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300Mbps Dual Band Wireless VDSL2 Router VDR-300NU.

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1 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless VDSL2 Router VDR-300NU

2  Product Overview  Product Position  Product Benefits  Product Features  Applications  Appendix Presentation Outlines 2 / 24

3 Product Overview Dual Band 300MbpsWi-Fi 3GWANBackup IPsecVPN ADSL2+Fallback 3 / 24 VDSL230a100Mbps VDR-300NU 2 x USB File Sharing

4 4 / 24 Product Overview  Dimensions: 186 x 143 x 35 mm (W x D x H)  Power: 12V DC, 2A Front Rear Right

5 Product Overview  VDR-300NU Front Side – LED Indication DSL LED POWER LED Internet LED Link / ACT LEDs of LAN1 ~ LAN 4 Link / ACT LED of WLAN WPS LED USB LEDs Internal antenna 5 / 24

6 6 / 24  VDR-300NU Rear Panel - Interfaces Reset Button 4 x 10/100 Mbps LAN Port 12V DC Power Connector USB Port Product Overview DSL Port

7 Product Overview 7 / 24  Right Side – USB Interface USB Equipment USB HDD USB Dongle USB Card Reader USB Printer

8 8 / 24 Product Position – VDSL2 CPE Wired Wireless VDSL2 BridgeVDSL2 Router VDSL2 Bridge VDSL2 Router G.vector ADSL2/2+ Dual band wireless VC-234 VC-231 VDR-300NU

9 Product Benefits Dual Band 300MbpsWi-Fi 3GWANBackup IPsecVPN ADSL2+Fallback 9 / 24 VDSL230a100Mbps VDR-300NU 2 x USB File Sharing  Multiple Functions for Broadband Communications The VDR-300NU integrates VDSL2, ADSL2+, 3G WAN, wireless LAN, USB storage, and VPN services into one unit. It is designed to provide a simple and cost-effective xDSL Internet connection for a private Ethernet and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network.

10  G. Vectoring: G.993.5 (G.Vector) support for significant reduction of crosstalk levels and improvement of VDSL2 line performance. The VDR-300NU works in conjunction with vectoring-enabled DSLAMs to remove crosstalk interference and improve maximum line bandwidth across the existing copper infrastructure. Product Benefits 10 / 24

11 100Mbps Product Features – VDSL2 30a 100Mbps 11 / 24  High Performance Ethernet Over VDSL The VDR-300NU provides very high performance access to Internet, up to 100Mbps for both downstream and upstream data transmission.  ADSL2+ Fallback The VDR-300NU can support transmission rates up to 24Mbps downstream and 3.5Mbps upstream with ADSL 2+ technology.

12 Product Features 12 / 24  3G WAN Backup Connections The VDR-300NU provides users with a reliable and cost-effective “Always online” solution by featuring 3G WAN backup Internet access.

13 Product Features 13 / 24  Dual Band 802.11n Connectivity With built-in 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n or 5GHz 802.11a/n wireless network capability, the VDR-300NU brings users the data transmission rate as high as 300Mbps.

14  Home DLNA Media Server over USB File Sharing The VDR-300NU is built-in with two USB ports which can be connected to a USB printer or external USB storage devices for file sharing. Moreover, the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compliant media server feature allows multimedia contents, such as stream videos, music and photos, to be easily shared among SmartTVs, tablets, mobile phones and laptops on a home network. Product Features 14 / 24 USB Printer USB Storage Device

15 USB Product Features – USB VDR-300NU - USB Printer Server VDR-300NU - USB File Server 15 / 24

16 Product Features  VPN Security The full VPN capability in the VDR-300NU includes built-in IPSec VPN function with DES / 3DES / AES encryption and MD5 / SHA-1 authentication. VPN Security Router 16 / 24

17  Multiple Network Technologies for Greater Access Internet Connection Types: PPPoE Dynamic IP Static IP 3G/3.5G USB Modem  IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack Capability The VDR-300NU is the best choice for ISPs to build the IPv6 FTTx edge service and for SMBs to connect with the IPv6 network. Product Features 17 / 24

18  Advanced Networking Function for Specific Application Supports Multiple Bandwidth Control (QoS) based on different local IP addresses and MAC address Supports NTP, Port Forwarding, Virtual Server, and DMZ for various networking applications Supports Static Routing, UPnP  Robust TR-069 Remote Management Supports TR-069 (WAN Management Protocol) standard that allows an Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) to perform auto-configuration, provision, collection, and diagnostics to this device remotely. Product Features 18 / 24

19  Secure Wireless and Wired Network Connection Supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Advanced security: 64-/128-bit WEP WPA/WPA2 WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES encryption) 802.1x Product Features 19 / 24

20 20 / 24 Product Features – WPS Easy Setup  Step 1 In the Wireless Client, click the WPS physical Hardware Button or Software Button from the adapter utility  Step 2 In the VDRT-300NU, push the WPS Hardware Button from the rear panel within 2 minutes  Step 3 Wait for the connection being established WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) – Quick and Easy Wireless Connection

21 Applications 21 / 24

22 Product Comparison 22 / 24

23  Related Products – Wireless Adapters Appendix VC-231 Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter (Profile 30a) VC-234 4-Port Ethernet over VDSL2 Bridge (Profile 30a) VC-2400MR / VC-2400MR48 24-Port VDSL2 + 2-Port Gigabit TP/SFP Combo Managed Switch VC-820M 8-Port VDSL2 + 2-Port Gigabit TP/SFP Combo Managed Switch VC-2420MR / VC2420MR48 24-Port VDSL2 IP DSLAM + 2-Port Gigabit TP/SFP 23 / 24

24 24 / 24

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