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Corp Social Good Sample Trend Report Mar 13, 2014 - Copyright © Trend Hunter Inc. This report is for your immediate team’s use only. Please do not distribute,

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1 Corp Social Good Sample Trend Report Mar 13, 2014 - Copyright © Trend Hunter Inc. This report is for your immediate team’s use only. Please do not distribute, publish or present outside your team. Brought to you by Trend Hunter, the world's most popular, largest trend network, fueled by more than 100,000 contributors and a billion views of data. We help creative innovators like you Find Better Ideas, Faster™ Ethical E-tailH20 MissionSocial Real EstateDevelopmental Enterprise

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6 Copyright © All Rights Reserved You’ll save time & effort while enhancing the power of your insight with our 130,000 hunters & 100,000,000 person lab Our Proprietary Crowdsourced Insight TM Trend Hunter is the world's most-powerful consumer trend research lab. Each user visit results in 25+ choices, enabling us to measure consumer interest and identify patterns of opportunity. We've measured more than 200,000 ideas using 1.5 billion choices from 100,000,000 consumers. While competitor trend services are still relying on gut instinct, we are pioneering the next-generation of trend research. #1 Largest Idea Database #1 Largest Network 130,000 Trend Hunters & 3,000,000 Fans 200,000 Micro-Trends 100,000,000 People & 1.5 billion views Clusters of Opportunity Crowd Filtering Your Next Idea Dedicated Advisors

7 Copyright © All Rights Reserved Our idea-filled custom reports are typically a blend of high-level patterns, clustered lists & examples i. High-Level Patterns 10 Patterns 60 Examples iii. Specific Examples 20 Pages 20 Examples ii. Clustered Lists 10 Clusters 350 Examples XYZ For ABC 70 Pages 430 Examples As little as $500 As quick as 24 hours Loaded with insight Your Next Project Your Topic? A new product line? Demographics Social Media Retail Innovation Boomer Lifestyle Young Parents Fit Culture Millennials Credit Crunch Expansion Markets

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9 i. High-Level Patterns Copyright © All Rights Reserved PRO Trends & Examples PRO Trends are the crown jewel of Trend Hunter. They are premium, subscriber-only articles based on clusters of consumer insight. Each insight is identified using our crowdsourced, crowd-filtered methodology. We use a combination of algorithms, consumer data and editorial curation to identify patterns of ideas that score highly among our audience. PRO Trends are intended to teach you about creativity in other industries, so that you can bring unique, high-level creativity to your own brand. Competitive advantage comes not from closely benchmarking yourself to the developments of your competitor, but by looking for inspiration that can revolutionize your industry.

10 Social Good Social Good Subscriptions Businesses are providing more convenient ways for consumers to donate Implications - Subscriptions to everything from wine to fashion and home decor have become more commonplace and have laid the foundation for businesses to give back more conveniently. Subscription services for social good are the perfect way for consumers to contribute to a meaningful cause without having to dedicate a large amount of time to it. 5 Ideas + 45 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 4.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Hunger-Fighting Food Packages The Love with Food Group Donates a Meal for Every Box Purchased Great Deals for Good DealGooder Facilitates Group Buying and Giving, Donating 50% of Profits Global Farmers' Markets Liga Masiva Lets You Buy Coffee Straight from the Source Sustainable Food Subscriptions Door to Door Organics Delivers Fresh Natural Groceries to Your Door School-Supporting Digital Newsletters Red Tricycle Donates Funds To Underserved Organizations

11 Social Good Greenteractive Campaigns and innovations promoting eco living through interactivity Implications - Our ultimate goal may be to live greener lifestyles, but everyday distractions make it hard for anyone to stick to an environmental program when there's no incentive or fun to be had. As such, there has been a number of interactive campaigns and apps that encourage consumers to partake in eco-friendly activities by hooking them in with an engaging activity or reward. Providing an enjoyable interactive way to go green, these innovations ensure that consumers take on eco-friendly habits and maintain them. 7 Ideas + 71 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 4.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Energy-Producing Playgrounds TGO Green Energy Gym Technology Harnesses People-Power Waste-Reducing Apps 'Zero Gachis' Lets Shoppers Know When Fresh Food is About to Expire Organic Food Fighters Stonyfield Farms' 'Be a Food Superhero' Campaign Advises Healthy Eating Social Energy Saving Apps The Facebook Utility Usage Function Shares Power Consumption Online Internet-Supported Gardens Bitponics Hydrophonics Program Assists Through Sensors Electric Taxi Ride Savings Nissan LEAF '6XCHEAPER' Campaign Demonstrate Affordability of EVs Nature-Viewing Apps Bbc Earth Launches 'Meet Your Planet' Facebook App

12 Social Good Collaborative Consumption Community-sharing initiatives change the way consumers exchange Implications - Renting, sharing and exchanging has never been as collaborative as it is today. Every day, new initiatives are springing up that are aimed at connecting community members and helping them consume in a way that benefits the community as a whole, as well as each individual person. From car- sharing services and telephone co-op systems to cohousing and more, these joint consumption efforts augment the way consumers interact with one another and contribute to the creation of a better, more collaborative and caring society. 8 Ideas + 81 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Healthy Community Sales 'A Moveable Feast' Focuses on Arabs & Bangladeshis Who Live in SW1, London Community Solar Bonds SolarShare Co-op Offers Impact Investors Triple Bottom Line Benefits Gamified Fruit Picking The Lemonopoly Game Helps Bay Area Residents Find Backyard Fruit Favor-Swapping Mobile Games Connect With Your Neighbors By Playing Favortree Acupuncture Cooperatives POCA Aims to Provide Affordable and High Quality Treatment Communal Car Businesses 'Getaround' Rental Services Makes Use of Idle Vehicles Social Communication Cooperatives The Phone Co-op Upholds Strict Self- Imposed Ethical Guidelines Electric Car-Sharing Schemes Getaround Gives Deals to PlugShare Members

13 Social Good Developmental Enterprise Businesses finding new approaches to helping at-risk youth Implications - The number of youth-run businesses is on the rise as more youth programs launch special businesses that contribute to the development of at- risk youth. According to, a whopping 18 million young people, which is almost 50 percent of the population of youth consumers between 10 and 18 years old, live in situations that put them at risk of not living up to their potential. And while getting at-risk youth involved in an activity that interests them is important, giving them the right tools to manage a project or enterprise contributes to their individual growth and learning. These innovative approaches to business-building guide and support youth, helping them to develop by taking on positions that require them to act responsibly, make decisions and function as part of teams. 7 Ideas + 58 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 3.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Personal Development Diners Ground Level Cafe Offers Training to At- Risk Youth in Toronto Digital Literacy Agencies New Found Network Employs Youth to Create Nonprofit Campaigns Crime-Preventing Bistro Programs San Francisco's Old Skool Cafe Employs At-Risk Youth Street Youth Enterprises SYJA Helps Vancouver's Young Homeless People Find Jobs Youth-Led Coffee Shops Studio 89, a Social Enterprise Cafe in Mississauga by YTGA Opportunity-Spurring Delivery Services TurnAround Couriers Hires At-Risk Youth in Toronto Altruistic Apprenticeships Capital Conflict Management is an Anti- Violence Initiative in the UK

14 Social Good Social Real Estate Philanthropic housing provides comfortable living to less fortunate Implications - One of the major social business ventures we've seen of late is philanthropic real estate, in which both for-profit and non-profit businesses are trying their hand at offering or supporting low-cost housing initiatives. Some companies are creating affordable homes for low-income families while others are donating their time and money to help causes that provide homes for the poor. Whichever it is, do-good housing is becoming a cause many brands, and consumers, are getting behind. 6 Ideas + 51 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 3.6 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness $20-Per-Month Homes Each WorldHaus is Built in 10 Days and is Designed for the World's Rural Poor Charity-Donating Home Brokerages Do Good Real Estate Strives to Make a Difference Social Good Realtors GIVE Group Gives 25% of Commissions to Charities of Their Clients' Choice Altruistic Real Estate 3Space Joins Social Entrepreneurs with Owners of Vacant Properties Philanthropic Real Estate 'Brokers for Charity' Donates 10% of Commissions Each Time a Deal Closes Rehabilitating Social Enterprises Aspire Ensures That Those with Spinal Injuries are Not Forgotten

15 Social Good Ethical E-tail Do-Good Virtual Marketplaces for Conscientious Online Shoppers Implications - When it comes to shopping, making an eco-friendly or socially beneficial decision isn't always easy. Many physical retailers have introduced new product categories and sections in their shops that focus on environmental or social good, but for the busy individual, getting to these specific products (when life pulls them in different directions) can be difficult. Making the consumption of ethical goods easier is the rise of online marketplaces dedicated to social causes ranging from the planet to Third World poverty. Now, conscientious consumers can shop easily and conveniently from the comfort of their own homes or mobile devices, with the assurance that their purchases are for the betterment of society. 6 Ideas + 47 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Online Ethical Retailers SERRV Alleviates Poverty by Supporting Artisans from Around the World Planet-Loving Marketplaces Eartheasy is an Online Shop to Support Sustainable Lifestyles Ethical Shopping Sites Magnifeco is an Eco-Fashion Source Featuring All Things Socially Good Social Good Shopping Sites 'Histoire' Boutique is an Online Store Devoted to Creating a Just World Benevolent Online Shopping The Do Good Buy Us Website Allows Consumers to Buy Charitable Products Members-Only Social Boutiques The New Ethical Ocean Website Presents a Revamped E-Commerce Company

