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L/O/G/O Unit 2 Warm-up ; Listening & Speaking

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1 L/O/G/O Unit 2 Warm-up ; Listening & Speaking

2 Teaching aims Click to add title in here 4 Knowledge aims: To enable Ss to master the new words and expressions To get useful expressions of asking for clarification To understand the knowledge about health and safety rules. Ability aims: To enable Ss to improve the listening ability through tasks To foster the abilities of practice, participation and cooperation in class activities. Emotion aims: To enable Ss to raise the awareness of the job responsibilities and importance To raise the interest of learning English through class activities

3 Teaching aims The key points: To enable Ss to master the main vocabularies, phrases and useful sentences expressing lack of understanding, express the health and safe rules as a waiter. The difficult points: To enable Ss to improve the ability of listening and speaking and raise the interest of learning English through activities

4 Lead-in Introduce myself--- about my job as a teacher Activity 1

5 Step1: Lead-in Q1: What do you think of my job as a teacher? Q2: How do you understand the definition of the duty? Q3: What kind of job do you want in the future? And how will you intend to do it well? Q4: Here are four persons, can you guess their occupations? Class work Activity 2

6 Step2: Warm up

7 Cashier Receptionist Waiter Cook He receives cash from customers. He greets visitors and directs them to appropriate persons. He prepares food, using various cooking methods, ie., boiling, roasting and baking. He serves food and drinks to customers. Step2: Warm up individual work

8 Step2: Warm up cashier: count the number of goods--price--charge-- customers--one by one--hard--stand--a long time Receptionist: be patient—polite—receive the calls— stand—hard work Waiter: ask for—polite—take orders—deliver the food—with a smile Cook: delicious food—stand—hard work—taste— satisfied with Activity 2: With the words and phrases about positions. Sts should tell what else is included in the duties of each position mentioned above. Group work

9 Step 3: Listening and Speaking (A) (4 tasks) 1. Students are required to listen to the conversation and tick what is true about the man. A. He was late for work today. B. He cannot follow what the woman says. C. He has difficulty in doing his tasks. 2. Listen to the conversation again and answer 2 questions. (1) What is he? (2) What is the duties of his job? Task I Listening

10 Step 3: Listening and Speaking (A) (4 tasks) Read the useful expressions “Asking for clarification”, then listen to the conversation again to find out the sentences expressing lack of understanding. Pair work Task2 Speaking

11 Step 3: Listening and Speaking (A) (4 tasks) Our Sts should identify the degree of politeness first. Here are two sentences translated into English. Which one is the politest? 1. 你叫什么名字? A. What’s your name? B.What’s your name, please? C.Could you tell me what’s your name? 2. 火车站在哪里? A. Where is the train station? B. Excuse me, where is the train station? C. Where is the train station, please? Group work Discussing

12 Step 3: Listening and Speaking (A) (4 tasks) Sts will rearrange the useful expressions according to individual work POLITE/FORMAL NEUTRAL LEAST POLITE/INFORMAL Self-check

13 Step 4: Consolidation ① Your superior has assigned a task to you. But you do not understand him well. You say:________________________________ ② You are talking with your partner to make a project plan. You missed a few words he said. You say: ______________________________________ Further understanding Group work Ss are required to say in the following situations, with the expressions above to help them.

14 Step 5: Extension Individual work Activity 1: Having a competition (Individual work) I will give Ss a short dialogue, they will complete it with the given sentences.

15 Step 5: Extension Activity 2: Discussing Ss are required to discuss a topic now. Suppose you have got a job of a waiter, what are you going to do? Individual work

16 Step 6: Homework Read the useful expressions paying more attention to the pronunciation and intonation. Step by step 2. Discuss your health and safety rules as a student. ThemeGallery is a Design Digital Content & Contents mall developed by Guild Design Inc. 1. Talk about duties of different occupations.

17 L/O/G/O Thank You!

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