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TAIGA Brad, Meghan, and Rachel.

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1 TAIGA Brad, Meghan, and Rachel

2 Location Stretches across Eurasia and North America (Canada)
Largest of all land biomes Found between the tundra and deciduous

3 Temp and Rainfall Temperature Rainfall
Year round temperatures range from -65 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For about half of the year the temperature is below freezing. Rainfall Averages 40 inches of precipitation per year

4 Types of Taiga Forest Closed Forest Lichen Woodland
Consists of many closely-spaced trees with mossy ground. Lichen Woodland Has trees that are farther-spaced apart and lichen ground cover. More common in the northernmost taiga.

5 Food Web Photosynthesizers Herbivores Carnivores Omnivores Lichens
Mosses Pine Trees Herbivores Snowshoe Hare North American Moose Voles Carnivores Bobcat Gray Wolf North American Wolverine Omnivores Black Bear River Otter Raccoon

6 Adaption Plant Animal Bird Evergreen Tree
Adapted a cone-shape to help snow slide off them so their branches won’t break. Also, they have thin waxy needles to protect against cold temperatures as well as bark that grows thicker to protect it from fires. Grow close together. Animal Black Bear Thick shaggy fur to protect them from the cold and they have claws the right length to climb trees. Bird Long Eared Owl Has long ears to help it hunt in the night. One ear is bigger and higher on the head with little tufts of feathers to enhance hearing. Creating a special three-dimensional hearing.

7 Geologic Features Canadian Shield Extremely old bedrock
The region north of the Great Slave Lake contains the oldest rock on the planet. Has rolling hills with depressions that led to 1.5 million lakes

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