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Grammar Review 3 The FutureTenses.

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1 Grammar Review 3 The FutureTenses

2 Present continuous with a future time
The Future Tenses Will Going to Present continuous with a future time

3 The “Will” Future 1 The “Will” future is used:
To express on the spot decisions. It’s cold! I’ll close the window. To express predictions, promises etc. I think it will rain tomorrow 3. When it is not certain that something will happen (it is really a prediction/possibility) If he comes early, we will go to the theatre.

4 The “Will” Future 2 We use the “Will” future to express: warnings, predictions, offers, promises , threats, requests, suggestions, opinions, hopes and fears especially with words such as: think, expect, suppose, hope, believe, know and probably. We use the infinitive verb: I will buy a new shirt. I’ll probably get a red one. I will close the window. It’s cold.

5 Will and Shall NOTE: Shall can only be used with “I” and “We” in questions, suggestions and offers. What shall we do tonight? Let’s go to the cinema. Shall I open the window? Yes, it’s hot in here. Shall we go to the beach? Yes, good idea. We can use this structure when we want someone else to make the decision

6 The “going to” Future The “going to” future is used:
1. To express things already decided in the future She is going to fly to Madrid tomorrow. (It’s all arranged. She’s got the tickets) 2. To express intention. He likes acting. He is going to be an actor (He’s made up his mind. It’s already decided). When there is evidence that something will definitely happen. Watch out!! You’re going to hit your head. Rule: We use the verb “to be” + going to + infinitive verb.

7 Future with the Present Continuous
We can also use the Present Continuous tense to express the future, but we must give a future time He’s going to Madrid this afternoon. She’s visiting her parents next week. Examples. They’re washing the car. (now, at this moment) They’re washing the car on Friday. (Future). They’re going to wash the car (on Friday) –Future

8 Other Future expressions
Future Continuous. Where will John be next Monday He will be in London. He will be visiting his parents. Future Perfect He will have visited his parents (by Tuesday) We use the future perfect to talk about something that will have happened “before” a future time.

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