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Welcome. Improving Pharmacy Efficiency New Equipment And Technologies For Inventory Control Donna Riehl CPhT, PhT.R.

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1 Welcome

2 Improving Pharmacy Efficiency New Equipment And Technologies For Inventory Control Donna Riehl CPhT, PhT.R.

3 Improving Pharmacy Efficiency Introduction Brief history of inventory control New equipment and technologies Systems overview Implementation Benefits and/or limitations Future of pharmacy technology Open discussion and questions

4 History Of Inventory Control Drugstore dispensatory from the 1920's Salem, N.J., Hospital sold after paying fine for pharmacy inventory problems. Byline: Sam wood sep. 27--SALEM, N.J.--A Salem county hospital has paid a $1 million fine after an investigation revealed lax inventory controls in its pharmacy, authorities said yesterday. News of the settlement came just before an announcement that the sale of memorial hospital of Salem county to a corporation based in Tennessee had been completed. The settlement that Salem memorial reached yesterday with the U.S. Attorney's office requires the...

5 History Of Inventory Control Systematically determined inventory requirements. Determined stock levels or reorder points based on current demand. Large purchases inflated inventories to levels that were substantially higher than needed. Intuitive judgments, experience, customary ordering practices. Observations of stock on shelves.

6 Inventory Management: Carousel System overview Streamlines stocking Pick-to-light indicators Supports all dosage forms and packages Decreases storage space by 30% to 50% Reduces time-on task Automatically tracks and documents activities Recognizes priority orders Compares inventory stock levels

7 Inventory Management: Carousel Implementation. First-dose turnaround. Software to manage inventory and direct order picking. Replenishment pyxis orders through carousel.

8 Inventory Management: Carousel Benefits. Lower inventory levels and achieve greater economic benefits. Maintain inventory records to document quantities on hand and value. Perform periodic physical inventories. Generates consolidated, daily electronic orders to the wholesale distributor.


10 Medication Repackager System overview. Barcoding activities are automatically coordinated. 350 most frequently-used medications are stored securely in repackager. Package and label less common medications and special orders, such as half tablets.

11 Medication Repackager Implementation. Transferable circle labels for multi-dose medications like ointments, eye drops, to ensure the bar code remains with the package and linked to the administered dose. Flag labels applied to ampoules and syringes upon delivery from wholesaler.

12 Medication Repackager Benefits. First dose. Enhance work flow. Improving dispensing accuracy. Reduce staff time-on-task. Lowers nurse-to-patient delivery time.

13 Autopacker™


15 Autolabeler™

16 Automated Dispensing Machines System overview Improved response time and accuracy for STAT and first dose orders Reduced time required for ADU and cart fill replenishment A reduction in staff hours dedicated to ordering, picking, and dispensing

17 Automated Dispensing Machines Implementation. Identify top 80% movers to be loaded. Assign medication to bin location. Separate sound a-like/look-alike, similar packages, same color, etc. Enter earliest expiration date. Determine maximum and minimum. Set-up restock time. Monitor for possible changes.

18 Automated Dispensing Machines Benefits Barcode-based pharmacy Integrated system with the pharmacy suppliers Billing information Valuation for both pre-packed and pharmacy manufactured inventory.

19 Automated Dispensing Machines Limitations Only one nurse can pull meds at any given time Required space

20 Pyxis Vault™

21 Refrigerator

22 Future Of Pharmacy Technology Robotics Telepharmacy Will call storage

23 Cytocare ™

24 Combines a robotic arm, laser-driven syringe filler, sophisticated workflow software and a sterile cabinet

25 ScriptPro® Telepharmacy technician filling a remote order

26 Inspection And Verification

27 Counseling And Patient Education

28 HangRx™ Will call storage

29 Conference

30 Open Discussion Questions

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