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USA and Canada Unit 4 Review.

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1 USA and Canada Unit 4 Review

2 Beringia Land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska

3 The Northeast In what part of the US did Europeans first settle?

4 Appalachian Mountains
Mountain range in eastern North America which creates a barrier to east-west travel.

5 Columbian Exchange The exchange of plants, animals, disease, and people / slaves between the old world (Eastern Hemisphere) and new worlds. (Western Hemisphere)

6 Metis People of mixed French and Native heritage

7 Melting Pot Is similar to…?
assimilation - the process of adjusting to the customs and attitudes of a group or nation. A person or a group's language/ culture comes to resemble those of another group.

8 Mosaic Is similar to…? Multiculturalism - is the cultural diversity of communities within a given society and the policies that promote this diversity.

9 Catholic and Protestant Christianity
Religion of this region

10 Parliament a system where legislative and executive functions are combined

11 Prime Minister Head of government in a Parliament Stephen Harper

12 Representative Democracy
Form of government in which people rule through elected representatives.

13 French and English 2 Official Languages of Canada

14 Canadian Population Most of Canada’s population lives…
within 100 miles of their southern border. why? Climate

15 St. Lawrence Seaway North America’s most important deepwater ship route Joint project between USA & Canada Connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean Why are locks important? Allow ships to travel to different bodies of water with different water elevations

16 USA and Canadian Border
Longest undefended border in the world.

17 Transcontinental Railroad
Helped with the settlement of the Western United States.

18 Hoover Dam Arizona and Nevada It was built to control floods.
It was built to provide irrigation water. It was built to produce hydroelectric power.

19 Mississippi River What is the longest river in the United States?

20 Megalopolis Region where several large cities grow together Boswash

21 Post-Industrial Economy
manufacturing (secondary economic activity) no longer plays a significant role in this economy.

22 Refugee someone forced to flee their country due to war, persecution or violence

23 Great Plains Staging point of war between Native Americans and American settlers Cities founded as railroad hubs for cattle Home to farming and cattle industries Many small towns with fewer cities

24 Prairie Provinces Wheat, petroleum, and coal “shale oil” reserves

25 Northeast States Longest history of European settlement,
Gateway to immigrants Urban areas are major economic centers Diverse population

26 Southern States Formerly based on slavery and cash crops
Moving from primary to secondary and tertiary sectors Strongly Christian

27 Maritime/ Atlantic Provinces
Easternmost provinces Cod fishing The Grand Banks

28 Midwest/ Rustbelt Manufacturing/ blue-collar center
Recent decline in industry Depressed economy Declining urban population

29 Core Provinces Home to ⅔ of the population
Settled along Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Divided between British and French origins Niagra Falls Ontario

30 Western Provinces Borders Pacific Ocean Centered on Vancouver
Similar to the US Pacific Northwest

31 Pacific West States Population boom during 1840s Gold Rush
Home to mining, ranching, high tech, and entertainment industries Rapidly increasing urban population due to high birth rate and immigration

32 Western Interior States
“Wild West” Reservation Lands Low population density

33 Where is... The USA Canada Washington DC Ottawa Rocky Mts
Appalachian Mts St. Lawrence Seaway Hudson Bay Lake Superior Atlantic Ocean Greenland

34 Where is... Bering Strait Gulf of Mexico Yukon Mojave Desert
Alaska Range Great Basin Desert Rio Grande River Mt. Logan Mackenzie River Mt. McKinley Colorado River Death Valley

35 Where is... Missouri River Lake Huron Ohio River Lake Erie
Arkansas River Cascade Range (Mts) Great Salt Lake Painted Desert

36 Where is... Syria Iraq Sierra Leone Guinea Liberia

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