16 Social Good H20 Mission Enlisting brands and consumers in the fight for clean water Implications - Consumers are becoming more aware of the clean water shortage around the world as organizations helping this cause come to the fore. Organizations like One Difference, Project Living Well and Project Migration Inc. all strive to help countries in need find sustainable clean water sources, and today's consumer is willing to pitch in a helping hand. Among the many charitable initiatives and causes to which consumers may give support, the mission for clean water is quickly becoming one of the most major causes as we step into 2012. 4 Ideas + 54 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 5.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Drought-Fighting Devices Airdrop Irrigation Concept Alleviates Challenging Agricultural Conditions Clothes That Buy Water Each Project Migration Shirt Gives 5 Years of H2O, Medical Aid Like-for-Like Businesses 'One' Products Fund Similar Items in the Developing World Social Mission Totes Cause Boutique Promotes a Variety of Worthy Causes

17 ii. Clustered Lists Copyright © All Rights Reserved Collections of Unique Ideas Similar to a PRO Trend, each cluster features numerous micro-trends. The main difference is that PRO Trend illuminates a unique consumer insight, but most clusters are larger lists with many examples. In other words, clusters are more like collections of unique ideas. Our team and software has created tens of thousands of clusters, which you can track and filter at:

18 Social Good 13 Scalable Social Enterprises From Pay-as-You-Go Energy to Sustainable Laundry Services Depending on who you ask and what their specific definition of social enterprise is, they may say that "scalable social enterprises" are redundant because all social enterprises should be able to scale. At the same time, however, that is not always the case and surely that is not always the goal for founder and funders alike. By: Tiana Reid 13 Ideas + 112 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Pay-as-You-Go Energy Simpa Networks Offers Solar Power to Underserved Markets in India Cause-Oriented Deals Roozt Lets You Support Social Enterprise Brands and Products Energy Poverty Entrepreneurs Solar Sister Targets Women to Sell Lamps and Improve Livelihoods Social Entrepreneurship Filmmakers Actuality Media Create Philanthropic Videos About Changemakers For-Profits Women's Clinics (UPDATE) Penda Health Sees its First Patients in Kenya Urban Slum Sanitation Sanergy Turns Kenyan Toilets into Green Social Enterprises Inclusive Economic Development Aavishkaar Invests in Rural Communities Through Entrepreneurs Supply Chain Integrating Loans Kinara Capital is a Social Enterprise Supporting Startups in India

19 Social Good 13 Scalable Social Enterprises 13 Ideas + 112 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 9 to 13 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Social Enterprise Clinics Penda Health Offers Specialized Medical Care to Women in Kenya Women-Focused Health Technologies Zubaida Bai's AYZH is an India-Based Social Venture Mission-Focused Mentorship Global Social Benefit Incubator Launched Kiva, VisionSpring Scalable Water Systems WaterHealth International Attempts to Improve Access to Potable Water Business-Building Education Programs The Global Social Benefit Incubator at Santa Clara University

20 Social Good 20 Architecturally Inclined Social Businesses From Community Design Companies to Office Pop-ups This list of architecturally inclined social businesses include companies that pay attention the surface of things. That is to say, the exterior whether it's a building or community living, what is highlighted here is what kind of skin brings the organization together to unite around its social and/or environmental missions. By: Tiana Reid 20 Ideas + 174 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Eco Mini-Homes Lanefab Design/Build is a Company Focused on Energy and Solar Power Mushroom Packing Materials New York Company Makes Packaging from Agricultural Waste and Mushrooms Office Pop-up Hotels's Business Concept Transforms Office Space into Hotels Utopic Eco Villages Costa Rica's Kopali Communities Adheres to the Triple Bottom Line Destroyed Architecture Art Beyt by '2b design' is a Social Enterprise Employing the 'Unemployable' Philanthropically Inclined Accommodations The Hotel de la Paix in Cambodia is Elegant and Giving Exotic Ethical Carpets GAN Rugs are a Cozy Alternative to the Persian Mats You've Been Buying Community Design Companies Opticos is a Certified B Corporation in California

21 Social Good 20 Architecturally Inclined Social Businesses 20 Ideas + 174 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 9 to 16 7.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Recycled Cardboard Toys Paperpod Offers Eco-Friendly Furniture and Playhouses Altruistic Nature Centers IslandWood Aims to Foster Environmental Stewardship for Life Cohousing Companies McCamant & Durrett Architects Offer Collaborative Design and Living Eco-Building Employment Acta Vista Provides Training and Work Experience to Employees Clean Tech for Non-Profits Sun Light & Power Offers Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Energy Community-Building Barter Apps Bright Neighbor is the First Sharing Economy Mobile Platform High-Quality Low-Income Housing The Fez Ta Pronto Construction System Builds Foundations Sustaining Rural Development Barefoot College Supports Professionals in the Majority World

22 Social Good 20 Architecturally Inclined Social Businesses 20 Ideas + 174 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 17 to 20 7.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Italian Communal Housing Models Cooperativa Sociale DESY is an Inclusive Social Enterprise Cross-Sector Strategists The Partnering Initiative Supports Collaboration for Social Change Equitable Community Designs The Hester Street Collaborative Fosters Local Resiliency Sustainable Housing Education Bould Helps Trains Builders On Eco- Friendly Housing Construction

23 Social Good 7 Eco-Social Logistics Companies From Emissions-Free Delivery to Last-Mile Services All of the eco-social logistics companies featured on this list attempt to adhere to the triple bottom line in some capacity. One of the examples here that has worked the closest with is GnewtCargo, a London-based organization that participated in Good for Nothing's 2011 campaign where a team of professionals volunteered their time to create something new for the organization. By: Tiana Reid 7 Ideas + 53 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 5.8 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Last Mile Delivery Services B-Line is a Distribution Networking Building Sustainable Urban Life Social Business Logistics London-Based 'Connection Crew' Hires Ex-Homeless People Collaborative Creation Gigs Good for Nothing Brings People Together for Fast-Track 'Doing'_x0008_ Emissions-Free Delivery GnewtCargo is a Logistics Organization Using an Electric Fleet of Vehicles Social Logistics Management Barberry Group is a Rail Company Focused on CSR in South Africa Nature Vacations With Purpose The Cascadia Experience Plans Educational Camping for Families Global Logistics Social Businesses Agility Offers Expert Commercial Services Around the World

24 Social Good 11 Crowdsourced Social Innovations From Charity Reviews to Carbon-Negative Biofuel Stoves These crowdsourced social innovations are a response to the general rise in crowdsourcing by businesses, non-profit organizations and hybrid organizations as a way to make their company grow through looking to a large group of people. Sometimes part of the goal is to at the same time gain some online exposure from the process, since crowdsourcing is often thought of as an online activity even though it isn't necessarily so. By: Tiana Reid 11 Ideas + 96 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Socially Empowering Digital Apps CloudFactory Provides Jobs Through an Online Work Force Peace Pillows Oimei Co. is a Fair Trade Business Re- Investing Profits in Peacebuilding Initiatives Ethical Lifestyle Apps The Fair Trade Finder App Crowdsources Fair Trade-Certified Products Carbon-Negative Stoves Inyenyeri Uses Crowdsourced Biofuel to Transform Energy Systems in Rwanda Online Urban Activism Platforms Brickstarter is a Web Service Connecting Activists and Bureaucracy Fashion-Fueled Community Initiatives Royal Dynamite T-Shirts Generate Buzz About Education Issues Non-Profit Phone Design Contests CrowdCases Partners with a Different Organization Each Week Crowdsourcing H2O Texts NextDrop Uses SMS to Make Water Service More Reliable in India

25 Social Good 11 Crowdsourced Social Innovations 11 Ideas + 96 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 9 to 11 6.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Crowdsourced Charity Reviews GreatNonProfits is a Website that Supports Good Causes Crowdsourced For-Purpose Conferences The 2012 Social Good Summit Covers A Range of World Issues Crowdsourced Peace- Promoting Anthems Peace Mix UK is Creating a Unique Musical Opportunity

26 Social Good 11 Gamified Giving Examples From Car Pool Dating Services to Socially Dedicated Diversions From car pool dating services to socially dedicated diversions that claim to donate to charity with every click, these gamified giving examples will seem, to some, an uneasy approach to social and environmental problems -- to say the least. Essentially, crudely speaking, it melds clicktivism with gaming, while some have a stronger awareness component than others. By: Tiana Reid 11 Ideas + 90 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 5.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Ethical Decision-Making Apps 'Oroeco' Links Your Life to the World in Order to Make a Choice Car Pool Dating Services Brings Together Commuters in Europe to Lower CO2 Tree Planting Initiaves Forest Nation Offers Commercial Solutions to Companies in Sustainable Need Social Good Entertainment Global Good Games Aims to Shift the Video Gaming Paradigm Gamefied Sustainable Living Apps Practically Green Provides Simple and Personalized Green Tips Gaming for Mental Health The SPARX 3D Fantasy Game Helps Players Cope with Depression Socially Dedicated Diversions Good World Games Aims to Make a Difference Giving Through Fun Ethical Virtual Goods The PlayMob 'GiverBoard' Lets Gamers Fundraise for Real Causes

