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Lexis and Grammar for Translation

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1 Lexis and Grammar for Translation
Lingua e Traduzione Inglese I Lexis and Grammar for Translation Dott. M. Gatto Lingue e Culture per il Turismo

2 Focus on… Structures Levels Grammar

3 Grammar Morphology Syntax

4 MORPHOLOGY The vocabulary (or lexis) of a language is made up of all the words in that language. A word is an item that can stand alone as a complete unit of meaning. Words can be built up out of smaller units of meaning called morphemes. The branch of linguistics that studies the structure of words is called morphology.

5 The structure of words beauty ful beautiful

6 Sounds… (phonology/phonetics)

7 Letters… (graphology)

8 Morphemes… (morphology)

9 The morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in a language and the smallest unit of analysis of sentence and words structure. morphemes have a meaning you can look up their meaning in a dictionary

10 GLOBALIZATION globe = -al = forming adjectives with the sense of ‘pertaining to’ -ize = forming transitive verbs with the sense of ‘make/treat in a specified way’ -tion = nouns denoting verbal action

11 GLOBE + AL + IZE + ATION N > Adj > V > N


13 A free morpheme can occur on its own as a word but can also be found with other morphemes:
LOVE (n)> - ER LOVE (v) > -S

14 The free morpheme represents the ROOT of a word; bound morphemes can occur left and/or right of the root > AFFIXES EMPLOY - ER; -EE; UN - EMPLOY-MENT

15 Affixes Suffixes Prefixes


Inflectional morphemes signal grammar relationship/category person: -s; work-s tense: -ed; work-ed number: -s book-s case: -’s degree: -er; -est (adj. or adv.) INFLECTIONAL AFFIXES ARE ALWAYS SUFFIXES

18 DERIVATIONAL Derivational morphemes signal change of meaning or change of word class positive/negative UN- HAPPY adj/noun HAPPY - NESS noun/adj BEAUTY – FUL verb/noun INFORM - ATION … and so on

19 INFLECTIONS (complete list)
-ed -ing ‘s -er -est

-able -age -aholic -al -ant -ate -athon

21 -ation -ed -ee -en -er ery -ese -esque -ette -ful

22 -hood -ial -ian/an -ic -ify -ing -ish -ism -ist -ition

23 -ity -ive -ize/ise -let -ly -ment -ness -or -ous -ship

24 -ward/s -wise -y

25 PREFIXES (sample) agri- anti- arch- auto- bi- bio- co- cyber-

26 de- dis- e- eco- en- euro- ex- hyper- in- inter-

27 intra- mal- mega- micro- mini- mis- mono- multi- neo- non-

28 pan- poly- post- pre- re- semi- sub- super- techno- tele-

29 trans- tri- ultra- un- uni- vice-

30 Morphemes are productive
New words can be created through INFLECTION > free morpheme + suffix DERIVATION > free morpheme + affix COMPUNDING > free morpheme + free morpheme

31 Morphemic analysis Leading research and education institutions worldwide will gather in Madrid on June 2 and 3, 2004 at the Conference on Creating Frameworks for Research and Education in Tourism Policy and Destination Management. (World Tourism Organization)


33 English morphemes often have their equivalent in Italian BUT…
eastwards crabwise greenish shopaholic swimathon

34 The typical solution is PARAPHRASE
eastwards > verso est crabwise > all’indietro/come un gambero greenish > una specie di verde > verdognolo swimathon > maratpna di nuoto shopaholic > affetto/a da sindrome dell’acquisto compulsivo

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38 E per finire… Se l’Arcivescovo di Costantinopoli si disarcivescostantinopolizzasse, vi disarcivescostantinopolizzereste VOI?

39 HOMEWORK LAVIOSA, S. Linking Wor(l)ds: pp.3-13 (+ activities)
JACKSON, H.: Grammar and Vocabulary: pp. 8-12

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