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Mental Illness and Personality Disorder: Addictions HSP3C.

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1 Mental Illness and Personality Disorder: Addictions HSP3C

2 Addictions  What is addiction? What people think addiction is…  Often used to refer any behaviour that is out of control  Addiction used in vague and incorrect ways…

3 REAL DEFINITION  Addiction – Presence of the 4 C’s  1) C raving (physically and psychologically need it)  2) loss of C ontrol of amount (or frequency of use; unable to count)  3) C ompulsion to use (irresistible impulse to act)  4) Use despite C onsequences (you continue to use it even though you know its not good for you)


5 Habits vs. Addictions  Habit – you CHOOSE to do it  Individual has the power to choose how he/she deals with choices  Addiction – you HAVE to do it  Your body (physically and/or mentally) will go through withdrawal because he/she is dependent upon the substance

6 Why Addictions?  Individuals may feel good and have more confidence  Forgets about his or her problems  Their addiction makes life “easier” to live

7 Stigmas  People see addiction as a weakness  Individuals should be stronger  People believe you can choose to overcome your addiction

8 Signs and Symptoms  Dependence – cannot stop!  Body experiences withdrawal (e.g. mood changes, loses patience easier, poor focus)  Activities are given up JUST for the addiction  Always make sure to have supply (loses reality on money)  Believes their addiction will help calm or help their problems

9 Risk Factors  There are many risk factors that can contribute (add) to someone’s chances of developing an addiction:  Genetics – learn behaviour from family  Having mental illness/condition

10 Risk Factors (cont’d)  Peer pressure (want to follow peers)  Loneliness – way to cope with feelings  Stress

11 Causes  Link between the repeated use of the addiction and how the brain experiences pleasure

12 Causes (cont’d)  The more the individual is used to the substance, the more “dosage” the individual will need  The body becomes used to it, and wants more!

13 Diagnosis  Each addiction is different (e.g. drug abuse can be tested through blood test)

14 Diagnosis (cont’d)  Doctors look into:  Tolerance – body needs more to be satisfied  Body goes through withdrawal (taking out) symptoms  Too much time is spent trying to find the substance  Social/hobbies/work is given up JUST for the addiction  Patient knows it’s a problem, but still takes it

15 Treatment  Each treatment is specific for each individual and their addiction  Three main forms of treatment:  1) Medications  2) Support Groups  3) Psychotherapy/Counseling

16 1) Medication  Used for helping individuals with mental illnesses

17 2) Support Groups  Others who are suffering from the same addiction help one another as they go through the recovery process  E.g. Alcoholics Anonymous

18 3) Psychotherapy/Counseling  Individual speaks with professional about addiction and talks through it

19 FOUR CORNERS  Now its your turn to show what YOU know  There are four corners around the room:  Habits  Fears  Phobias  Addictions  Statements will be read, and you will have to choose which corner you believe it belongs under.

20 1) STATEMENT ONE  Support groups help me overcome my mental illness.

21 2) Statement Two  I come from the Greek word “fear”

22 3) Statement Three  Exposure therapy helps me recover

23 4) Statement Four  Snakes are slimey and weird looking. I don’t like to go near them when I find them in the garden. So, I watch them sssssslither away slowly into the ground. However, have you ever watched the Jungle Book. The snake in the movie is funny!

24 5) Statement Five  There are over 400 different types of __________ diagnosed by doctors today!

25 6) Statement Six  I do certain actions/rituals to help me feel better and forget about my problems.

26 7) Statement Seven  I didn’t go to work today, because I had to finish the last level. Sometimes, I prefer to stay at home and complete these levels because it makes me feel good.

27 8) Statement 8  Panic, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling

28 9) Statement Nine  Everytime I go to bed, I ask my mom or dad to check the closet to make sure nothing is inside. Only after they check the closet, I can close my eyes and sleep!

29 10) Statement Ten  I can be defined as the 4 “C”

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