27 Social Good 11 Gamified Giving Examples 11 Ideas + 90 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 9 to 11 5.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Social Good Photo Apps FoodShareFilter is an Instagram Supported Filter That Profits an NGO Charitable Village-Building Games WeTopia Turns In-Game Item Purchases into Real-World Donations Global Strategy Video Games Red Redemption Ensures Gamers a Socially Conscious Experience

28 Social Good 50 'Buy One, Give One' Innovations From Charitable Conscience Campaigns to Bearded Botas Kicks The most prominent One for One business is TOMS -- you've probably seen the thin cloth shoe on many a teenaged girl's feet. However, what you probably are not aware is that there are an entire slew of 'buy one, give one' businesses delivering products ranging from soaps to toothbrushes to bicycles.There is no mistake that companies are trying to do more to give back the traditional 'x percentage' of sales to a charitable cause. By: Vivian Lau 50 Ideas + 321 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Star Wars Kicks The R2D2 Shoes are Perfect Pieces of Droid Footwear Schoolbags That Give Denim 'Benson Backpacks' Help Fund Education in Tanzania Comfy Customizable Kicks KellismCo Custom TOMS Give the Slip Ons Individual Paintjobs Golden Bridal Flats The New TOMS Shoes Wedding Collection is Specially Made for Your Big Day Cause-Conscious Clothing United by Blue Removes One Pound of Trash from Oceans for Every Item Sold Flat-Top Shades Look Super Sleek and Stylish in These One-for-One '4sight' Sunglasses Protective Baby Wraps The Information Blanket For Newborns Illustrates Baby Safety Measures Chic Charitable Shoes The TOMS Ballet Flats Spring 2012 Collection is for the Girly Girls

29 Social Good 50 'Buy One, Give One' Innovations 50 Ideas + 321 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 9 to 16 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Snazzy Social Good Socks Toesox Keeps the Needy Warm with Socially Responsible Footwear Sharp Socially-Aware Glasses Warby Parker Distributes Eyewear Using a One-for-One Model Festive Charity Shoes The TOMS Holiday Collection Showcases Sequins and Houndstooth Splatter-Painted Shoes One of a Kind, Hand-Painted, Socially Responsible Footwear from TOMS 12 TOMS Innovations From Chic Charitable Shoes to Bearded Botas Kicks Do-Good Reward Products Project Living Well Gets You to Serve Locally, Give Water Globally Microloan-Giving Tees The Naked Hippie Invests in Small-Scale Entrepreneurs in the Majority World Life-Saving Suds For Every Bar of Jack's Soap, They Give Soap to a Child in Ethiopia

30 Social Good 50 'Buy One, Give One' Innovations 50 Ideas + 321 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 17 to 24 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Conscious Contraceptives is a Discrete Online Store Using the One for One Model 1-for-1 Sport Businesses One World Futbol Shares Unbreakable Soccer Balls One-for-One Design Tees You and Who Has a Team of Artists Who are Helping Out Socially Responsible Neckwear FIGS Ties Combines Luxe Materials and a One-for-One Model Charitable Hemp Footwear Toms Shoes for Charity: Water Raises Money for Clean Water Buy Shoes, Give Back When You Purchase 'TWINS for Peace' You Give a Pair to a Child in Need Embedded Generosity Frocks Whitten Grey Gives Away One Dress for Every Dress Bought 1 for 1 Snacks Each KUTOA Health Bar Also Buys a Nutrient Pack for a Child in Need

31 Social Good 50 'Buy One, Give One' Innovations 50 Ideas + 321 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 25 to 32 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Children's Footwear Charities Toms Shoes Donates One Pair Per Purchase Ready-to-Use Food Campaigns Two Degrees is a One-for-One Company Selling Nutrition Bars Charitably Chic Pieces KNO Clothing is a One-for-One Donating Attire for Every Purchase Made Charitable Boot Businesses Roma Provisions Works to Keep Kids Safe Hand-Washing for Haiti When You Buy 'SoapBox Soaps' They Give Bars to Children in Need 1 for 1 Toothbrushes When You Buy From Smile Squared, They Give to a Child in Need Artsy One-for-One Condoms (UPDATE) Sir Richard's Condoms are Plaid and Socially Rad Charitable Social Media Shoes Digg and TOMS Shoes Release Special- Edition Footwear

32 Social Good 50 'Buy One, Give One' Innovations 50 Ideas + 321 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 33 to 40 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Prom-Specific Sneakers The Toms for Prom Campaign Encourages Formal Kicks Altruistic Energy Drinks Every 50 Cent Street King Shot Feeds a Child in Need Good Karma Web Dev PICnet Offers Tech Services for Non- Profits and Social Businesses Socially Conscious Newborn Fashion Rockin Baby Benefits Haitian Mothers with "One-for-One" Slings Socially Conscious Comforters Blanket Statements is a One-for-One Company Helping Women's Shelters Socially Responsible Textiles Proud Mary Provides Artisan Materials in Developing Nations Illuminating Lifesavers The Solar-Powered BoGo Light Promotes World Growth and Sustainment Community-Conscious Comforters Blanket America is a Cozy 'Buy 1 Give 1' Company

33 Social Good 50 'Buy One, Give One' Innovations 50 Ideas + 321 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 41 to 48 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Global Empowerment Tutor Sites EducateNcare Works with Students for a Social Purpose Cuddly Comfort Donations Happy Blankie is a One-for-One Business Giving Children Something Soft Charitable Skivvie Lines Justus Clothing Expands Buy One Give One Movement by Donating Underwear Charitable Snack Packs Lilly Pulitzer's Animal Cracker Designs for Charity Organic Food Giveaways The NYFoods Egg Change Project Fosters the One-for-One Model Multivitamins for Purpose A Bottle of Vitamma Gives 2 Years of Nutrition to 3 Kids For-Profit Social Ventures The TOMS Shoes Movement Creates Customer-Philanthropists Surgery-Giving Supplements InvigorateNOW Helps Combat Preventable Blindness Worldwide

34 Social Good 50 'Buy One, Give One' Innovations 50 Ideas + 321 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Continued 49 to 50 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness Celeb Social Slippers The Charlize Theron and Toms Shoes Collaboration for Charity Ethical Children's Footwear TINY TOMS are Charitable Shoes for the Young Philanthropist

35 iii. Specific Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved Relevant Examples of Innovation Micro-Trends are unique examples of innovation which have been featured on Trend Hunter. A micro- trend might be a newly released product or service, but in many cases, the idea is something that has not been commercially released. Our database includes several hundred thousand articles of micro- trends, spanning thousands of topics, so make sure to filter your topics at:

36 Marketing Felon-Produced Ads Concepting with Convicts Helps to Rehabilitate Prisoners Proving the fact that just because someone is behind bars doesn't mean they don't have good ideas, the 'Concepting with Convicts' helps to rehabilitate prisoners and build their resumes on the inside. The idea came from interns at DigitasLBi located in San Franciso, who used a pen pal system for finding inmates interested in the project. From there, they would carry out various creative briefs like any project in the ad industry. Targets would be conveyed such as improving the image of a brand, and then convicts would either be assigned as an art director or copywriter. The results were poignant and impressive. "Drive It Like You Stole It" was one tagline for Cadillac, which shows that even negative experiences in one's life can lead to a positive creative endeavor. Projects such as these are crucial to rehabilitate prisoners and set them up for a life beyond bars. By: Jamie Danielle Munro 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.5 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

37 Social Good All-American Children's Shoes United Shoes of America is Making Kids' Shoes in the USA New kids shoe brand, United Shoes of America, is setting out to buck the pattern of making shoes in China by creating a line completely made in America. The brand is dedicated to creating and keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States by insisting that all the materials and components that go into making the shoes are made in America. Even the cotton that is used to make the canvas is not only made in America, but grown in America by American farmers. Consumers are more and more concerned about where their products are made and understand the negative effects that outsourcing manufacturing has had on the USA economy. A growing "made-in-America" movement is brewing with many consumers demanding and only purchasing products that are made in America. Websites and stores are popping up that are completely dedicated to selling and promoting only products that are made in America. United Shoes of America is launching its brand with a Kickstarter campaign to tell its made- [continued online] By: Cheryl Andonian 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

38 Fashion Celebrity Female Empowerment Ads The CoverGirl 'Girls Can' Campaign is Candid and Inspirational The new CoverGirl 'Girls Can' Campaign is not only star-studded but it sends an inspirational message to girls all over the world to do whatever they want and take charge of their lives. Taking on the very powerful "Girls Can" statement, the ad features influential women like Queen Latifah, Sofia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres, Pink, Katy Perry, Janelle Monae, Becky G and a successful hockey player who are all credible and confident in themselves and what they have chosen to pursue. The CoverGirl 'GirlsCan' ad was created by Grey in New York to celebrate female empowerment, and it debuted during the Closing Ceremony of the Sochi Games. "I heard that girls couldn't rap. I rap," says Queen Latifah in the ad. "Girls couldn't own their own businesses? I own my own business." So yes, #GirlsCan. By: Farida Helmy 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

