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Compressor status AWAKE Technical Board meeting 19 May 2015.

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1 Compressor status AWAKE Technical Board meeting 19 May 2015

2 Technical Offers from Amplitude Technology February 2015 “Standard” vacuum chamber D=1500 mm April 2015: Space limitation of CERN installation taken into account, optical design was modified “Reduced size” vacuum chamber D=1300 mm 1562.6 ø 1500 Details in EDMS document 1481751

3 Content of the Amplitude compressor package  The vacuum vessel with external diameter of Ø1300 mm.  The support to hold the vacuum vessel (height to be defined).  The internal breadboard and the support to accommodate the mechanical mounts of the compressor.  The place for four windows (input beam, output beam, diagnostic beam, and leak).  The place for the vacuum pumps (two flanges) and two flanges for the detectors.  A test report of the vacuum compatibility of the vacuum chamber will be supplied following Amplitude Technologies quality process (inspection of the vacuum chamber with mass spectrometer for the detection of pollutant).  The installation on-site is included (two days). The optical compressor with the optical components (including the windows) and the mechanical mounts are not included. The vacuum pump, the detectors and the controllers are not included and will be integrated by the purchaser.

4 New layout of vacuum vessel

5 Positions of beam ports 2500 D=1300 B 170 Values confirmed: 1. Chamber diameter D=1300 mm 2. Distance between output beams A=600 3. Position of output beam w.r.t. chamber axis B=250 4. Position of input beam w.r.t. chamber axis E=170 Main beam Diagnostic beam CD 600 1550 250 900 600 1800 A E Leak beam 600 Optical table 1000x900 200 Values to provide: 1.Positions of input and output ports C, D, F F

6 Heights of beams

7 Height of beams and tables H out = 975 Table height 975 – 101 = 874 H in = 1042.5 Table height 975-100=875 H tot < 1600 1. Height of output beam H out = 975 mm 2. Height of input beam H in = 975+67.5=1042.5 3. Total height H tot < 1600 mm Values confirmed: Numbers in black – extracted from the step files received with first proposal H Amp out = 975 Periscope H P = 67.5 mm For 3” LIOP-TEC mount on 50 mm pedestal ( 50.8 + 50 ) Optical table 1000x900

8 Integration in the CERN installation updated

9 Compressor shifted by 200 mm Vacuum group turned by 90 o and placed in front of the turbopump Table extended by 200 mm (2000 -> 2200) 958-200=758 Power supply shifted by 200 mm Further adjustment of the integration

10 Vacuum in the laser compressor for the AWAKE project CERN Technical Specification

11 Vacuum requirements to be adjusted AMPLITUDECERN A leak rate of 2.8. 10 -4 mbar l.s-1 is preferable. Outgassing of the laser compressor, that is defined here as the vacuum vessel itself and every component and mount installed in it, should not exceed 2.8. 10 -4 mbar l s -1 There should not be any reason for a high leak rate. Seals: Amplitude Technologies’ standard vacuum chamber seals are made of FKM O-Rings The top seal of the vessel could be with O-ring, but the other flanges shall be with metallic seal.

12 Tentative schedule  Study in the research department to adapt the position of the window: four (4) weeks.  Manufacturing at the supplier’s site: seventeen (17) weeks, including summer holidays.  Test at Amplitude Technologies: two (2) weeks  Packing: one (1) week.  Installation on-site: one (1) week.  Compatible with 6 months delivery order if the order is placed soon. Time for transport is not considered. Order in June -- > Delivery in December

13 Hoist support structure for lifting the compressor lid Size of diffuser more than 100mm Hoist Support Structure Updated by Jean-Louis

14 Supporting structures

15 Laser room entrance: door 1

16 Laser room entrance: door 2

17 Support for vacuum chamber 2

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