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1 FGSW-2620VMP4 Copyright © PLANET Technology Corporation. All rights reserved. 24-Port 10/100Mbps + 2 Gigabit TP/SFP Combo Managed PoE Switch – 380Watts

2 Presentation Outline

3 3 / 24 Presentation Outline  Product Overview  Product Benefits  Product Features  Application  Comparison FGSW-2620VMP4

4 4 / 24 Product Overview  Front Panel of FGSW-2620VMP4 24-Port 10/100Mbps TX Ports Data + IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet output Auto-MDI/MDI-X, Auto Negotiation 2-Port for 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ports 4 for 3.3VDC mini-GBIC/SFP slots RS-232 console Interface One Reset button FAN status LED Reset Button 2 x 10/100/1000Base-T, RJ-45 1000Base-SX/LX mini-GBIC slot RS-232 Console 24 x 10/100, RJ-45 Data + Power output FAN Status LED

5 5 / 24 Product Overview  Rear Panel of FGSW-2620VMP4 100~240V AC, Universal Power Supply One Power switch 3 Cooling Fans Power switch AC Power Socket 3 Thermal Fans

6 Product Benefits  Cost-effective 24-Port PoE Managed Switch  Provide 380Watts PoE power budget ‏  Eliminating costs for additional AC wiring and reducing installation time  Remote PoE Power management by: WEB / Telnet / SNMP  Integrate Security and QoS for PoE PD operating: QoS function ensure PoE IP Phone ’ s quality of conversation ACL (Access Control List) protect monitoring security and accessing of PoE IP Camera

7 7 / 24 Product Features  Hardware 24-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet interfaces 2-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit interfaces 2 SFP slots, flexible for Gigabit Fiber-optic network extension 1000Base-SX/LX :Maximum 120 kilometers (MGB-L120) ‏ Silent Fans to provide stable and efficient power performance Power, Fan status LED display at the front panel

8 8 / 24  Power over Ethernet Comply with IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet End-Span PSE 24 10/100Mbps copper ports with PoE injector built-in 48VDC, 15.4Watts PoE power output 380Watts PoE Power Budget Auto detect powered device and consumption levels Circuit protection to prevent power interference between ports  PoE Management Power feeding On/Off and priority configuration Power Limit function for PoE power management Power feeding status monitoring Easy to survey and analysis power usage and power consumption on each port Classify connected powered device Product Features

9 Product Features Total power consumption PoE in Use Per Port Power Consumption  Remote PoE Management and Monitoring PD Class Auto Detection Temperature Detection Over Temperature Protection

10 10 / 24 Product Features  Management Console / Telnet Command Line interface HTTP remote Web management Secure Socket Layer (SSL) secure remote Web management Which encrypts the packet content at each session. SNMP v1, v2c management Four RMON groups 1, 2, 3, 9 (history, statistics, alarms, and events) SNMP trap for interface Link Up and Link Down notification Configuration upload/download via TFTP or HTTP

11 11 / 24 Product Features  VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Tag-Based VLAN Port-Based VLAN Q-in-Q tunneling Up to 255 VLANs groups, out of 4041 VLAN IDs  Spanning Tree Protocol STP, IEEE 802.1D (Classic Spanning Tree Protocol) RSTP, IEEE 802.1w (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)  Link Aggregation Up to 13 trunk groups Up to 8 ports per trunk group with 1.6Gbps bandwidth (Full Duplex Mode) IEEE 802.3ad LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) Cisco ether-channel (Static Trunk)

12 12 / 24 Product Features  Quality of Service 4 priority queues Traffic classification: IEEE 802.1p CoS IP TOS / DSCP to 802.1p priority mapping Port-Based priority QoS policies Strict priority Weighted Round Robin (WRR)  In/Out bandwidth control Allow to configure per 128Kbps  Multicast Supports IGMP Snooping v1 and v2 IGMP Snooping v2 fast leave Querier mode support

13 13 / 24 Product Features  Security Network Access Control 802.1X Port-Based network access control protocol RADIUS users access authentication Access Control List IP-Based ACL MAC-Based ACL MAC Address Control Port Security for source MAC address entries filtering Static MAC MAC Filter IP / MAC Binding

14 Applications  PoE IP Telephony Office With the business office expansion, the additional telephones required could be installed in less cost via the implementation of PoE IP Telephony system than that of the traditional circuit wiring telephony system. PLANET FGSW- 2620VMP4 PoE Managed Switch helps SMB to create an integrated data, voice, and powered network. PLANET 802.3af compliant IP Phones can be installed without the need of an additional power cables because the power can be provided from the standard Ethernet cable connecting to the FGSW-2620VMP4. PoE IP Phones and Analog Telephony Adapter work perfectly with the FGSW- 2620VMP4 equipments which injects power through the Ethernet cables and the IP DSCP priority of QoS feature improves the voice communicating. With FGSW-2620VMP4, IP Telephony deployment becomes more reliable and cost effective, which helps SMB save tremendous cost when upgrading from the traditional telephony to IP Telephony communications infrastructure.

