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Constellations of the Zodiac

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1 Constellations of the Zodiac
Constellations: Stories in the Sky Constellations of the Zodiac Stories in the Sky

2 Constellations of Today
Aries- The Ram Taurus- The Bull Gemini- The Twins Cancer- The Crab Leo- The Lion Virgo- The Virgin Libra- The Scales Scorpio- The Scorpion Sagittarius- The Archer Capricorn- The Goat Aquarius- The Water Carrier Pisces- The Fishes

3 Aries- The Ram A man named Aries had a magical coat of sheep’s wool that allowed him to fly. He went to rescue a prince and prince, but only the princess survived. The two fallen people represent the horns of the ram.

4 Aries- The Ram

5 Taurus- The Bull Thought to represent a man that is half man, half bull Could also represent Zeus who dressed as a bull to hide from suitors

6 Taurus- The Bull

7 Gemini- The Twins Made up of two very bright stars, Pollux and Castor
One brother was immortal, while the other was not. The brothers decided to share their immortal power to live forever in the sky.

8 Gemini- The Twins

9 Cancer- The Crab The crab is thought to have grabbed hold of Hercules while he was fighting a giant snake An enemy of Hercules rewarded him by placing him in the sky

10 Cancer- The Crab

11 Leo- The Lion Hercules fought Leo as a test of strength.
Leo has a magical pelt that withstands every weapon, but Hercules beat him anyway The lion’s spirit drifted into the sky

12 Leo- The Lion

13 Virgo- The Virgin The biggest constellation in the zodiac
The only zodiac that is a woman She was an ancient maiden who seeks out peace and fairness

14 Virgo- The Virgin

15 Libra- Scales The scales belonged to Virgo and she used them to measure out equality The green star, Zubenschamali, is a part of this constellation

16 Libra- The Scales

17 Scorpio- The Scorpion Looks like its name
Includes the red star, Antares Antares is 300 times as wide as the sun

18 Scorpio- The Scorpion

19 Sagittarius- The Archer
Centaur- half man, half horse Hercules shot him with a poisonous arrow because people feared he would live forever He gave up his mortality to live in the stars

20 Sagittarius- The Archer

21 Capricorn- The Goat Has a tail of a fish, and legs of a goat
Pan was in the process of transforming himself into an animal to flee from a monster, but only half of the process was complete so that is why he ended up in this state

22 Capricorn- The Goat

23 Aquarius- The Water Carrier
Easiest to spot rainy seasons Meteor showers originate from the rainy seasons

24 Aquarius- The Water Carrier

25 Pisces- The Fish Two fishes
Transformed into a fish to escape a monster Sometimes hard to make out

26 Pisces- The Fish


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