTHER WRITING PSA- Public Service Announcements Run for free on radio or television Short- usually :15 or :30 How to write it: Make every word count Use hooks to capture your audience Use a call to action


19 GET IN YOUR GROUPS Finalize your group name Work together to create a :30 PSA about an on campus issue that would be played on the college radio station. If time allows, circle back to your backgrounder information and work on that piece more

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