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Explain a Combustion Reaction

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1 Explain a Combustion Reaction
Combustion Reactions Explain a Combustion Reaction

2 What is Combustion Reaction?
Chemical reaction that involves oxygen and produces energy so rapidly that flames are created.

3 What are some real-life examples of combustion reactions?
When people are or a candle. Or burn wood to make a fire.

4 How are combustion reactions used in our daily lives?
People use fire everyday to People burning paper. Burning trash

5 How could you describe a combustion reaction to someone who didn't have chemistry a very good background in? Is a reaction in which oxygen reacts with another element or compound (generally a hydrocarbon) to produce energy in the form of heat and light. When organic molecules combust the reaction products are carbon dioxide and water.

6 2 Types of Chemical Reactions!!!
Complete Clean combustion with a hydrocarbon produces carbon dioxide and water Incomplete Dirty combustion with a hydrocarbon produces carbon or carbon monoxide also carbon dioxide.

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