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Freak the Mighty Web Quest 6 th Grade English Mrs. Harwell.

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1 Freak the Mighty Web Quest 6 th Grade English Mrs. Harwell

2 Your Quest Kevin copes with having a fatal disease by escaping into books and words. His favorite topic is King Arthur, knights and their quests. Kevin explains to Max that knights were the first robots. He believes that by studying knights and robots, scientists may come up with a way to get him a new body. Max has never heard of knights or King Arthur and can't figure out why Kevin is calling his mom "Gwen of Air". Together Kevin and Max become Freak the Mighty - Max giving Kevin a body to use and Kevin giving Max a mindful of knowledge. Your job is to do research on knights, quests and King Arthur. You will need to find information so you can help Max to understand all the things Kevin told him. You will have 3 tasks to complete as a small group. home

3 The Task In small groups of 2 or 3 people, you will need to visit websites on King Arthur, knights and castle life in order to complete the three steps of this project. Your group will be writing a letter to Max explaining what you've learned about castles, knights and life during the times of King Arthur. Your group will also design a coat of arms that illustrates some of the traits of Freak The Mighty. The teacher has an outline that you can use to complete this task. Using your map skills, design a quest for Freak in your own neighborhood. Your map must contain a key and be labeled. home

4 The First Dragon You have chosen your group of 2-3 people. It would be helpful to designate one person as the recorder and assign other roles to each group member. As a group you will view websites that will give you background information on King Arthur and his knights, quests and what it was like to live in a castle. Take notes because you will use what you learn in your letter to Max. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Life in Castles home

5 The Second Dragon Create a quest for Freak the Mighty. Draw a map of your neighborhood. Include street names and buildings of interest. Your map must include a compass rose and direction words correctly labeled. In the bottom right corner be sure to include a map key. You will need to write a brief (2-3 paragraph) explanation of a quest you have created for Freak the Mighty to complete in your neighborhood. Are there damsels to be rescued? Dragons to slay? Dangerous journeys to take? Show the path Freak wil l take on your map and include this symbol in your map key. home

6 The Final Dragon Brainstorm a list of traits that you think belong to Freak the Mighty. Remember how each knight had a trait that was incorporated into his name. What events in the story showed "might"? What things represent "might"? Visit the website to learn about coat of arms and how they were designed. You may use an example or design your own. Create a colorful coat of arms for Freak the Mighty. Be prepared to explain the items you include to your classmates. home

7 Evaluation/ Conclusion Your group will be evaluated on the depth of thought, the quality and the creativity that you put into accomplishing your task. If you have any questions, ask your teacher. If you have successfully completed your quest, you should be able to explain what life was like in the times of castles, knights and King Arthur. Hopefully this will help you to understand how Kevin used his imagination to cope with his disease and to make every day memorable. home


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