39 Social Good Humanitarian Connectivity Campaigns The Vodafone Firsts Programme Helps Families Connect Giving people a chance to connect with their loved ones, Vodafone Firsts is using mobile technology for all the right reasons. Trying to make a difference and help reconnect families after war-torn circumstances, the Vodafone Firsts global program captures engaging and inspirational stories on film to show viewers how the use of mobile technology really can help reunite and reconnect people the world over. In this emotional video, a young girl from the Mugunga refugee camp near Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, talks to her mother for the first time in over 15 months in her first mobile phone call ever thanks to the efforts of humanitarian worker Jean-Marie Minani who manages the free humanitarian calling booths for the Vodafone Foundation at the Mugunga Camp. “Many of the families in the camp have been unable to contact family members left behind in their home villages. It is amazing to be able to put a smile on the faces of some of these people and provide them with an emotional lifeline. For me, this is not [continued online] By: Farida Helmy 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

40 Eco Eco-Friendly Jean Designs 'RAW for the Oceans 'Jeans are Fashionable and Good for the Environment RAW for the Oceans is a line of jeans that will be manufactured using recycled plastic pulled out of the ocean. The project is planned as a long-term collaboration between leading Dutch denim brand G-Star Raw and eco-thread manufacturer Bionic Yarn, which counts Pharrell Williams as its Creative Director. On announcing the tie-up, Pharrell said that denim was the perfect category to show off Bionic Yarn’s impressive eco-thread manufacturing abilities because “everyone has jeans in their closet”. This collection and the buzz it has created is testament to the fact that product popularity and eco-consciousness need not be mutually exclusive; in fact you can leverage environmentally friendly strategies to your advantage in what is a win-win for everyone: manufacturers, consumers and the planet. The Raw for the Oceans jeans are slated to hit stores August 2014. By: Rahul Kalvapalle 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.5 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

41 Life-Stages War-Injected Childhood Videos Save the Children's 'Second a Day' Shows the Effect of War on Kids The 'Most Shocking Second a Day' video from Save The Children grimly illustrates the effect war has on children. The video follows a year in the life of an average girl in the UK, starting with her birthday. Initially, the happy-go-lucky child is seen snuggling with stuffed animals, laughing, smiling and playing, like any child should. These short clips flip pretty quickly and it almost gets a little repetitive, but these mundane day-to-day activities are much better to watch than the second half of the video. About 30 seconds in, the video starts to change its tone. There girl is shown covering her ears after gunshots, running from bombs, crying and being separated from her dad. As the video concludes, she is shown having another birthday, but the celebration is far less joyous. Save The Children's message illustrates that "just because it's not happening here, doesn't mean it isn't happening." By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

42 World Multicultural Metropolis Photography Multiculturalism Shines in the Cosmopolis Toronto Project Cosmopolis, “a city inhabited by people from many different countries,” is the definition of Toronto, and the Cosmopolis Toronto photodoc project is trying to drive this idea home. When you think of Canada and especially Toronto, you think multiculturalism. That is one of Canada's identities aside from hockey, beavers, polar bears and maple syrup. Colin Boyd Shafer has set out to put faces to the cosmopolis idea. The project finds people from around the world that now calls Toronto home. Colin takes two pictures. The first being a place in the city that makes them feel Canadian, and the second being an item that keeps them connected to their home country. There is also a short story about the place and the item chosen. Though the faces seen around the city are different, it is often over looked that the people living in Toronto are not all born here. By: Eric Westcott 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

43 Fashion Elegantly Hipster Compassionate Shoes Allen Edmonds's Handcrafted Shoes are Sleek and Social Providing both classic and chic comfort and a helping hand for those in need, American label Allen Edmonds makes beautifully handcrafted shoes using the finest materials and donates gently- worn shoes for those in need. Created in 1922, Allen Edmonds is all about keeping in touch with traditions by using artisan techniques yet offering sleek, suave and hip men's dress and casual shoes. The hand-crafted shoes are all about classic American styling that is tailored and fitted by experts specifically for you. Using only the best in leathers such as calf skin and cordovan, when you see a pair of Allen Edmonds you'll know instantly. Designed to surpass fads in fashion and materials, these versatile and durable shoes will never go out of style. By: Farida Helmy 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.9 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

44 Pop Culture Empowering Women Celeb Campaigns Megan Fox Raises Awareness for International Women's Day 20 Helping women all over the world have a voice by spreading awareness of domestic violence, the current face of Avon Instinct Fragrances and gorgeous stunner Megan Fox supports International Women’s Day 2014. Fox is helping women by creating buzz for the the Avon Empowerment Bracelet of which 100% of its net proceeds go to Avon Foundation for Women Speak Out Against Domestic Violence programs. With International Women’s Day 2014 right around the corner -- on March 8 -- the Avon Foundation for Women and Fox are upping the ante to spread awareness of domestic violence. “The Avon Empowerment Tennis Bracelet is a simple way to raise funds to help break the cycle of violence against women. In honor of International Women’s Day, I urge you to join me in making a difference by purchasing, wearing or giving the Empowerment Bracelet to help women everywhere live a life free from violence,” says Fox. By: Farida Helmy 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 3.4 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

45 Marketing Sports Star Literacy Campaigns This Typeface Was Pounded by a Ukrainian Boxer for Awareness A Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champion known as Wladimir Klitschko has teamed up with design studio Monotype to create a new punched typeface. This campaign aims to literally punch out illiteracy as an artistic interpretation. By putting his strong fists to good use, he dipped his hands in blue pigment before literally boxing out the 26 letters of the font onto white canvases. He uses extensive force to create each letter as a way of showing that illiteracy should not be overlooked. Klitschko’s fist-painted letters are digitally scanned to create the font after they have been punched out. They are now on sale on eBay to raise money for “A Heart For Children” charity as his way of giving back to the community for a recognized and creative good cause. By: Michael Nieto 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.4 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

46 Life-Stages Female Empowering Dollhouses Roominate is an Unconventional Female Empowerment Tool for Girls These days you can find female empowerment for older women in many different aspects of society. Feminist movements are much more commonplace than they used to be and female empowerment is a hot button issue, but they are often associated with grown women. Roominate is a project that looks to empower and teach young girls to be innovative. Marketing to young girls is more aggressive than to young boys. While kids in general are big targets for marketers, it seems that the same toys are constantly being marketed to young girls. The classic dollhouse is a prime example of this. What Roominate, a project by female engineering graduates looks to do is allow little girls to create their own dollhouses. It's even complete with its own circuit system, teaching girls to be resourceful from a young age. By: Michael Baxter 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.9 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

47 Fashion Feline-Focused Men's Fashion The Akomplice Spring 2014 Collection Donates to Nature Conservancy This year's Akomplice Spring collection has a little something in store for everyone, including the ecologically conscious. Its Dark Cat and Protect Panther series makes a bold statement in both its design and its cause; part of its proceeds will be donated to the Nature Conservancy, to help protect endangered species' habitats. The line of men's t-shirts and sweatshirts focuses on exotic felines. Cats are often associated with women's fashion, but the bold images of leopards and panthers in this collection exude a fierce and masculine feel. Ideal for fashion consumers seeking a more meaningful shopping experience, Akomplice provides a satisfying purchase by incorporating activism with quality pieces. This is just one of the many activism-related series that Akomplice has launched. By: Jen Chae 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 9.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

48 Social Good Rainbow-Refurbished Charitable ATMs These New ATMs Called 'GAYTMs' Promote LGBTQ Support ANZ Bank (Australia) has commissioned artists to turn its drab bank machines into 'GAYTMs'. The bejeweled, colorful and LGBTQ-inspired machines are to be featured at the Sydney's world famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. ANZ -- an official partner of the festival -- decorated each GAYTM to tell a unique story of pride. The ‘Sailor’ GAYTM, decorated in nautical signage, salutes the Defence Force for allowing its members to march in uniform in the Mardi Gras for the second year in a row. Another GAYTM, 'Pride', reflects the true symbol of gay pride and diversity: the rainbow flag. In addition to looking fabulous on the exterior, ANZ machines carry screen messages upon withdrawal reading things such as "Hello Gorgeous" and print receipts stating "Cash out and proud." ANZ will donate their GAYTM operating fees from during the festival to a non-profit organization that supports individuals and families dealing with sexuality and gender issues called, Twenty10. By: Megan Facciuolo 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

49 Lifestyle Uplifting Animal Sanctuaries Edgar's Mission is Saving Animals and Restoring Faith Edgar's Mission all started with a rescued pig named Edgar Alan Pig. He was loved so much by founder of Edgar's Mission Pan Ahern who found herself so in love with him that she quit her job and started Edgar's Mission on a 60-acre nonprofit farm sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. It provides more than 300 rescued animals a place to be and to flourish. Ahern said in an interview that "Edgar’s Mission achieves many goals, such as making the world a kinder place and changing the way people view farm animals." When Pan is not saving animals and taking care of them she is spending her weekends travelling around Australia trying to spread farm animal rights awareness. This is such a great cause and this woman is doing a great job putting her free time to good use. By: Jennifer Paul 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.7 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

