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Miami, Florida. PowerHouse Gym is located off of I-95 in Coconut Grove.

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1 Miami, Florida

2 PowerHouse Gym is located off of I-95 in Coconut Grove.


4 KZ Architecture out of Miami, Florida has agreed to take on this project in full Founder and head architect, Bruce Janish, has contracted this gym himself and has taken on all responsibilities with the planning and design Architects are AIA, NCARB, LEED, and CAPS certified

5 Comfortable & Friendly Atmosphere Top Notch Customer Service 24/7 Club Maintenance Group Exercise Classes State of the Art Equipment Machines & Free Weights Physical Therapy Office and Tanning Salon Locker Rooms, Boxing Ring, Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Racquet Ball Court, Basketball Courts, and Sauna available for members



8 Fitness Sales Manager (2) Personal Training Sales Manager (2) Fitness/Personal Training Counselors (4) Operations Manager (2) Front Desk Staff (10-15) Exercise Class Instructors (6) Personal Trainers (12) Lifeguards (5) Maintenance/Janitor (4-6) Equipment Technician (2-4)

9 Our mission statement for PowerHouse Gym is to provide each customer and member with the highest level of fitness. We will aspire to be a strong partner in our community and give our support to improve health and fitness for all ages. Short Term Goals Successful Grand Opening Acquire and maintain regular members Long Term Goals Sign Up over 1000 members Become one of the top 100 gyms in the US

10 Proper Conduct and Etiquette Cardio Time Limit (2 hours) Rack Your Weights Proper Attire and Hygiene Report Equipment Malfunctions Age Guidelines for Machines No Food or Unopened Bottles in Gym Area



13 GreenWood Homes, a company founded by the gym’s architect Mitch Velich, has committed to stabilizing PowerHouse Gym financially. PowerHouse has received multiple gracious donations from both commercial and private companies to help fund the construction project.

14 Market Analysis o Due to economic and demographic trends in the region, it is likely that our gym will hit high revenue and business growth upon opening. Competition o Downtown Athletic Club, Equinox, &Porky’s Gym Target Market o 16+ years old, male and female, athletes, swimmers, runners, etc…


16 Our public relations use strategic communication to build mutually beneficial relationships between PowerHouse Gym and the public. Our public relations department is responsible for all informing and promoting to the public

17 Our volunteers with have ample opportunities to participate in different areas of our gym: 1. Front Desk Staff 2. Exercise Class Instructors 3. Personal Trainers 4. Lifeguards 5. Extracurricular Activities

18 50% off of our All Gym Package 35% off of regular membership 3 free tanning sessions 2 free personal trainer sessions Free PowerHouse t-shirt and water bottle

19 When: June 11 th, 2016 @ 6pm What: Kids Competitions, Family Activities, Raffle, and Free Prizes all night! Who: Giancarlo Stanton, of the Miami Marlins and, Dwyane Wade, of the Miami Heat

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