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A Tailored Fundraising Plan Becca Merrell, CFRE Steve Willmont March 11, 2015 May 15,

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1 A Tailored Fundraising Plan Becca Merrell, CFRE Steve Willmont March 11, 2015 May 15,

2 Our Objectives Today To build your knowledge base about fundraising To review fundraising options and best fit for you To understand a fundraising calendar To evaluate your current fundraising plan To leave with action steps

3 Successful Fundraising Compelling Case for Support Cultivated Motivated Field of Donors Volunteer Leadership 3

4 Overview Types of Fundraising

5  Direct Mail/Internet Giving/Text/Phone/Social Media Solicit a gift – connect donor with organization Annual – fits into donor’s yearly budgeting Modest gifts Should not be the only outreach #Giving Tuesday Phone – need a connection  Ideas? 5

6 Types of Fundraising  Membership Builds a stronger connection Annual – fits into donor’s yearly budgeting Creates a sense of belonging Connects those who are in it for the long run Invites participation through exclusive “members only” activities  Ideas? 6

7 Types of Fundraising  Events Meet social needs Make friends and raise dollars Gives organization a signature Attracts donors and volunteers (may not have longevity) Can be cost ineffective and labor intensive Should fit mission  Ideas? 7

8 Types of Fundraising  Personal Solicitations Results in significant gifts Grows relationship Honors the donor Cost effective Can be part of annual drive or campaign  Ideas? 8

9 Types of Fundraising  Planned Gifts Results in legacy gifts Grows relationship For an engaged donor – typically not first gift Allows donors to do something more significant Board members should be asked – past and present  Ideas? 9

10 Types of Fundraising  What’s right for you? What fits your organization’s culture? What is your best fundraising tool currently?  What is the mix that will build relationships? What do you need to add to your mix? What are the tools you need and how can you secure them? 10

11 Pyramid of Giving Planned Gifts Capital & Special Gifts Special Events Direct Mail/Internet/ Phone $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$ $ $100,000 & up $10,000 & up $1,000 – $10,000 Under $1,000 Illustrates what typically might be found in a “mature” fund development program

12 Overview Assessing Your Fundraising

13  Fundraising Assessment Your own analysis of fundraising methods Reality check Look for trends and anomalies Where are the opportunities? 13

14 Assessing Your Fundraising  Ask the question: Where do we want to be in 3 years?  Determine a specific plan to make that happen. Big visions attract volunteers and donors Stretch your goals…your board…yourself Develop fundraising budget and goals based on assessment Reevaluate as you go along Take advantage of changes in the environment 14

15 Assessing Your Fundraising  Use a process that fits your organization  SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 15

16 Overview Your Fundraising Calendar

17 Mapping Out The Year  Fundraising Plan is the Road Map Include preparation & follow-up time Work around the “rocks in the road”  Create a task force Keep it small Invite engagement – when it is our plan we care if it works…if it is your plan we are not invested 17

18 Mapping Out The Year  Include local hotspots Festivals – be part of them or avoid them Check community calendars for conflicts, especially with larger nonprofits  Take advantage of prime time End of year giving Seasonal highlights 18

19 Sample Calendar

20 ACTION ITEMS  What’s the mix you want?  SWOT or Assessment Categories and Numbers  Calendar Highlights  Recruiting a Task Force 20

21 Thank You & See You March 18 th !

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