50 Social Good Smartphone-Obsessed Charitable Endeavors The UNICEF Tap Project is Taking Away Your Smartphone The UNICEF Tap Project was devised to educate people and have them help out in way that is so simple, they wouldn't even realize the change it would promote. The Tap Project explains that every minute you spend not using your mobile device an entire day of clean water will be matched from one of UNICEF's sponsors. This is pretty incredible if you ask me. People are obsessive over their smartphone and tablets, so this is a challenge for some more than others. All you have to do is go to the project website and follow the directions. A lot of us don't realize how often we check our smartphones and how much time we really spend on them. This is a way for UNICEF to educate us on what we are missing and also provide for others. The combination is undoubtedly ingenious. By: Jennifer Paul 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

51 Social Good Sustainable Water Bottle Initiatives Treeson Water Bottles Take Big Eco-Friendly Steps Forward A Treeson water bottle is far more than your average water bottle. Treeson's packaging is clearing up the issue with water bottles and pollution with their inventive marketing strategy. Water bottles are a pretty big problem when it comes to pollution and litter. It's estimated that every second 1500 water bottles are used in the USA alone, so without good regulation, that equals a lot of plastic being thrown out. Treeson water bottles are different in that the bottles are biodegradable and are to be shipped back to Treeson after use. When the bottles are shipped back to Treeson they are then used to use green energy to create new bottles. In addition to these initiatives, one tree is planted per bottle sold so all-in-all there is only good to be had out of going green with Treeson. By: Michael Baxter 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.7 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

52 Special Social Justice Search Designs The Olympic Google Doodle Takes Aim at Russian Anti-Gay Laws The Olympic Google Doodle on the front page of the Google search page takes a poke at Russian un-just anti-gay politics that have the world buzzing. The Google Doodle was made in honor of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, and at first glance, it looks like a typical Google logo. However, the strategically chosen colors resemble the gay pride flag. One day before the opening ceremony, Google changed the websites front page. The rainbow-themed image features various sports athletes in action; below the picture, section six of the Olympic charter is quoted. The section 6 charter advocates against discrimination in any form. Google is a Sochi Olympic sponsor, and rightly so, is trying to make a point that it does not condone Russian laws that limit free speech and the safety of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals. The Google is making a not-so-subtle point aimed at Russia. The rainbow-themed Olympic Google Doodle is advocating equality and gay-rights on a large scale, and letting Russia know that its laws are una [continued online] By: Kristina Marković 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.5 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

53 Social Good Crowdfunded Virus Vaccines The Immunity Project is Raising Funds for a Free HIV Vaccine The Immunity Project is a not-for-profit initiative, which aims to make its synthetic HIV vaccine free. The project comes from a group of scientists from Harvard, MIT and Stanford, plus entrepreneurs based around the San Fransisco Bay Area. The Immunity Project focused its research on “HIV controllers,” who are people born with a natural immunity to HIV. The immune systems of HIV controllers target the weakest points of a HIV-infected cell and with machine-learning technology, The Immunity Project developed a vaccine to detect and attack these points, mimicking the body’s ability to naturally do so. The prototype HIV vaccine has gone through preliminary testing and its crowdfunding campaign will support The Immunity Project’s final experiment before it goes to Phase I human clinical trials approved by the FDA. The Immunity Project hopes to crowdfund $482,000 over the course of 30 days. The campaign is just a few days in and so far, the support has been overwhelming — with 25 days still to go, it’s raised almost h [continued online] By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.7 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

54 Marketing Altruistic Super Bowl Ads The Super Bowl Bank of America Ad Will Raise Money for the Global Fund The Bank of America ad that will air during the 2014 Super Bowl will coincide with the launch of “Invisible,” a new single by U2. 24 hours after the Bank of America Super Bowl commercial airs, the U2 song will be free to download on iTunes, which is a pretty sweet deal for fans of the band. What’s even better is that for each download of the song, the Bank of America will donate a dollar to the Global Fund, for a total of up to $2 million. The donations raised for the Global Fund in the partnership between the Bank of America, U2 and Bono’s non-profit, (Red), will contribute towards the fight against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis around the world. By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 3.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

55 Social Good Food-Donating Apps This Food App Donates Money to Food Banks Every Time You Eat at a Restarant The global food crisis is a very real and frightening thing to deal with but this food app is doing something to make a difference. By simply eating at a restaurant, you could help fight hunger. Many are privileged enough to have the income to go out and eat at restaurants but not everyone has that luxury. In fact, it's understood that many cannot afford food at all, but what can we do? We could donate cans to food banks and while that is still an amazing way to contribute there is another way. A phone app called Mogl is letting users donate money every time they dine at a participating restaurant. Restaurants have caught on and many in areas of the United States are already participating. Places like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego have already signed on to make a difference and it's only going to grow with time. Mogl is the food app to get if you want to fight hunger. By: Michael Baxter 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

56 Pop Culture Selfie Shaming Sites The Selfie Police Website Asks Self-Portrait Offenders to Pay Up for Charity A group of students known as the 'Selfie Police' are looking to punish narcissism and help others at the same time. The website fines $1 USD for every selfie taken in an effort to discourage the self-obsessed behaviour of taking pictures of oneself. The entirety of the funds collected will be donated to Vittana, a charity dedicated to providing student loans to college aged students in developing countries. One can turn oneself in, or rat out others. According to Selfie Police founder Chas Barton, the goal of this project is to engage young people in giving. The website has an extremely catchy tagline, "You owe humanity a dollar." To spread the word, and the giving, one can share the website or use the hashtag selfiepolice. By: Alyson Wyers 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.7 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

57 Social Good Charity Pop-Up Shops The Street Store Provides Shopping Experience for Homeless Individuals Touted as the "world's first rent-free, premises-free, free 'pop-up clothing store' for the poor, found entirely on the street," the Street Store not only provides the homeless with quality clothes, it also gives them a shopping experience they have long been able to enjoy. The Street Store is made up of cardboard signs that also double as hangers for the donated items. With help from a street assistant, the homeless can walk away with a new item that is packaged nicely and everything. The Street Store was Max Pazak and Kayli Vee Levitan from M&C Saatchi Abel. It is now expanding beyond Cape Town, South Africa, "in the hope that other places around the world will adopt a more dignified approach to charity," as written by Psfk. By: Meghan Young 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 9.4 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

58 Marketing Personality-Priding Pet Advertisements This SPCA Adoption Ad Puts Personality Over Pedigree Jaime Toh has designed a clever SPCA adoption advertisement that is sure to tug at your heart strings. The campaign cautions potential new pet owners against scouting for a specific breed, instead urging them to consider adoption. The images feature the SPCA pets shedding their "costume," which is meant to represent a purebred animal. The SPCA animal underneath the costume is slightly more disheveled than it's purebred counterpart, which is where the ads tagline comes into play, reading, "Don't put pedigree above personality." Though slightly morbid, these advertisements are certainly powerful. If you're considering adding a furry member to your family, Toh's ads will leave a lingering impact. Visually shedding the outer skins speaks volumes: when it comes to owning a pet, personality should prevail over looks. By: Vasiliki Marapas 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 9.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

59 Social Good Typhoon-Relief Tees Support the Philippine's Typhoon Relief by Purchasing this Tee Typhoon relief for the Philippines and Southeast Asia is still underway and comes in many forms and aids. To commemorate Typhoon Haiyan of November 2013, M.Nii creates the Senator Tee, aiming to donate 100% of all profits directly to the Philippines Red Cross. It's a limited edition t-shirt that encourages awareness and uses fashion to support a great cause. M.Nii is a surf-centric apparel brand that produces this t-shirt in the USA from pure cotton and features the Philippines flag patch as a reminder of the tragic incident and the nation's pride and strength. It's a true example of forward-thinking fashion, turning classic surf apparel into a channel for change. The shirt costs $75 and is available for purchase through M.Nii's website. By: Emilie Picillo 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.8 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

60 Social Good Social Media Vending Machines WWF Canada & Telus' Vending Machine Releases Panda Toys for Tweets This year, Canadian telecommunication company Telus and WWF Canada developed a vending machine that released a free panda toy when users tweeted the hashtag "HomeTweetHome." For each tweet the vending machine in Vancouver receives, a one dollar donation will also be made to WWF Canada. Considering that takes almost no effort to get a free cute panda plush, it's no surprise that the vending machine dispensed over 3,000 plush toys over the course of just six days in the Vancouver mall. The vending machine was a total hit among both adults and kids of all ages, who were able to give each of the lovable panda toys a new home for the holidays, as well as help to protect the homes of real endangered pandas that are out there in the world. By: Laura McQuarrie 8 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.9 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

