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JAPTI Mateja Jarc Department for Internationalisation VITTI Kick-off 12. – 14. September Tallinn, Estonia.

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1 JAPTI Mateja Jarc Department for Internationalisation VITTI Kick-off 12. – 14. September Tallinn, Estonia

2 Established in August 2005 The new agency integrated two separated institutions SBDC – Small Business Development Center TIPO – Trade Investment Promotion Office Line ministry: The Ministry of the Economy National project cooperation established with other ministries: Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology Beginnings …

3 1. ___________________________________ Division for Entrepreneursip 2. ___________________________________ Division for attracting Foreign Direct Investments and Internationalization Structure

4 Foreign direct investment promotion activities: Investor servicing (information, site selection, fact-finding visits etc.) Image building Policy advocacy Financial incentives support Activities in the field of internationalization promotion: Internet portal for Slovenian companies Services for foreign buyers of Slovenian goods SME development activities: Business support services for micro and SME’s Entrepreneurial support environment and culture development JAPTI – Public Agency for Entrepreneurship & Foreign Investments

5 Tools for Internationalization of Slovenian Companies Internationalization

6 Export training Export beginnerGrowing exporterMature exporter Web portal Export Window Advising Market research Business delegations Trade fairs Slovenian business clubs Free of charge services in all export phases of a company Reducing the costs of going abroad Increasing exports Export promotion services

7 Export Window - web portal for Slovenian exporters. JAPTI export promotion services Information on doing business in 51 foreign markets Database of business opportunities International trade Free of charge Market Analysis Tools - ITC (export – import potential of foreign markets) Database of trade fair Export window team Communication channel (E-info/e- mail alert) Get informed

8 Tailor made advice Questions: –How to start export activities? –How to find and check a business partner abroad? –Which are importers, distributors of specific product on specific market? –Customs duties, taxes, restrictions in trade on specific market? –Which are main world importers/exporters of specific product? Advising network: –JAPTI –Economic advisers on Embassies of the Republic of Slovenia abroad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) –Slovenian business clubs abroad –Ministry of the Economy –Customs administration of RS, SID bank (Slovenian Export and Development Bank Get an advice

9 Young employees in export departments Practical training 3 modules: - export plan, - international seminars - local seminars Networking Worldwide recognized lecturers International recognized diploma (IATTO) International Trade Management Hidex, d. o. o. ’’ The course organisation and the selection of trainer/lecturers were excellent and I appreciate the opportunity given to me to contribute to the work of my company thanks to the effectiveness of the training. I do believe that the range of a company’s success is on par with the range of capacity of its manager since it is the manager who leads positive changes in behaviour in the work place and supports the positive changes in the behaviour of staff members. Transfer of knowledge and skills obtained at a training course into real working environment serves to take the company ahead on the way to winning new customers and new markets and it is exactly what the ITM Training has done for me and the company. Thanks to your support, I have succeeded in pushing my personal and the company limits toward new milestones. Thank you.’’ Educate yourself

10 Find a business partner Business delegations Organization of inward and outward business delegations Presentation of business environment, business opportunites on specific market, organization of match-making meetings, reducing the costs of a market research Trade fairs Joint presentations of Slovenian economy on international trade fairs abroad –a list of trade fairs -> applications from companies –Buying of unequipped exhibiton space, preparation meetings, advising Individual presentation of Slovenian companies on trade fairs abroad –Public tender for co-financing of eligible costs of presenting companies on international trade fairs abroad

11 Slovenian business clubs abroad Co-financing of activites of Slovenian business clubs abroad Helping Slovenian companies on the foreign market (informing, advising, networking, promotion of Slovenian companies on foreign markets) 14 business clubs Get help on the spot

12 Web portal for foreign business community. Presentation of Slovenian business environment Database of Slovenian exporters SloExport Services for foreign buyers Brochure “Connect to business excellence” Norwegian company “We have had some contact for about 1,5 year ago regarding production of machined parts in Slovenia. Just for your information, we have started a long term relationship with a Slovenian producer which now machines all kind of parts for us. We are now looking for sub-contractors for welded parts and I wondered if you perhaps also can help us with this.” Slovenian suppliers

13 Thank you for your attention! JAPTI

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