15 Applications

16 Applications  SMB Department / Workgroup PoE Switch Providing 24 PoE, in-line power interfaces, the FGSW-2620VMP4 Managed PoE Switch can easily build a power central-controlled IP phone system, IP cameras system, or wireless AP group for the SMB. For instance, 24 IP cameras / APs can be easily installed in the company for surveillance demands or building a wireless roaming environment in the office. Traffic Classification giving optimal performance to real-time applications such as voice and video. L3 / L4 Access Control List for enforcing security to the PDs Without the power-socket limitation, the FGSW-2620VMP4 makes the installation of cameras or WLAN AP more easily and efficiently.

17 Applications

18 18 / 24  Factory / Warehouse While video surveillance system becomes more and more important for visible security in the factory or warehouse, the IP cameras with PoE function would be a lot helpful for the surveillance deployment when the power outlet not easily found in the ceiling or in the outdoor. For example, in the factory operation or in the warehouse storage security, the PoE IP cameras can be installed anywhere when needed regardless of the restrictions of power outlet location. With the PoE Switch as the central control manager and offering remote power monitoring via Web interface or SNMP trap, the manager can get the PoE devices status and alert immediately. The PoE IP cameras could also be controlled remotely, which increases the administrator management efficiency and improve the productivity. Applications

19 Product Comparison

20 Product Comparison

21 Product Comparison

22 Product Comparison

23 23 / 24 Appendix  Available Modules: Gigabit SFP Transceiver MGB-GT SFP-Port 1000Base-T Module MGB-SX SFP-Port 1000Base-SX mini-GBIC module -550m MGB-LX SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module – 10km MGB-L50 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module-50km MGB-L70 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module-70km MGB-L120 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module-120km MGB-LA10 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-10km MGB-LB10 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-10km MGB-LA20 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-20km MGB-LB20 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1490nm) mini-GBIC module-20km MGB-LA40 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-40km MGB-LB40 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1490nm) mini-GBIC module-40km

24  Related Products: PLANET Layer 2 Standalone Managed Switch FGSW-2624SF 24 100FX SFP + 2G TP/SFP Combo Managed Switch FGSW-2620VM 24+2G TP/SFP Combo Managed Switch FGSW-2612PVM 24-Port 10/100Mbps with 12-Port PoE + 2G TP/SFP Managed Switch FGSW-2620PVM 24+2G TP/SFP Combo Managed PoE Switch Appendix

25  Target Markets SMB IP Communication Office System Integrator IP Surveillance integrator Hotel / Internet cafe Service Provider  Target Customers Who needs cost-effective Managed PoE switch Who buys 12/24-Port PoE Switch / injector Hub ? FGSW-2612PVM, FGSW-2620PVM, SGSW-24040P, POE-2400P4 etc Who buys PLANET PoE powered devices (PD) PoE IP surveillance: ICA-310, ICA-M230, ICA-700, ICA-750 PoE VoIP Phone / ATA: VIP-254PT, VIP-255PT, VIP-351PT PoE Wireless AP : WAP-4060PE, WAP-4033PE PoE Splitter: POE-151S-5V, POE-151S-12V Appendix - Sales Target

26  PoE Capable Devices / PD PoE Splitter / VoIP Wireless IP Camera Model Item PoE SplitterVIP-156PEVIP-351PTVIP-254PTVIP-255PT Product Type POE-152S-5V POE-152S-12V SIP ATA SIP IP Phone SIP IP Phone SIP IP Phone Fast Ethernet Ports11222 Model Item WNAP-1120PEWAP-4060PEWAP-4033PE Product Type 11b/g/n WLAN Access Points 11g WLAN Access Points 11g WLAN Access Points Fast Ethernet Ports111 Appendix Model Item ICA-M230ICA-700/750ICA-310/510ICA-107PIVS-110 Product Type Mega-Pixel IP Camera IP Camera Video Server Fast Ethernet Ports11111


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