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3 Picture from Quagga mussel Zebra mussel 1 inch 2 inches

4 200 8 1980 s 2007-8 200 7

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6 Reproduce quickly and in very large numbers: up to 1 million eggs per female in one spawning season. Colonize and coat hard and soft surfaces, including boat hulls, propellers, anchors, docks, and boat trailers, piers, pilings, rocks, cables up to 400 feet deep. Attach to aquatic plants, sediment, and native mussels. Infiltrate and damage boat engines and steering components. Threaten water treatment plants, hydroelectric facilities, and reservoirs. Disrupt the food chain by filtering the water column of phytoplankton and out-competing other species. Change water conditions and cause oxygen loss. Result in infested waters being closed to boating and fishing.

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8 From 1993-1999, the zebra mussel infestation of the Great Lakes area cost the power industry $3.1 billion. In the same six-year period, the economic impact on industries, businesses, and communities was more than $5 billion. In California, spread of the mussels threatens: water delivery systems hydroelectric facilities agriculture recreational boating and fishing the environment Picture from

9 Education Clean, drain, and dry! Inspections Restrictions


11 Picture from Fish & Game Regional Contact: Jason Roberts Office: (916) 358-2895 Fax: (916) 358-2912

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