61 Pop Culture Gay Rights Protest Dolls These Nesting Dolls Will be Sent to Russia by 'Mother London' These little nesting dolls aren't just adorable and funny, they're actually a form of gay rights protest against Russia's homophobic laws. The issue of anti-gay sentiment is Russia is a very serious issue with many complexities, catching the attention of countries around the world. 'Mother London' has decided to take a cheeky and light-hearted approach to changing minds and making a statement. This comes in the form of nesting dolls, a traditional Russian toy. Instead of ladies in babushkas, the set of five dolls are each painted like a different gay icon. There is Elton John, Stephen Fry, George Michael, Graham Nortan and Tom Delay. This is a tongue-in-cheek way to approach a serious issue, and will likely delight while making a statement. By: Ashley Noelle Lesiak 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 3.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

62 Social Good Philanthropic Virtual Drawing Walls Doodles on DraftFCB's Holiday Wall Support Typhoon Survivors This year, DraftFCB created an interactive virtual holiday wall, where anyone can visit and add a drawing. When the wall is full, DraftFCB will make a donation to UNICEF, supporting children in the Philippines after this year's devastating Typhoon Haiyan. Visitors to 'DoodleHeart' are encouraged to draw a gift and the concept is that each doodle is like a donation. After adding a drawing to the wall, users are also encouraged to make their own donations to the Philippines, as well as share their creations across social media. Right now, the wall is just over 56% full of doodles and it includes everything from hearts to teddy bears, pets and symbols of world peace. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, your addition to the wall will be a masterpiece in its own right, by helping to do some good in the world. By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.7 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

63 Social Good Abstracted Mental Illness Tees These Mental Illness T-shirts by 'Living With' Destigmatize Illness ‘Living With’ has a series of four mental health t-shirts for sale that help to open a dialogue and lessen the stigma bout certain mental illnesses. As Living With notes, “46.4% of American adults and 25% of college students live with mental illness.” The designs on the four shirts are abstracted to represent illnesses like OCD, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and depression. Looking closely at the designs and knowing what they stand for makes the illnesses clear, which makes the shirts a great way to show support for people with mental illnesses, without having to state it loudly. As well as wearing a design people can feel good about, Living With donates $2 from each mental health t-shirt to Active Minds, which is an organization that works to destigmatize mental illnesses on college campuses. By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.4 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

64 Social Good Poverty-Aiding Supermarkets This Social Supermarket Decreases Food Prices by 70 Per Cent Britain has launched its first social supermarket 'the Community Shop.' It's a branch of the nation's largest commercial re- distributor of extra foods, Company Shop. The Community Shop has been created in light of the recent economic downturn in Europe where people have been struggling to find employment and a means to live. The supermarket offers people a chance to buy food products that are 70% cheaper than normal prices you find in other supermarkets. There's nothing wrong with the food; it's not expired, however, there are minor packaging flaws or foods that are near its expiration date. Ultimately, the system involves selling residual products or incorrect labeling to surplus food companies with a social need. Grocers who shop at the Community Shop will get access to significantly cheaper food and get the chance to participate in social programs such as cooking classes, home budgeting and debt advice. By: Tiffany 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.8 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

65 Social Good Integrated Social Donation Buttons Facebook's Donate Button Helps to Support NPOs Within the Site Today Facebook unveiled it’s new Donate button, which makes it easier for people to donate to nonprofits through the social networking site. The new Facebook Donate button appears below posts shared in the news feed, with participating organizations like WWF, UNICEF and Oxfam America. These are just three of the nineteen nonprofits that have signed on as the first to have Facebook’s Donate button, but other interested parties may fill out a Donate interest form through the Facebook Help Center to also make use of this new feature. By pressing the Donate button, a user’s credit card number and other billing info is collected, which completes the transaction without a user having to leave the site. Since Facebook is a community of billions and a lot of time can be consumed on it, hopefully this will encourage people to support local and global communities. By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

66 Marketing Stereotype-Slamming Shampoo Ads The New Pantene Commercial Condemns Gender Stereotypes While other television advertisements tend to fall into gender stereotypes, the new Pantene commercial condemns them. The ad features a compilation of scenes featuring men and women contrasted in the same setting. For instance, we first witness a man set against a city backdrop with a billboard that reads "Boss." While the woman, set within the same context, features a billboard that reads "Bossy." These stereotypical gender comparisons are epitomized in scenes of the man and woman working late, the man labeled as "dedicated" and the woman as "selfish." These ideas make it difficult for some women from reaching a business professional status, because there are still negative connotations attached to work-driven women, as illustrated in this ad campaign. Pantene breaks down these stereotypes by making them clear, and cleverly associating the word "shine" with its glossy shampoo. By: Emilie Picillo 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.9 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

67 Fashion Nostalgic Homeless Ads This French Homeless Campaign is a Blast From the Past The French-based Abbé Pierre Foundation, with the help of ad agency BDDP et Fils, has come up with the homeless campaign slogan and photo shoot, “They had a past. Help them find a future.” And according to its site, 140,000 people are still homeless on the streets of France. The campaign is based on an extremely imaginative awareness of the inadequate housing situation for the homeless. Homeless people often struggle to maintain consistently regular, secure and safe housing and can often be found roaming streets or alleyways. The campaign humanizes the homeless by showing us photographs of them with cut-out photographs showing us their past. Some homeless have had families, some have had loved ones and others were once lying on a beach under the sun. The photographer for this series, Hervé Plumet, focalizes on the gray dullness of the city, and with the added photograph in a more vibrant color, it puts emphasis on the stark contrast of before and after. By: Tiffany 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.9 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

68 Tech Life-Saving Domestic Abuse Apps The Aspire News App Helps Victims of Domestic Violence Robin McGraw has created the Aspire News App to help women coping with abusive relationships that have the potential to escalate into dangerous situations. The app cleverly takes into account snooping partners and disguises itself as a news app; however, the 'help' option offers domestic violence resources at your discretion. Moreover, if you hit the 'Go' button, your local authorities will be altered to your potentially compromising situation. It also records your interaction from that point onward, which is an ingenious idea, since cases of domestic abuse are often cases of he said-she said that lack actual evidential support. The app has the potential to help a lot of domestic violence victims, many of whom do not have the support or resources to extricate themselves from abusive relationships. By: Vasiliki Marapas 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

69 Fashion Rap Collaboration Charity Fashions Akomplice's Charity Cltohing Line Gives Music Lessons to Kids Akomplice continues to promote clothing for a good cause through its charity clothing line. This time, Akomplice collaborates with J Dilla and Joey Bada$$ in a charity line that provides music lessons to underprivileged kids. 100 percent of proceeds go toward this noble cause, hoping to provide instruments for them as well. The collection features t-shirts and crew necks that pay homage to J-Dilla with angelic graphics of his face printed on them. Also included with the collection is a 45 record exclusive that contains an unreleased single called 'Two Lips.' Also included is an unreleased track by Joey Bada$$ as well. The inspiration behind the collection is to provide an opportunity for young artists who haven’t had the chance to work with J Dilla. The collaborators hope to empower inner city youth through music programs with funding from the collection. By: Emilie Picillo 2 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.6 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

70 Social Good Teen Bullying Awareness Tees Bluenotes Unveils its 2013 Limited Edition Tee for Kids Help Phone Canadian fashion brand Bluenotes teamed up with Kids Help Phone to design a limited edition tee with the intention of raising funds and awareness about teen issues. Helping teens get educated about real life issues and giving them confidence to address concerns and struggles they face is a great cause and Billy Talent—an award-winning band—is on board. The super team aims to raise $40,000 for the charity. The limited edition tee says “Billy Talent” on the front with the “Bluenotes” logo at the side. In the middle is a beautifully moving image of a teen standing safely in a phonebooth calling someone and angel wings come out from the booth. The design shows all the great people who are on board for this cause and it also shares a very uplifting message: that help is just a call away. By: Sarah Dos Santos 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.9 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

71 Social Good Charitable Online Marketplaces The New TOMS Marketplace Sells a Variety of Products for Good TOMS already offers a variety of products for good with its one- for-one shoes and sunglasses. Now, TOMS is expanding with an online marketplace, which collects products from a number of charities, making it easier to browse and buy them all from the TOMS Marketplace. Regarding the new venture, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie says: "We're all on the same team of people who integrate a social mission into our products." Users can browse through the TOMS Marketplace by causes like education, water and job creation, as well as browse products by the regions they were created in. With the holidays just around the corner, the TOMS Marketplace will no doubt be a popular one-stop shop to do some online shopping that gives in more than one way. By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.6 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

72 Marketing Financial Equality-Promoting ATMs This ATM Withholds Funds for Men to Demonstrate Wage Inequality Zürcher Frauenzentrale is a women’s organization that teamed up with Publicis Zurich to create a unique way to raise awareness on wage inequality in Switzerland — the kind of campaign that is impossible to ignore and will get an immediate reaction out of you. To promote ‘Equal Pay Day’ in Switzerland, these two groups set up ATMs that would dispense 20% less money for men than women. As you might expect, the men who encountered this ATM were not very pleased. The campaign was staged so that it looked like the men were receiving less money than they asked for and the receipts from this ATM provided more information on wage inequality. Putting somebody in the shoes of someone else and being able to provoke such strong emotional responses is a brilliant way to raise awareness on issues that treat men and women differently. By: Laura McQuarrie 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.6 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

