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GENDER EQUALITY through equal pay and treatment in the workplace.

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1 GENDER EQUALITY through equal pay and treatment in the workplace

2 77 Cents On Men’s Dollar 77 Cents on Men’s Dollar means that for every dollar a man earns, women only earn 77 cents. American women working full time year- round earn a median of $37,791 while American men earned a median income of $49,398

3 Men get more jobs?  Women are less often re-employed after the recession than men.  The number of men working full time year- round increased by 1 million between 2011 and 2012  The number of full-time working women remained close to the same. Is this fair…?

4 Minority Groups  This gender gap affects all minority groups  African-American women earn 69 cents for every dollar paid to African-American men  Latino women earn 58 cents for every dollar paid to Latino men. The gender gap is a bigger issue in minority groups. This is not fair to women of color.

5 Reasons for Gender gap  Women make up a majority of workers in the 10 most common jobs that pay less than $10.10 an hour  They are under-represented in high-earning fields  The only occupation in which women earn more then men is personal care and service work. Do you think these are sufficient reasons for women to be earning less?

6 Why Gender Gap is an Issue  Same education, same degree, same job, same hours, same everything…  STILL LESS PAY  It is simply not fair for women doing everything men are and still get paid less.  A change has to be made!

7 WHAT YOU CAN DO  Spread the facts  People will act more if they realize how unfair it is.  Women who are going into the job industry, fight for a higher pay from the start  Don’t just settle for amount given, make an argument  This will help the employers give fair wages to women from the start and not discriminate against them  Use social media to spread word  Twitter (#70to100)  Facebook

8 One more thing we can do…  “Urge the Department of Labor to speed up work on developing a tool to collect data on salaries, wages, and other benefits earned by employees of federal contractors and subcontractors. This tool is essential to giving employees and employers the information they need to end pay discrimination, and it's essential to giving the Department of Labor the information it needs to make sure employers receiving our tax dollars are following the law.”

9 PROMOTE EQUAL PAY FOR GENDERS AND TAKE ACTION  Make a difference  Take actions  Promote fairness  Don’t let #77to100 be prevalent in today’s workforce!

10 Sources  17/gender-wage-gap_n_3941180.html 17/gender-wage-gap_n_3941180.html 

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