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Dog Trade EU Legislation and Enforcement

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1 Dog Trade EU Legislation and Enforcement
„Puppy Trade in Europe A lack of traceability, threat to the European Market and One Health” An event organized by VIER PFOTEN International 26 November 2013, European Parliament Dog Trade EU Legislation and Enforcement Sophie Duthoit European Legal Research Officer VIER PFOTEN / FOUR PAWS European Policy Office More humanity toward animals VIER PFOTEN/FOUR PAWS, European Policy Office 19/11 Avenue de la Renaissance, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)

2 Facts and Figures – Dogs in Europe and in the Worldwide
Source: FEDIAF, 2010 A world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding More Humanity towards Animals

3 Source: FEDIAF and EUPAW, 2010
Facts and Figures – Dogs in private households in Europe Source: FEDIAF and EUPAW, 2010 27% of EU household keep at least one dog. Italy, France, UK, Germany, Belgium = 63% of pets owned in Europe

4 Facts and Figures – Dogs in private households in Europe
Dog market: Data are very difficult to collect Germany: 150,000 of the puppies coming in German households each year are imported Belgium: On 155,000 registered dogs, more than 30,000 are imported 10,448 came from Slovakia 9,042 came from Czech Republic 2,649 came from Hungary Illegal Dog Trade: ??? Data are even more difficult to obtain ! More humanity toward animals

5 What « dog trade » involves ?
More humanity toward animals

6 Breeders More humanity toward animals

7 (Internet or Newspapers)
Sellers « Puppy Markets » Petshops Classified Adds (Internet or Newspapers) More humanity toward animals

8 Retailers More humanity toward animals

9 Carriers More humanity toward animals

10 Health and Welfare More humanity toward animals

11 Buyers (Consumers) More humanity toward animals

12 EU Legislation BREEDING TRADE (sellers and advertisement) TRANSPORT
Planned EU Survey on cats and dogs trade (2014) TRANSPORT Regulation 1/2005 HEALTH Directive 92/65 on sanitary requirements Callisto Project CONSUMERS PROTECTION More humanity toward animals

13 EU Legislation HEALTH Council Directive 92/65/EEC of 13 July 1992 laying down animal health requirements governing trade in and imports into the Community of animals (…) Applies only when the dogs cross the borders Pet Passport with identification and vaccination Requires a Health Certificate of less than 24 Hours NO REGISTRATION of the dogs and NO COMMON DATABASE = NO TRACEABILITY POLITICAL level: CALLISTO Project about zoonoses affecting companion animals More humanity toward animals

14 EU Legislation TRANSPORT
Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations  Applies to transporters, organisers, drivers and "keepers" Record of the movement in the TRACES system 8 weeks minimum for dogs to be transported unless puppies are accompanied by their mother Pet Passport, Vaccination and Chip mandatory Water every 8 hours and Food every 24 hours GPS, logbook…. Animals should not be injured or sick In addition: specific requirements for travels of more than 8 hours More humanity toward animals

15 National Legislation (selected examples)
VERY DIVERSE REQUIREMENTS BREEDING Some countries are allowing private breeding: France, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Latvia… TRADE (sellers and advertisement) Diverse requirements for selling dogs in petshops Belgium is the only State to have limited the advertisement of trade TRANSPORT Requirements of Regulation 1/2005 More humanity toward animals

16 National Legislation (selected examples)
HEALTH I&R is mandatory in some States: Belgium, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece… DOG WELFARE Prohibition of ear cropping and tail docking in several States: Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lithuania… CONSUMERS PROTECTION Some States obliged the seller to respect some requirements (list of redhibitory defects): France, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece… Some States have a special Ombudsman or a special prosecutor to deal with animal welfare issues (Austria, Luxembourg…) More humanity toward animals

17 Problem Definition EU LEVEL
NO intra EU borders = no systematic checks of the imports/ exports NO EU rules covering all aspects of the trade NO traceability because no mandatory Identification and Registration of dogs, and the TRACES system is not adequate for dog trade NATIONAL LEVEL: NO proper enforcement of the transport Regulation and sanitary legislation NO effective protection of consumers who bought a ill dog More humanity toward animals

18 Solution Strategies EU LEVEL
Strict enforcement of the transport and sanitary rules Legislation on dog and cat trade Mandatory Identification and Registration of each dog in common compatible databases linked to a European System (such as EuroPetNet) NATIONAL LEVEL: Licencing system for breeders Control of the Internet Trade Stricter penalties for illegal traders Consumer awareness More humanity toward animals

A world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding More Humanity towards Animals

20 For more Information Please consult
The European Enforcement Network’s website: Or contact me : A world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding More Humanity towards Animals

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