73 Social Good Sustainable Stitched Handbags STITCHED Merges Fine Art and Everyday Neccessity STITCHED handbags are a must-have. Not only is the business model for community empowerment and development, but the company also aims to provide fashionable items. Artisans hand- stitch the bags and gain recognition within their community, plus are paid fair trade wages without using factories. STITCHED doesn't buy into the concept of cheap, disposable mass-produced products made on the backs of exploited workers. The handbags are hand-made, durable, personal and fun. These bags are made to last a lifetime, and are a fashion choice that everyone can feel good about. The purchase of a fashionable Stitched handbag helps create sustainability, improving the quality of life for those who make them, and in doing so, making the world a better place to live. By: Whitney Riley 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

74 Social Good Social Entrepreneurship Investors A-Spark Good Ventures Works with a Range of Bio, Social Proucts Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands A-Spark Good Ventures is a company that invests in social entrepreneurship project and what is more, is going to be representing at this year's SOCAP Conference with speaker Amy Novogratz. "Our network, our expertise and, where needed, our financial resources are being made available to get projects started and grow so that they reach an independent, viable level," reads their website. "We unite a business-like approach and ‘out of the box’ thinking with involvement and passion." Some examples of the projects that A-Spark invests in includes Ankita Foods, Aqua-Spark: Fish for Good, organic trading company Biocore and the ongoing Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator. Contact Information A-Spark Good Ventures website A-Spark Good Ventures on Facebook A-Spark Good Ventures on LinkedIn By: Tiana Reid 8 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

75 Social Good Nonprofit Black Art Organizations Founder of Project Row Houses, Rick Lowe, Will Speak at SOCAP13 Rick Lowe, the founder of Project Row Houses (PRH), which is based in Houston, Texas, has been confirmed to be one of the many speakers at the renowned SOCAP conference this year. "PRH began in 1993 as a result of discussions among African- American artists who wanted to establish a positive, creative presence in their own community," they write on their website about their history and mission. "Artist and community activist Rick Lowe spearheaded the pursuit of this vision when he discovered the abandoned 1 1/2 block site of twenty-two shotgun-style houses in Houston’s Third Ward." PRH is having its opening reception for their 2013 Summer Studios on Saturday, August 17 and if you miss that date, you still have a bit of time to make it as the show will be on until September 8, 2013. By: Tiana Reid 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

76 Social Good One-for-One Kids' Clothes The Out of Print Baby Bodysuits Use the Same Stories If you're familiar with the brand itself, the images and stories plastered on the Out of Print Baby Bodysuits are probably the same that you're used to: Le Petit Prince, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and The Day the Cow Sneezed, for instance. These mini bodysuits are made with cotton and come in the same distressed style as their famous vintage-style (emphasis on "style) tees. For the record: the t- shirt, not the baby is distressed. And as always, the Out of Print Baby Bodysuits operate on the same one-for-one business model with its book donations. By: Tiana Reid 7 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.8 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

77 Social Good Social Enterprise Measurement Programs 'Inspiring Impact' is an Organization Working in the UK 'Inspiring Impact' is an organization that works in the United Kingdom specifically in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors. Many social entrepreneurs are interested in understanding and attending to a meaningful way to measure impact but also not get too bogged down by numbers, especially as it becomes a way for funders to give or withhold funding. There are many goals that are part of their ten-year plan which has 2022 as its benchmark. According to their website, one is the following: that "The majority of charities and social enterprises routinely plan, measure, assess, and improve their work on the basis of their impact." Some of Inspiring Impact's supporters include the UK's Big Lottery Fund, BBC Children in Need and the Office for Civil Society. By: Tiana Reid 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

78 Social Good Technology-Providing Campaigns The 'Flip Our Class' Project Seeks to Get Resources for Students The 'Flip our Class' project by Dewitt Robinson, a teacher at Andrew Jackson High School in Jacksonville, Florida, is seeking to crowd-fund a campaign using Fundly that could greatly enable his students to reach their full potential. Technology is a major aspect of learning in the 21st century and without proper resources, many students can fall behind their peers at other schools with higher levels of access. Robinson states, "the largest divide in our education system is not the achievement gap, but the ever widening digital divide. Many of my students do not have desktops, laptops, or tablets in their homes," an issue that forces many students to resort to public services that are outdated, or worse, unavailable when they need them. Donate to their cause or check out their initiative using the link below. By: Jennifer Gosnell 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 4.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

79 Social Good Social Project Shoes Equal for All Develops Purpose-Driven Initiatives in Paris and Beyond Equal for All, a socially concious shoe company, is of the Kickstarter generation. The team has so fair raised 116% of its Kickstarter goal, which started at $15,000 (as of publication on July 5, 2013). There are 14 days left in the campaign so they will likely go over. If you're interested in Kickstarter funds as they relate to social entrepreneurship, the pledge category that was the most popular was the $130, where the pledger would receive a pair of shoes -- and a personal phone call. Based in Paris, France, Equal for All's shoes are produced in Portugal with attention to fair labor and manufacturing practices. What is more, the first social project will be teaching children in underserved communities in Paris about graphic design and street art. 6 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.2 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

80 Social Good Eco Mini-Homes Lanefab Design/Build is a Company Focused on Energy and Solar Power Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lanefab Design/Build is an environmental business that recently won the Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards in Canada in the Business Leadership category alongside other innovative entrepreneurs from the country. Social Earth recently profiled three of the winning companies and wrote this about the business: "Lanefab is a design/build company that makes custom homes and “infill mini-home” (or “laneway houses”) on the principles of design quality and energy efficiency. Lanefab built the first net-zero solar-powered laneway house in Vancouver. Their work adds density to neighbourhoods while preserving existing homes." The featured gallery shows a small portfolio of their work, while focusing on the design quality aspect and the aesthetic involved. 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 8.7 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

81 Social Good No-Strings-Attached Grants Awesome Foundation Gives Out Monthly Micro-Monetary Support has been aware of the Awesome Foundation vaguely for a while now, although the network itself hasn't been featured on our site because it strays from social business as a category even if it certainly is an example of social innovation. Based in Cambridge, MA, the organization has numerous chapters including one in Canada. Relatedly, Toronto's Centre for Social Innovation has an Awesome CSI where recently, Aidan Dahlin Nolan, won the $1000 grant. "Aidan’s ambitious plan includes establishing a network of 'Community Canoe Gardens' that will use 'retired' canoes as planters to create a pollinator corridor along the Garrison Creek, and establishing a canoe sharing system along Toronto Harbour to bring more people into contact with the water," Heather Laird wrote on the CSI blog. By: Tiana Reid 6 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 6.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

82 Social Good Literary Aesthetic One-for-One Tees The 'OOP x Mikey Burton: Gatsby' Collaboration Donates It was only a matter of time, of course, that the famed one for one company, Out of Print, released the 'OOP x Mikey Burton: Gatsby' collaboration inspired by the book but also coinciding with the release of the 3D film, directed by Baz Luhrmann (the director of Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet) starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, and also featuring a hip hop soundtrack. Whether you get down with the film or not, the shirt, which was made for Burton's thesis project, has a similar aesthetic in terms of fantasy and color. As usual with Out of Print as a for-profit social venture, for every t-shirt sold, one book is donated to an organization. Contact Information: Out of Print Website Out of Print Facebook Out of Print Twitter By: Tiana Reid 3 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 3.8 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

83 Social Good Social Good Photo Apps FoodShareFilter is an Instagram Supported Filter That Profits an NGO FoodShareFilter is the first Instagram supportive app that raises money for charity. Created by El Salvadorian charity Manos Unidas, FoodShareFilter is a paid app from which the proceeds go toward supporting one of its agricultural programs. Available through Google Play and the Apple Store in both Spanish and English, the FoodShareFilter, designed by DDB Spain, applies a message about their mission against world hunger and publishes it to Instagram. FoodShareFilter is an interesting combination of social media and social good, with several social good social media games popping up recently as well, and at the very least a good way to get their brand name out there and raise money while providing a service many individuals are accustomed to paying for. 7 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 4.6 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

84 Social Good Meal-Providing Polos For Every B Frog Shirt Sold 15 Meals are Provided to Children in Need According to the B Frog organization, the one for one program can do better; for every shirt sold, B Frog will donate 15 meals to children in need. The B Frog line showcases a series of brightly colored polo shirts with mini frogs on the upper-right corner. There are options for both men and women, making this brand gender-neutral. Each shirt is composed of high-quality, modern-mixed material made with Mayan textiles -- it maintains its luxury all while improving the lives of children in need. The name B Frog was adopted from the Mayan tradition; the frog is a symbol of luck in the Mayan culture. Bringing luck and joy to a community is only the beginning of the work done by the people at B Frog. By: Erin Fox 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2.9 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

