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Mechanical Engineering Joao Gabriel Soares Samer Shkoukani Wasef Shkoukani.

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1 Mechanical Engineering Joao Gabriel Soares Samer Shkoukani Wasef Shkoukani

2 Sub-Disciplines ●Automotive - Hybrid and Electric Vehicles ●Alternative Energy

3 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - The estimative is that by 2020, the Earth will have approximately 1.1 billion vehicles. The projection is that between 10-25% of that number is Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. - In the next years, automotive companies are required to increase the efficiency of theirs vehicles. - Until 2025 the vehicles average efficiency has to be at least 54 mpg (miles per gallon). - The hybrid and electric vehicles are the principal solution that the automotive companies found.

4 Alternative Energy - Energy diversity is the founded answer to reduce the world’s petroleum dependence: - 35% of World’s Energy comes from Petroleum. - World’s Agreements of the new targets to cut Carbon pollution: - USA: Cut by 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. - Growth of the use of renewable energy systems: - USA is the number one on Wind Power. - Nowadays, in each 3 weeks, are installed 10 times more solar power plants than 2008.

5 Job Opportunities - Automotive and energy are the fields of the companies that offer most of the job opportunities: ●These are some of the functions that a young engineer can work on those fields: - Design Engineers. - Research and Development Engineers. - Quality Control Engineering. - Maintenance Engineering.

6 Training and Backgrounds requirements - Nowadays, there are some skills that all engineers are expected to be PROFICIENT. - Computer Programs (Microsoft Tools - Word, Excel, PowerPoint). - Communication Skills (Oral and Written). - Leadership, group work, and proactivity. - But other ones make the engineers more capables: - Foreign Language. - Specializations. - To be involved with students organizations and/or researches on College. - Computer Softwares (SolidWorks, NX Siemens, MatLab) - There is a large number of the companies that provide the necessary and specific training for theirs engineers.

7 Senior Mechanical Engineers -Senior mechanical engineers are responsible for the supervision of mechanical engineers, scientists, technicians and other support specialists in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of tools, engines, machines and other mechanical devices. They must determine costs of development, environmental effects of the product, and troubleshoot problems with development, manufacturing, testing and production. -Most senior mechanical engineers work in manufacturing companies developing new products.

8 Wayne State Opportunities - Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced Energy Storage Systems. - EcoCAR 3: An Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. - The Alternative Energy Technology Graduate Certificate. - Alternative Energy Technology Master of Science Degree.

9 Technology Drivers - The main factor that will influence the Automotive and Energy fields on the future will be the Environment and Sustainability. - Reduced Fuel Consumption. - Reduced CO2 Emissions. - Avoid the waste of energy. - Microgeneration of Energy. - New Technologies with the Energy Storage.(*) - New Technologies increasing the efficiency.(*)

10 Technology Drivers - Technology clearly can dramatically improve efficiency, but... -How to get technology applied to fuel economy when customers value other features more highly? -How to get customers to care about fuel economy when fuel costs are so low? - Rate at which technology can be introduced without increasing costs and adverse consequences - You can push beyond 2% per year improvements, but the potential for adverse consequences, increased cost, and consumer backlash rises exponentially. Do you want to live with the consequences?

11 Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015 -Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015 takes place in Detroit, Michigan, from April 9-12, 2015. Student teams will bring their ultra-energy-efficient vehicles to compete on the streets, global thought leaders will address energy challenges of the future, and visitors of all ages will enjoy a FREE look into the future of energy, technology, and mobility.

12 Citations - American Society of Mechanical Engineers: - - - Wayne State website: - - - - Shell Eco-marathon Americas: - - Materials of the class “Fundamentals of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles” (Ford, GM, and Toyota). - Datas about “U.S. Energy” were taken of the last “President Obama's 2015 State of the Union”.

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