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USA Bodies of Water.

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1 USA Bodies of Water

2 Largest lake in Florida
Water drains from the lake to the Everglades. Water flows through canals to the Atlantic Ocean – providing water to communities along the way.

3 Gulf Stream A warm water current keeps the temperatures moderate.
It originates in the Gulf of Mexico, flows around Florida, and up the eastern coast of the U.S.

4 Gulf Stream

5 Gulf of Mexico Surrounded by USA and Mexico 700,000 square miles
Few harbors because the coast is low and marshy

6 Mississippi River Longest River in USA 750 islands
Used for transportation

7 Missouri River “Big Muddy” – because of silt, parts of the river has dark brown water Tributary of the Mississippi River Fort Peck Dam controls flooding, provides irrigation water, and generates electricity for the surrounding area.

8 Rio Grande River “Big River” 1,885 miles
Runs from San Juan Mts. In SW Colorado to Gulf of Mexico Forms border between Texas and Mexico

9 Colorado River Carved the Grand Canyon Hoover Dam sits on it
Flows 1470 miles into Gulf of California

10 Coast of San Francisco 50 miles long 3-12 miles wide San Francisco Bay

11 Pacific Ocean Largest ocean Borders west coast of USA

12 Columbia River Largest source of hydroelectric power in North America
Begins in S.E. British Columbia and flows 1,293 miles to Pacific in Washington. Columbia River

13 Puget Sound Large inlet of Pacific Ocean entering Washington.
Large ships travel into ports located in Puget Sound because it is so deep.

14 Great Lakes Five lakes that form the largest connected area of freshwater in the world. Used for transportation Canals and locks built to connect Formed by glaciers during Ice Age

15 Ohio River Tributary of Mississippi River 981 miles long
Forms southern border of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois Carries 100 million tons of freight each year Ohio River

16 Tennessee River Major waterway in SE U.S.
Served as route for settlers moving west Only navigable by flat boats Tennessee River

17 Potomac River Runs past Washington D.C. toward Chesapeake Bay
John Smith mapped it while exploring Chesapeake George Washington was born on shores – Mt. Vernon Dividing line between north and south

18 Chesapeake Bay “Country on a great river” – John Smith
While British bombed, Francis Scott Key wrote “Star Spangled Banner” 195 miles long 3-25 miles wide – deep enough for ocean going vessels

19 Atlantic Ocean Borders east coast of USA 2nd largest ocean

20 Hudson River Harbor at mouth of river made NYC famous
Forms border between NY and NJ Explored in 1609 by Henry Hudson Used for shipping

21 Niagara Falls “thunder of waters” Sits between NY and Ontario
About 25,000 years old Almost all drainage from the Great lakes pours over falls

22 Great Salt Lake Largest inland body of salt water in Western Hemisphere High salt and mineral content Few life forms About 1700 square miles

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