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Classroom Rules & First Day of Class Mr. Caraballo 6 th Grade Room 37.

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1 Classroom Rules & First Day of Class Mr. Caraballo 6 th Grade Room 37

2 Classroom Rules and Consequences In the classroom, students are expected to follow some simple rules in order to help create a productive learning environment. Some of these rules are:

3  Listen, and do not speak, when the teacher or another student is speaking to the class  Follow the teacher’s directions  Raise your hand if you have something to say or ask  No gum chewing  No hitting, running, throwing things, or other horseplay  Do not use inappropriate language (swearing, or language that offends others)  Always treat others with respect (not everyone has to be your friend, but everyone deserves respect!)  Do not leave class without permission  Come to school ready to participate, learn, and be creative!

4 In order to enforce our classroom rules, there must also be some consequences, so here they are so it is clear to all of us:

5 Strike 1: Verbal Warning for not following classroom rules Strike 2: Moving student to another part of the room, or taking time off of recess, for committing the same offense as before Strike 3: Phone call home to parents – If offense continues after phone call home, students will receive detention, and there may need to be a parent-teacher-student meeting.

6 Warning: A student will be sent directly to the re-direct office if he/she commits an act that is dangerous to another student or the class, or if his/or her behavior is preventing learning of the entire class.

7 There are so many rules, but they can be summarized in three simple steps: Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect your surroundings.

8 Clarification: Right now is the only time when we are speaking in English in this classroom. Starting after this presentation, EVERYTHING that happens in this classroom will be in Spanish. There will be only a few exceptions that the teacher will let you know, mostly in written assignments. However, ALL conversational communication will happen in Spanish. A weekly grade of “Uso de Español en el Salón” (U.E.S.) will appear in Engrade on Fridays. This grade will be 25 points every Friday.

9 Science and Social Studies: Besides the two main subjects of this class, which are taught in Spanish, we will have: – Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) – Math Skills practice It will be alternated, on a daily basis.

10 Classroom Website: You will find Classwork (Clase) and Homework (Tarea) everyday. – If you are absent or “forget” to write down your homework, you can always go to this website and find what is it that you are supposed to do.

11 Engrade Gradebook website that helps all of us keep track of our current grade. Everyone will need to sign up. Mr. Caraballo and Ms. Campbell will provide access codes that you will need to enter in order to be able to see your grades, updated daily.

12 Tarea: Traer las cartas con la firma de los padres, especialmente las reglas del salón.

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