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Post-Impressionism What is Post- Impressionism? Artists Vincent Van Gogh History.

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1 Post-Impressionism What is Post- Impressionism? Artists Vincent Van Gogh History

2 What is Post-Impressionism? Post-Impressionism is a period of time when styles were developed from individual artists Artist such as Redon and Moreau used visual symbols. Post-Impressionism started in France. Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889

3 What is Post-Impressionism Post-impressionism has bright colors. It has sharp, and often outlined edges. Post impressionists were independent artists who rebelled against the limits of impressionism. Post-impressionism focused on the emotional, structural, symbolic, and spiritual elements that were missing from impressionism. Vincent Van Gogh, The Mulberry Tree, 1889

4 Post-Impressionism Industrialization and political repression brought unrest which found expression in painters. Post-impressionism was a time of advancement in technology and other things. Vincent Van Gogh, Irises, 1853-1890

5 History Post-Impressionism started in about 1880 when impressionism started declining. Artist started using pointillism which is the practice of applying small dots so that from a distance, they blend together. During this time, there were advancements in medicine and studies of the nervous system. This probably influenced the art of this time. Post-Impressionists were influenced by impressionism, but did not like the limits of it. Example of Pointillism George Seurat, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand Jatte, 1884-86

6 History Paul Gaugin, Mahano no Atua, 1894 During post-impressionism, art nouveau or new art, was going on. Philosophers, writers, and social leaders influenced the art by the limits they put on the countries. Technology and medicine were advancing during this time. This influenced the art by what was put into the paintings and drawings.

7 History George Seuarat’s technique and Van Gogh’s brushwork, led to more abstract styles that influenced the art into the twentieth century. Post-impressionism focused on the personal experience of the painters. Paul Cezanne, Mont Saint-Victoire, 1904-06

8 Artists Munch is known for The Scream Klimt is known for The Kiss Picasso is known for his abstract art. The Old Guitarist was one of his famous paintings Van Gogh was known for Starry Night and many others. Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893

9 Vincent Van Gogh Biography Death Artwork Starry Night

10 Biography Van Gogh was the son of a pastor He finally decided to be an artist after many of his jobs failed. In 1886 he went to Paris to join his brother, manager of Goulip’s gallery. He studied with Cormon and began to lighten up his very dark pallets and to paint in the short brushstrokes of impressionists. Van Gogh tried to attack Gaugin but ended up cutting off part of his ear off. Vincent Van Gogh, Fisherman’s Wife on the Beach, 1882-84

11 Biography Vincent Van Gogh was sent to asylum in Saint- Remy for treatment. He was let out, and then watched closely by Dr. Gachet. 2 months later, he was dead. Vincent Van Gogh, Still Life with Cabbage and Clogs, 1881- 82

12 Death The best guess for Vincent Van Gogh’s death is on July 29, 1890. They say that he killed himself but there was never a gun found. He died two months after he got home from asylum.

13 Artwork

14 Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889 Vincent Van Gogh painted this. He said that this was what he was seeing out of his window. I think that this was a beautiful night with lots of stars in the sky. I think that the black blob is a building that he saw out his window.

15 Description In this picture, I see buildings I also see what I think are supposed to be stars I see a church tower rising above all of the other buildings I see either mountains or waves in the background

16 Starry Night The negative space is used very well and all of the colors work very nice together. I think that this work is a success because all of the stars go around and keep your eye focused on the painting. The building also stops your eye from going off the page. This painting is successful in art wise and in my opinion.

17 Bibliography 20of%20Art%20History%20II/PostImpressionis m.htm#jatte 20of%20Art%20History%20II/PostImpressionis m.htm#jatte stimpress.html stimpress.html

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