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How To Apply for an Internship

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1 How To Apply for an Internship
Jan 14, 2015

2 Finding what is right for you
You should strive to find 3-5 internships. LMC MESA Over 50 internships from California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon are listed by subject. Few internships from other states are listed. If there are not 3-5 that you wish to apply for try NSF REU Here you can search by subject and they will list all internships in all 50 states. You must then review each to make sure you qualify. You may also make a meeting with the MESA director. She will help you find individual internships that suit you.

3 Make sure you are eligible
Once you find ones that interest you. Read all of their eligibility requirements. Do you need to be a U.S. citizen or a U.S. resident? Do they have any course prerequisites? Do they say if they take Freshmen-Seniors? Double check the deadline Is it still possible for you to apply? Have a question? Feel free to the MESA director about eligibility. the internship contact on their website and ask. They are happy to answer any questions!

4 References References make you stand out from the crowd. Remember you do not have a lot of science/ math experience, so the institution looks to professionals to gauge your interest and dedication. Possible reference types of references. Letter with your application Private letter sent by professor to the institution Institution provides a survey to be filled out Contact information only. Check and double check to make sure you do the correct reference for the right institution

5 References Who should you ask? How to ask What to say
Science/ Math professors Tutor supervisor If you are a lab tech, ask your boss Academic advisor Anyone in a high position that can vouch for your dedication to your intended major and career Internship boss, volunteer center supervisor, club advisor ect. Not Family unless your uncle is a Scientist and you shadowed him or something like that. How to ask In person is the best way! By phone is the next best. By is last resort. What to say I am applying for___ Internship. Would you write a POSITIVE recommendation for me?

6 References Follow up!!!!!!! After they agree to write you a reference. Send them a follow up including What the references is for What the deadline is A resume Anything about yourself that is relevant to the internship. Your career goal Why you want to do these particular internships Any science/ math volunteering. Any stories that happened between you and the professor Such as great outcomes on a project, staying late to ask for guidance, special field trips. Basically you need to provide them with enough information to write things about you other than the grade that you got in their class.

7 Follow up with References
Sometimes professors are forgetful Make sure you get confirmation from them that they are writing it. A week before it is due, them again to remind them. Ask them to send you confirmation when they submit it. Always Always Always send a Thank You note after they submit it. This should be a paper note! On actual paper, in an actual envelope. They took the time to do something nice for you. Take the time to thank them. They will remember your gratefulness when you come back for another reference.

8 Resume Font, Times New Roman or Arial size 11-12 Should include
Contact information High School and GPA Current college, expected transfer date and GPA Paid positions held and a short description of each Relevant courses you have completed at the college level Computer skills for those in computer science and or engineering Awards and activities Any scholarship awards, deans list, science fair winnings, volunteering Extracurricular activities Sports, clubs. List any club offices held or any sports captain position held. May send final to MESA director for review

9 Personal Statement Each internship may have different requirements. Make sure you know the requirements! Should be 1-2 pages. Not shorter than 1 page! No longer than pages. If no specific guidelines are given your statement Should Include Talk about how LMC does not have research internship opportunities. How you would like to advance your academic and career knowledge with this opportunity that is not at your local college. Talk about education and financial disadvantage background Talk about why you are majoring in the field Talk about what your career goal is Tell them if you are wanting to get a Masters or PhD or any other degree Look up their specific research on their website. Google the professors and read about their research. Use this information to talk about how you are interested in certain projects they have running. Make sure you tell them you are interested in specific projects, but are open to other projects as well.

10 Personal Statement The best essays are specific.
You should have done at least an hour or two of research on the institution’s website. You should have identified one to three researchers at the site whose work interests you. You should have at least skimmed some of their published work, and by this I mean the peer-reviewed papers they have published. In your essay, you should mention them by name and explain what about their work intrigues you. This is not your college entrance essay. They want to see that you are ready to assume the duties of a junior researcher. Be professional, not flowery.

11 Personal Statement Single spaced. Times New Roman or Arial size11-12.
Make sure you proof read it several times. Do not leave any spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Send it to a friend for editing Send it to MESA director for editing Read it out loud to yourself! This is a good way to catch errors Make an appointment with Center for Academic support for writing consultations. They would love to help proof read

12 Other Tips It is a lot. Stay organized! Convey maturity in all things.
Maybe consider changing your from to Never use text speak (Lol, Hahaha, totes) or emoji’s Be humble Make sure you proof everything! Don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice Contact researchers you are interested in and tell them you are applying to their program and to look for you.

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