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By Derrick Whitney. recording artist, singer, actress, producer, and model.

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1 By Derrick Whitney

2 recording artist, singer, actress, producer, and model

3 Born: August 9, 1963 Lived in New Jersey Started singing as a young girl Sang in a church group as a girl

4 At age 15 she became a teen model Appeared on the cover of “Seventeen Magazine”

5 She was 19 when she was discovered by Clive Davis of Arista Records who signed her immediately. At age 22 released her debut album at age 22 and scored three number one singles.

6 In 1987 she had four more number one hits and earned her first Grammy. Her most famous song was of course “I will always love you” Still today “I will always love you” is a popular song heard often on the radio.

7 Whitney married singer Bobby Brown after a three year engagement They were married from 1992 to 2007

8 2001: Rampant rumors of drug use swirl around Houston Continues from there having problems with drugs use

9 She sadly died in a Beverly Hills hotel room in February of 2012 never to sing again.

10 Whitney Houston Music selection and composition Song 1. I will Always Love You 4:34 1. 0:00 No Music is playing. 2. 0:06 She starts singing the into, still no music just her voice. 3. 0:36 She is still singing without music. The tone is quiet. 4. 0:48 Intro is over. The Chorus begins. A guitar starts playing and she hold the I out. The tone is still soft tone. Dynamics are up and down with her voice.

11 5. 1:13 Verse 1 starts. some symbols start ringing and xylophone rings. 6. 1:23 You can hear in verse 1 a violin play. She is singing 7. 1:52 Bass and guitar plays the rhythm with a little percussion in the back, She sings in a deep voice And I and hold it out for 6 beats. Chorus again. 8. 2:12 Saxophone starts playing at the end od the chorus. A Bridge starts. Keeps playing with some percussion in the back ground. The rhythm is a lot higher and up beat.

12 9. 2:40 Verse 2 starts. The tone goes back down. 10. 3:14 Chorus Starts out with a big drum beat. She sings really strong there has to be a forte in her piece here. 11. 3:43 End of Chorus. she still sings I will always love you varies times. Hold you for about 5 beats. 12. 4:00 Outro: The music stops and she sings. The rhythm slows down. dynamics are wide. 13. 422 Outro. continues on the last you starts low and goes up about 2 octaves.

13 Song 2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody 4:51 1. 0:01 Intro. Music starts Percussion and keyboard. good tempo. 2. 0:06 - 0:30 Tempo speeds up music gets louder and She sings a lot of yeah and whoos. 3. 0:33. Verse 1 begins Rhythm and tone comes down a little the music also softies up for her to start singing. There are varies different instruments. 4. 1:03 Chorus. Good up tempo and rhythm. Timbre is distinctive and has many sharp beats.

14 5. 1:39 Verse 2 starts. Tempo slows just a hair. the Rhythm slows down a little too. The music isn't played quite as loud. There is a wide dynamic up and down of sound. 6. 2:09. Chorus. Tempo picks back up and the music gets louder. She also sings louder. Repeats varies times. 7. 2:42. Bridge starts she sings a little and there are background singers. The tone is 8. 3:00 Continuation of the bridge wide range in the dynamics. 9. Chorus 3:14

15 10.3:44 Chorus but there is a change in rhythm. The tone is a little more higher. 11. 4:02 Outro, the tempo slows down for a little then picks back up. She repeats Don't you wanna dance say you wanna dance over and over. 12. 4:40 the music starts to fade out the rhythm stays about the same. 13.4:51 song ends.

16 Song3. I Have Nothing. 4:47 1. Intro: 0:01 Piano plays for 20 seconds at a 1,2,3 beat pace. 2. Verse 1. 0:30 Starts the words. the tempo stays the same as the intro. there is a small range of notes. 3. 1:00 verse 2, slight change in the tempo and change in the key. a little higher octave it hit. 4.1:22 chorus, The range gets a little wider in notes.

17 5.1:51. End of Chorus Slows down a lot in tempo and rhythm. and 6.2:07 Verse 3. goes higher in the notes and keeps a steady tempo. 7. 2:25 verse 4. Tempo and rhythm stays consistent. 8.2:45-3:09 Bridge the rhythm stays the same but towards the end if the bridge speeds up a little. The percussion gets louder and hit at a faster tempo. 9. 3:10 Chorus. The dynamics gets louder. But the tempo stays the same. But also towards the end of the repeat slows way down.

18 10. 3:45 Chorus repeats. The tempo picks back up to the normal pace. 11.4:10 Chours repets but this time the tempo slows way down 12.4:35. outro, The tempo slows and the music slowly fades out. 13. 4:47 Music ends.

19 9344818- Pictures Gathered from Google Images – Listening Guides

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