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Heidi Lender Assistant Director/Career Specialist Career and Internship Office.

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1 Heidi Lender Assistant Director/Career Specialist Career and Internship Office

2 Anyone can answer, just raise your hand Get candy if you get it right

3 Career planning... A – is a one time decision B – is a life long process C – begins after graduation D – is done on your own

4 When planning a future career, it is good to: A – begin thinking about options early B – look for someone who is successful and do what he or she does C – pursue jobs in business D – don’t think much about it until graduation because things change too much

5 Your major will determine your career A – True B - False

6 How often does the average person change careers throughout their lives? A – every year B – every 15 to 20 years C – every 8 to 12 years D – every 3 to 5 years

7 How many hours of your life will you spend working? A – 24,000 B – 110,000 C – 86,000 D – 53,000

8 What do employers view as the most important when hiring new grads? A – having a high GPA B – having a certain major C – having good communication skills D – being good with details

9 What careers could a music major do? A – public relations specialist B – events planner C – producer D – all of the above

10 Career Planning Career choice is an expression of self-concept Values, Skills, Interests, Preferences Career Satisfaction is related to how similar our self-perception is to the actual work environment Is my work in line with my values? Am I using the skills I most enjoy? Do I work with those who share my interests?

11 Career Development Process Know Yourself Explore Your Vocation Get Experience Prepare for Meaningful Work Enrich Your Career Obtain Career Satisfaction

12 Career Development Services Know Yourself Explore Your VOCATION GET EXPERIENCE Prepare for Your Job Search Enrich Your Career What are my interests and passions Career Assessments / Personality Type and Interests Research majors and careers What Can I Do With a Major In? InformationI nterviews/ Job Shadows Internships Part-time jobs Volunteer Experience Resumes/ Cover letters Practice Interview Perform a Job Search Job Fairs Plan for Graduate school Enhance Career

13 Reminders Augsburg's Career and Internship Wiki Career and Internship Office Anderson Hall, Room 23 612.330.1148 Monday – Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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