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Eight Regions of North America

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1 Eight Regions of North America


3 8 Regions of North America
Coastal Range Basin and Range Rocky Mountains Great Plains Interior Lowlands Canadian Shield Appalachian Mountains Coastal Plains

4 Coastal Range West of the Rocky Mountains
Stretches from Canada to California Made up of Rugged Mountains and Fertile Valleys

5 Coastal Range

6 Coastal Range

7 Basin and Range West of the Rocky Mountains
East of the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades Varying elevations and isolated mountain ranges Death Valley Death Valley is the lowest point in North America

8 Basin and Range


10 Rocky Mountains West of the Great Plains East of the Great Basin
Rugged Mountains with High Elevations Includes the Continental Divide The Continental Divide determines the directional flow of rivers

11 Rocky Mountains








19 Great Plains West of the Interior Lowlands East of the Rocky Mountains
Flatlands that increase in elevation slightly to the west Known for grasslands

20 G re at Pl ai n s

21 Great Plains

22 Interior Lowlands West of the Appalachian Mountains
East of the Great Plains Lowlands of rolling flatlands Rivers Broad valleys and Grassy hills

23 Interior Lowlands

24 Interior Lowlands





29 Canadian Shield Wraps around the southern portions of the Great Lakes and the Hudson Bay Hills worn by erosion Hundreds of glacier carved lakes Some of the oldest rock formations in North America

30 Thousands of Lakes These are Trees. Canadian Shield

31 Canadian Shield, rock formations

32 Appalachian Mountains
West of the Coastal Plains Range from Canada to western Alabama Oldest mountains in North America Old eroded mountains Includes the Piedmont

33 Appalachian Mountains

34 Appalachian Mountains in the fall.

35 Coastal Plains Stretches along the Atlantic Ocean
Broad lowland with excellent harbors Borders the Gulf of Mexico Long sandy beaches

36 A bay in the Coastal Plains

37 Inlets, bays and capes along the Coastal Plains

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