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ESPERIENZE CLIL – Geography USA Ecologic@l/Food for thought.

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1 ESPERIENZE CLIL – Geography USA for thought

2 Geography: the USA Alunni coinvolti: classi 2° Tempi: 3 ore 4 ore (insegnante L1) – lezioni non in compresenza per mancanza di risorse Attività L2- inglese warm up What do you think of when I say USA? Do you know any important city? Do you know the capital city? Who’s the President? Have you ever seen the American flag? Can you describe it? What are the symbols of the USA? L’insegnante raccoglie sulla lavagna tutte le informazioni raccolte

3 Geography: the USA The physical aspect-Beginning with a photocopied map will indicate : The boundaries (the use of cardinal points), Mountain ranges. The plains The lakes The rivers. The teacher invites students to orally describe what is written on the blackboard. Is given a card with the physical characteristics of the U.S. You read and play vocabulary exercises and answer questions.

4 U.S. political system. brainstorming:
explanation of the system of government and comparison with the Italian and United Kingdom. The teacher delivery to the students a test of the system of government-held Pupils exercise of reading and answer questions V/F- multiple and specific vocabulary

5 The U. S. cities. Language video with the greatest city in the USA
The U.S. cities. Language video with the greatest city in the USA. Discussion. Fact Sheet New York monuments.       Activities of New York-> children respond to questionnaires by searching the Internet Tourists in New York- New York City- The Statue of Liberty- VERIFICA: verifiche orali L1-L2 – verifica scritta in L1/L2 THE USA

6 PROGETTO COMENIUS: ECOLOGIC@L 2005-2008 Food for thought 2008/2010

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