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ALGAF HIV/AIDS Training GHANA’S PRESENTATION Friday, December 05, 2003.

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1 ALGAF HIV/AIDS Training GHANA’S PRESENTATION Friday, December 05, 2003

2 Discussion Questions Is there an AMICAALL chapter in your country? –No.

3 What role do you think such an association should play? They can raise public awareness in impact of HIV/AIDS in the community and openly speak against stigmatization. Establish structures & processes in the municipality or integrate AIDS response programme in the municipality Nurture multi-sectoral approach Support capacity building

4 Discussion Questions (cont.) How can leadership benefit or hamper Local Government HIV/AIDS response Benefits –Promote public discussion on impact of HIV/AIDS. –Personal commitment in HIV/AIDS programmes e.g. VCT, speaking against stigma –Integrating HIV/AIDS activities in the Municipality’s programmes –Sourcing funds for HIV/AIDS response Hamper –Use of limited funds for HIV/AIDS activities –Interference in the normal administration of the municipality –Time spent by staff on campaign programmes for HIV/AIDS likely to affect productivity –Politicizing & promoting self-interest at the expense of HIV/AIDS programmes.

5 What are the pros & cons of different types of institutional arrangement? (HIV.AIDS as a multi-sectoral issues) Pros Multi-sectoral Greater participatory & involvement of community Motivation for community acceptance Cons Duplication of efforts & waste of resources Politicizing & promoting self- interest

6 How can local government authorities use their available resources to address HIV/AIDS? 1 % of Common Fund (Budget) for – Advocacy –Capacity Building –Sentization by IEC

7 All parties in a workplace [employer, employee and Trade Union]. Policy involve: Legal Human Rights Issues Union & Trade Laws Corporate Welfare Policy National Workplace Policy Other issues are: Principle of nondiscrimination Principle of confidentiality Principle of prohibition of mandatory HIV/AIDS testing Support and respect for the rights of PLWHA What are the priority issues for a Workplace Policy?

8 How does a Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS relate to other workplace policies ( that may or may not exist)? If based on Condition of Service and Individual Corporate Welfare Policies, it may bring about disparity There is Draft National Workplace Policy yet to be passed out.

9 Develop a hypothetical Task Team & Workplace Policy Sub-Team TEAM Focal Point LGA Planning Official Multi-Sectoral 3 Community Representatives 8 COMPOSITION Chairman of AIDS Commission Municipal Planning Officer Reps. From Education, Agriculture & Health Service Youth Org., TUC, Faith Based Org., Women Org. Traditional Authorities, Private Sector & NGOs/CBOs. Develop a hypothetical Task Team & Workplace Policy Sub-Team


11 WORKPLACE POLICY SUB-TEAM TEAM Focal Point LGA 2 Workplace 2 COMPOSITION Human Resource Health & Education TUC/PLWHA


13 Sub-Team will take 3 months to set up and come up with Workplace Policy Team will finish its task at the end of 6 months and How will the team represent the community? (will NGOs be involved – which ones?)

14 Identity how these individuals will report their activities (to the Mayor? The Town Clerk? A senior management committee?) Etc. Will report to the Mayor [Chairman of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA)]

15 Brief description of how team would function and their activities for the next 6 months FUNCTION Development of HIV/AIDS response programme for AMA Formulate the Implementation plan for the Programme Seek support from key stakeholders TASKS Establish HIV/AIDS internal and external Strategy Facilitate communication & reporting on the programme within the LGA & the public Resolve problems that may come out of the implementing of the programme Facilitate & support the HIV/AIDS Partnership Network Meet with other Task Teams to share best practices

16 Guidelines for Country Municipal Teams

17 Coordination and Management Focal person working with the task team Focal point person responsible for translating the workplace policy into workplace HIV/AIDS Monthly progress report made available to the management committee Mayor of AMA to demonstrate support for the workplace HIV/AIDS programme Mayor publicly stating the need for employees to be strong to perform their duties and not be denied employment based on their HIV status AMA reviews implementation of the HIV/AIDS policy based on changing needs of the workplace Impact assessment study for strategic planning and assessment of the cost of the epidemic

18 Prevention Mainstreaming & Sentisation of all staff through training Mainstreaming and Disseminate accurate and up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS Distribution of condom for protection against STIS HIV/AIDS counseling and testing should be encouraged STI management will be instituted PMTCT (Anti-retroviral drugs be made available)

19 Care and Support AMA commits to offering affordable intervention & education for healthy lifestyle Counseling Disclosure Protecting the rights of employees with HIV/AIDS

20 FRAMEWORK FOR IMPLEMENTATION ActivityImplementerMonitorBudgetOutput Mainstreami ng Focal POINT: Task team Heads of Education Dept. As shown- pg. 92, tools 4.5 -30 advocacy champoin

21 Identify 3 priority areas and proposed activities. (Tool 4.2 Provides a useful implementation chart)

22 An overview of how their local government authority proposes to develop an HIV/AIDS Task Team and Workplace Policy Sub-Team. Is this team in PALCE? How was this accomplished?

23 A brief presentation of their Draft Workplace Policy – with emphasis on the priority areas and proposed activities.

24 An outline of how they propose to get feedback from the staff on the Policy, and what their timeline is for having the process completed. Staff & Trade Union Inputs-writing, interviews, durbars -2 weeks Management Inputs – meeting – 1 week 1 st Draft Policy – 2 weeks Review of Draft by Management – 2 weeks Final Draft – 1 week Policy Communicated to all – 1 week

25 Any questions or obstacles that they may have encountered during their work. Finding time during working hours Incentives for team members


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