85 Social Good One for One Eyewear Lines The Warby Parker Do Good Initiative Provides Reading Glasses to the Poor Much like TOMS Shoes, the Warby Parker Do Good initiative tackles a strict one for one policy. As far as hip goes, this New York-based glasses company brings together fashion's finest designs with an impressive social business platform. For every pair of reading glasses purchased from the United States brand, the Warby Parker Do Good initiative will donate a free pair of reading glasses to someone in Africa. With almost one billion people not having access to reading glasses, Warby Parker is bridging the gap between accessibility and necessity. So far the company has distributed over 250,000 pairs and hopes to increase this number in the near future. By: Erin Fox 4 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 3.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

86 Social Good Book-Providing Apparel S.T.O.R.Y. Clothing Tackles U.S. Illiteracy Through Donation S.T.O.R.Y clothing is a social business that uses something like a one for one model. Compare it to the ever popular Out of Print t-shirt brand or maybe even the just as ubiquitous TOMS model. For each piece of clothing that is bought, one book is donated to a child in the United States, particularly where illiteracy rates are high. Products offered from S.T.O.R.Y. clothing include men's and women's sweatshirts and tees, as well as accessories such as tote bags an the 'Give A Book' bracelet. The books are donated in California (San Jose and Lake Forest) to local YMCAs as well as students in school from kindergarten to grades one to three. S.T.O.R.Y. stands for "start them off reading young." 2 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2.0 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

87 Social Good One-for-One Backpacks Schoolbags Follows the Popular TOMS Shoes Model The Schoolbags for Kids website looks almost like a cartooned computer game for children. And that's not a bad thing. The brand's backpack designs follow along in the fun and playful sacks with a bit of a sense of humor. For instance, the 'Fuzzy Flyers Butterflyer Backpack' was seen on the Today Show (and it's also shown in the featured photo gallery). This certified B Corporation has taken to what is now known as the TOMS model: one for one. Schoolbags for Kids uses the slogan "One Here. One There." to describe their social model. For every backpack that is bought, another bag with school supplies will be donated to a student who needs it. 7 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

88 Social Good Pro-Bono Design Companies 'verynice.' is a Consultancy Social Business Based in Los Angeles 'verynice.' is a socially conscious design studio with its headquarters based in Los Angeles, United States. It's not every day that social business and consultancy meld, but that's exactly what's going on here. Essentially, more than 50% of verynice's business and design consultancy services are pro-bono. It's more than simply the traditional pro-bono work, however. Because, well, Forbes has taken notice. In an interview with Matthew Manos, Forbes took note. "Manos appreciates the impulse, but wants his company to be all about finding ways to finance its own pro bono projects," Forbes wrote. "Inspired by Toms Shoes’ “One For One” campaign, which provides a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair purchased by a consumer, Manos set about creating a business model that built in room for providing services free of charge to nonprofits. Indeed, this is the raison d’êt [continued online] By: Tiana Reid 9 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 5.7 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

89 Social Good Patriotic One for One Apparel Salute the Brave Donates Clothing to American Military Troops Salute the Brave is a one for one clothing line dedicated to honoring the national, protective services of United States military troops. The company was founded by Ryan Morris after he met a Marine at the University of Southern California and learned about his calls of duty. The founder wanted to make a connection between American citizens and servicemen and servicewomen as well as boosting morale for those fighting overseas. For each Americana-themed garment purchased from the site, Morris donates a hat, shirt or sweater, as well as a thank you note, to a soldier in the service. Each article of clothing is adorned with a custom logo that features an American flag and a soldier giving a salute that embodies the utmost of national pride. Contact Information Salute the Brave website Salute the Brave on Facebook Salute the Brave on T [continued online] By: Sarah Moore 7 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 4.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

90 Social Good Conscious Contraceptives is a Discrete Online Store Using the One for One Model Buying products pertaining to sex (condoms, lube, you name it) can be awkward for some people, but for many people it’s also a necessary part of leading a healthy and safe sex life. Conscious Contraceptives is offering a discreet solution, while at the same time allowing customers to “do good while feeling good” using their social business model. Just like TOMS shoes, which gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes they sell, Conscious Contraceptives is an online retailer offering a similar one-for-one model. They use a portion of every sale to purchase contraceptives for underserved areas where they’re needed. “In addition to the donations, partners with US- based and international organizations to promote ongoing sexual education to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the number of unplanned pregnancies throughout the world,” the website explains. “Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good, we transform our customer [continued online] By: Bianca Bartz 2 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 4.4 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

91 Social Good DIY 1 for 1 Businesses 'Buy One Give One' Lets Anyone Create a Social Enterprise The one for one model of giving has become wildly popular in the social business space over the last couple of years, sparked largely by the success of TOMS Shoes, who give a pair of shoes to a child in need for each one sold. Recognizing that other business owners would jump at the opportunity to give back to the world simply by selling their products, Buy One Give One was launched in Singapore in 2007 to connect entrepreneurs with causes to do just that. "Imagine if every time you dined out, a hungry child received a meal," the Facebook page says. "Imagine if every time you bought a book, a tree got planted. Imagine if every time you saw a doctor, someone in need received care... "B1G1 makes this possible for any kind of business to give simply and effectively through its 'Giving Engine' at" The Buy One Give One website gives business owners the tools to create their own one-for-one business, with a selection of over 150 causes to support. To date, the social business has helped hundreds of businesses [continued online] By: Bianca Bartz Copyright © All Rights Reserved 5.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

92 Social Good Altruistic Online Marketplaces 'Shop With Meaning' Sells Socially-Responsible Items with a Story Every day, highlights an online store that sells products that give a donation for each item purchased. They also have an online marketplace for socially responsible merchandise, where "every item tells a story." The site is broken down into four categories -- One for One, Socially Responsible Products, Fair Trade and Eco Friendly. Stores currently featured on Shop With Meaning include TOMS Shoes, United Blue, Warby Parker, Sseko Designs, Moral Fibers, Punjammies, WeWOOD, Sevenly, among many others. To top it off, 20% from every item purchased in their online marketplace is donated to the charity of the customers' choice, and 10% goes toward helping promote Shop With Meaning. The platform also lets entrepreneurs sell their items, allowing them to list them on the site for free, and keep 70% of the sale price (the other 30% going to the aforementioned charities and marketing initiatives). By: Bianca Bartz 8 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 7.4 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

93 Social Good One for One Blankets The Company Store Gives Comforters to Homeless Children My guess is that when you envision someone homeless, the person you picture is an adult, perhaps a teen; however, a frightening one in five children in the U.S. are currently living in poverty, and one in 15 will experience homelessness before the time they turn 18. While these stats are disturbing, there are social businesses offering targeted innovations for homelessness, including The Company Store, which offers a Buy One, Give One comforter program. For every blanket you purchase, The Company Store will donate one to a homeless child through a parternship with Family Promise. The Company Store offers a colourful array of comforters, including thick down blankets, that range in price from $24-$250. The social business has already been able to donate thousands of blankets through the Family Promise program and has expressed its dedication to continue its mission, one blanket at a time. 3 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 4.1 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

94 Social Good One-Saves-Two Vaccines 'OneShot Global' Offers Meningitis Protection Using the TOMS Giving Model OneShot Global is a non-profit organization that gives one meningitis shot to someone in Africa's meningitis belt for every meningitis shot administered through the program in North America. Specifically, the program targets college and university students living in dorms, where meningococcal meningitis can spread rapidly. I first read about OneShot Global in Start Something That Matters, a book by TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie. In it was a letter by OneShot's CEO, Tyler Eltringham, explaining his business inspiration. His testimonial is featured on the TOMS website: "TOMS opened my eyes to a tool that can make truly incredible local and global impact: One for One. With giving at its core, TOMS allows for the most simplified and relatable story: you buy a pair of shoes, they give a pair of shoes, or in ONEshot's case, you get vaccinated, and we vaccinate someone else." By: Bianca Bartz 1 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2.6 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

95 Social Good One-for-One Glasses TOMS Eyewear is the Next Chapter in this Innovative Business Model TOMS Shoes has done exceedingly well in terms of bringing social good -- at least on the consumption side of things -- to the forefront of consumer consciousness, and today, the innovative company has released their next chapter in the "One for One" business model: TOMS Eyewear. TOMS Eyewear operates under the same principle as the popular TOMS Shoes model in that for every one pair of glasses sold, TOMS will help to give sight to someone in need. Through either medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgery, TOMS Eyewear will provide sight to someone who is suffering from vision impairment. Founder and CEO of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, explained that the idea for TOMS Eyewear began in Nepal, which is similar to many developing countries, where most people's blindness (for instance, if it's caused by cataracts) can be easily prevented with simple technologies and preventative measures. In true TOMS fashion, it was a dramatic reveal today, accompanied by a YouTube video and a mass Twitter conversation. By: Tiana Reid 3 Related Examples Copyright © All Rights Reserved 5.3 Score: DEMOGRAPHICS Popularity Activity Freshness

96 Copyright © All Rights Reserved You’ll work directly with our research team, including our award-winning President of Research, who will hunt and filter specific ideas based on your month topics Save Effort w/ Dedicated Advisors Shelby Walsh, our President and Head of Research, has overseen 1 billion views of traffic and the publication of 150,000 ideas. She delivers trend workshops for brands like Nestle and Labatt and has been called one of “The Smartest Young Thinkers in Marketing”

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